Emerald Fields Strain of the Week

Emerald Fields Strain of the Week
Emerald Fields

I am so glad that I don’t need to find a cannabis dealer anymore. And for any of you out there reading this within states that may not have legalized cannabis yet, my heart goes out to you. Here in Colorado finding a “hook-up” has now become as simple as asking your phone where the closest dispensary is. Not only has the ease of accessibility of cannabis gone through the roof in states that have legalized, but the quality just keeps going through the roof. Before legalization hit, it seemed like any Tom, Dick, or Harry that could pronounce the word “chronic” claimed to have the best in town. The sad truth of the matter was that frequently this “amazing weed” that we were buying was so low quality you couldn’t even sell it at a dispensary in Colorado nowadays. We’re talking crappy seed and stem laden brick weed that had clearly been condensed and smuggled into the United States through, no doubt, exceptionally nefarious means. When you really look at the full list of what was happening when you purchased cannabis before legalization it’s not pretty. Not only were we breaking local and federal laws, we were potentially helping support drug smuggling and our only reward was laughably bad cannabis at exorbitant rates. Despite how much I sometimes relish the days of my youth, I have absolutely no love for the purchasing process of cannabis the way it used to be. Things have come a long way. With high-class boutique-style dispensaries like an Emerald Fields offering affordable pricing on true chronic cannabis, it is never been a better time to be a marijuana smoker. Not only can I get much better quality cannabis at a greatly reduced cost, but instead of supporting a mystery business I get to support local business and know that a portion of the tax revenue from my purchases it’s going to support education in Colorado. Throw the demographic studies in Colorado showing the decreased use of cannabis among teens, add the reduced crime rates, and sprinkle liberally with a juicy tax surplus and just about everyone is winning from Cannabis legalization in Colorado. I feel that it wasn’t until recently however that cannabis consumers really were getting the prices that were representative of market value. At Emerald Fields in Glendale, Colorado and in Manitou Springs, Colorado you can expect to now find strains on weekly specials. I won’t claim to be as patient as those individuals waiting for cannabis legalization since the 60s, but I will say that my wait seemed long enough as it is already. Whether you are seasoned hippy coming back to cannabis for the first time in decades or Millennial sampling marijuana’s finest for the first time I think we can all agree it is a pretty cool time to be in Colorado. And if you’re looking for savings then Emerald Fields is a place for you.

Emerald Fields Strain of the Week:Small Ounce Bud-2

So, let’s get into what you can expect from Emerald Fields new weekly strains. Perhaps the most exciting factor of the weekly strains at Emerald Fields is it they change every week. That means you get to sample a new handpicked, freshly cultivated Colorado stain every week. Emerald Fields knows green and when it comes time to decide which farms are going to represent their dispensary its serious business. In other words, you won’t find any brick weed, stems, or seeds from either of Emerald Fields locations. This is the real deal, Colorado chronic at its finest. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t different qualities for you to choose from. Every week on the weekly strain deal there will be two different tiers to choose from platinum and gold. Each different tier is representative of the plants overall character and quality. With the Platinum shelves’ strain of the week, you can expect to find large buds with outstanding flavor profiles. Strains that find their way to the Platinum Shelf display exemplary characteristics such as robust hair growth and trichomes so thick that they glisten. If you want to reward yourself or have friends coming in town that you want to impress, these are the buds that will do it. The gold shelf is what I would consider the new standard for cannabis products from dispensaries around Colorado. This is the Chronic that we would dream of back in the day. This is the type of product that we would maybe get once every year and consider a major boon to our existence. What used to be the stuff of dreams is the gold shelf at Emerald Fields. Now That’s What I Call progress. There is one more shelf to choose from at Emerald Fields Glendale, the Emerald shelf. Don’t be deceived for my descriptions into thinking that the emerald shelf is anything less than exemplary cannabis as well. A strain that lands itself on the emerald shelf isn’t there because of low quality or inferior genetics but due to its surplus nature. This means that even on the emerald shelf there’s a high potential of finding some of your favorite name strains that may only appear on the top shelves of other dispensaries. The emerald shelf is made for everyday smoking. This is fine chronic that hits the spot every time without hitting the bank too hard. Regardless of which tier you choose you’re sure to be satisfied with the superior quality of Emerald Fields weekly strains.


The pricing structure on all of Emerald Fields weekly shelves is pretty self-explanatory. The only time things can get confusing as whether you’re buying from Glendale or Manitou Springs. I sincerely hope you know whether you’re in Glendale or Manitou Springs. If you don’t know the difference you probably shouldn’t smoke anymore. Due to local volume demands as well as regional tax laws the pricing breaks down a little differently.


Emerald Shelf: $25 per eighth
Gold Shelf: $35 per eighth
Platinum Shelf: $45 per eighth

Manitou Springs:

Gold Shelf: $45 per eighth
Platinum Shelf: $55 per eighth

Any way you look at it Emerald Field’s new strain of the week tiers are pretty exciting. This is an opportunity to get high-class boutique-style cannabis for discount prices. Not only is the quality and the pricing amazing but the opportunity to sample a variety of different strains every week is an opportunity that I simply can never pass up. Trying a new strain is always exciting, especially when I can walk into Emerald Fields and experience a delightful retail setting instead of a moldy old dealer’s couch. No more brick weed for me and my friends, not when we can pay the same price we used to for premium hand cultivated cannabis from Emerald fields. Get out there and enjoy the freedom of legal cannabis, Colorado style!#JessetheGrove

Emerald Fields Strain of the Week
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Emerald Fields Strain of the Week
Emerald Fields is now selling premium cannabis for discount prices. Every week two different strains will be highlighted on the Gold and Platinum shelves at Emerald Fields Glendale and Emerald Fields Manitou Springs.
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