Emerald Fields Glendale New Store

Emerald Fields Glendale New Store
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Over the last half-decade, Emerald fields has become a staple of the Glendale scene. As one of the very first recreational cannabis dispensaries in the area, Emerald Fields has been wowing cannabis craving audiences from around the world for years. Housed in what used to be a small strip mall on Virginia Street, everything has been run of the mill for the last few years. The folks over at Emerald Fields thought that it was just about time for this storied location to receive a little bit of a facelift. If you have ever had the opportunity to visit Emerald Fields’ location in Manitou Springs, you know first-hand just how dashing a dispensary can look when it’s customized for cannabis sales from the ground up. Due to early laws in place around the state of Colorado, it was exceedingly difficult for dispensaries to get the go-ahead to modify existing buildings for retail marijuana. Pair that with the fact that directly after legalization, when dispensaries were still a new thing in Glendale, there wasn’t a lot of money or time to convert existing locations to suit the needs of a modern retail location. Over time that has changed, and Emerald Fields now has the resources and the capability to custom tailor their little strip mall to fit perfectly for what a dispensary should be. It’s been a long process and over the last few months of construction, Emerald fields in Glendale has undergone a facelift unlike anything I’ve ever seen at any other existing dispensary. This new remodel promised to bring forth a state-of-the-art dispensary with an ambiance and heart that is uniquely Emerald Fields’.

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The big day had finally come. The new side was open for recreational sales and I was ready to go in for my first visit. For clarification, if you had never been into Emerald Fields before it was already a quite classy establishment. I was in no way prepared for just how glamorous and amazing this new boutique-style Emerald Fields was going to look. As I pulled up to the front of the dispensary, the first thing I noticed was the clean new lines outside and beautifully crafted siding. This already was a huge step up from what the front of the dispensary looked like before. I prepped my camera and was ready to see just what the new interior would have in store for me. As soon as I walked in the front door, I was immediately wowed. I walked into an entry room before stepping into the main dispensary. Inside this small lobby was a beautiful mural on the left side of the Emerald Fields’ pot fairy crafted using hundreds of existing photos to create a striking collage. The right wall was brandishing an extremely classy wooden siding. While the style was all its own, I was immediately reminded of the aesthetic of the at the Manitou Springs location. Staring through the glass door and into the actual dispensary, I could see an exceptionally welcoming lineup of some of the nicest lighting fixtures I’ve ever seen. Now before you give me any crap for raving about lighting fixtures, I will be the first to admit that I kind of have a penchant for exceptionally fine lighting. Having personally replaced every lighting fixture in our house over the last few years I can tell you a simple lighting fixture can set the mood and ambiance of a room unlike almost anything else. A dozen pendulum-style glass and polished bronze fixtures welcomed me in a straight line through the entry lobby and up to the front desk. I entered through the door and noticed the unique and modern murals that took up the wall space to my left. As I turned to the right, I was enticed by a view of the entire dispensary. The new Emerald Fields was entirely redesigned into an open concept dispensary. While access is limited by small railings and a glass entry door, the effect was unabashedly classy. I could see back to the table full of buds the walls lined with edibles, the shelves stocked with concentrates, and the back counter ready to fulfill orders. While very reminiscent of the design of the Manitou location, this newly revamped Emerald Fields had a life of its own. After snapping a few photos at the front, I was able to go back into the dispensary itself to start perusing the shelves.

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Mirroring the Manitou Springs design Emerald Fields Glendale is now a different style of cannabis dispensary. Instead of queuing up in a line and walking up to a counter where you speak to a budtender who slowly pulls out jar after jar, you are allowed to explore the entire dispensary on your own and investigate their products more intimately. I had it described to me by an employee as the, “choose your own adventure” style of retail cannabis. In the back corner, nestled near a fake tree, I discovered all of Emerald Fields’ concentrate options. Display cases lined with cartridges and concentrate welcomed me with a beautifully backlit scene. I can tell you one thing hadn’t changed in the remodel, Emerald Fields still has some of the best selection of concentrates and cartridges I’ve ever seen. Starting from the back and working my way up to the bud counter, I walked along the right wall where I noticed the massive pot fairy emblem with the small image of a mountain biker, casually working his way up the side of the logo. This led me to the edible shelves. These shelves were lined with different edible products from various providers from across the state. Looking up and down everything was tactfully positioned so that customers could get a full scope of what Emerald Fields has to offer just by looking up and down the shelves.

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Moving through the center of the dispensary I couldn’t help but notice just how perfect the paint theme was. Light grays played perfectly with the new poured flooring and the accented green tables with natural wood shelving. Again, I’ve got to go back to those light fixtures because every single one that they’d selected throughout the dispensary showed impeccable taste. Glancing back at the walls near the entrance, I could now see several boards displaying prices and options for purchase. Pricing was clearly stated and easily readable for anyone who’s exploring the bud floor. As I casually moved away from the center of the dispensary and towards the back table, I realized I was now seeing the true heart of the dispensary, the bud table. A massive assortment of different strains surrounded the outside of the table, including everything from pre-rolls to loose flower. The buds were all sealed in small plastic containers that, of course, allowed you to still smell and see the buds inside. Despite seeing all these amazing options for flower, I was drawn like a moth to a light to the centerpiece of the table, a massive jar filled with nuggets of beautiful, green sticky icky. Now that’s the kind of centerpiece that I want to have on my table at home. I spent a few more moments going around and investigating all the different flower options. Emerald Fields, Glendale has always done a good job at capturing a boutique feel but they’re taking it to the nth degree with these new remodels. Every moment I was in there, I felt like I might have been in a fancy showroom. I took a moment to look over some of the coolest circular shelves I’ve ever seen along the back-right wall. They were loaded with all kinds of different merchandise, pipes, and devices for purchase. Finally, I made my way to the back counter where the actual magic happens. After you’ve had a chance to decide what you’d like to buy, this is the back counter where you can have your requests fulfilled. Once you’re ready to check out, Emerald fields budtenders package and prepare your order behind the counter and, just like at a restaurant kitchen, they place it on a small prep counter and it’s ready for sale. Not only is this process identical to that at Emerald Fields Manitou Springs, but it’s also a perfect way to expedite the purchasing process without rushing customers into anything. As a customer, you have all the time you want to explore and look at all the different products available before you go to the back counter to make your decision. There’s no pressure from the person behind you in line and there’s no one breathing down your neck telling you what’s “fire”. On the other hand, if you are looking for help, Emerald Fields’ budtenders are there to help you out if you do have any questions. This design and style of the dispensary is the perfect juxtaposition between hands-on and independent shopping. I’m someone who doesn’t like to be told what to buy and what to do. I like time to browse and look at all of my options before I’m willing to make any purchases. Emerald Fields Glendale is now a dispensary that allows me to do exactly that.

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I took one more moment to go around and truly appreciate some of the decor and ambiance. Perfectly placed vases, welcoming sofa chairs, and immaculate fused quartz countertops showcase the true potential of this location. As someone who has remodeled many houses in my day, I’ve got to commend their choices, especially with the lighting. If I just sound like some idiot gushing about light fixtures to you, I want to challenge you to go into Emerald Fields Glendale for yourself and see if you aren’t wowed by the ambiance. Sure, maybe you just view it as a place to purchase cannabis, but what the heck’s the point of going to buy cannabis if you can’t at least take some pageantry in it. We’ve all waited a very long time to be able to legally purchase cannabis. There is no need to cheapen the experience by running in and out of a dispensary. There is something beautiful about making every resupply a memorable experience. Emerald Fields Glendale is just the place to go if you want to enjoy every retail cannabis purchase. This is a gorgeous location. If you’ve been purchasing your cannabis from a shabby hole in the wall, might I highly recommend that you upgrade your venue. I think you won’t only be surprised by the aesthetic of the new Emerald Fields Glendale, but also by their selection of concentrates, edibles, and flower. Go ahead and visit Emerald Fields in Glendale. I dare you to not fall in love with their lighting fixtures. Maybe you’ll understand what I’m talking about or maybe I really have smoked too much cannabis over the last half-decade and I’ve finally lost it.

Emerald Fields Glendale New Store
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Emerald Fields Glendale New Store
Emerald Fields is a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Glendale and Manitou Springs Colorado. Emerald Fields Glendale has just been full remodeled, and it’s open for business!
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