Smokin Gun’s Discount Powder Keg

Smokin Gun’s Discount Powder Keg
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Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. While I can’t say anyone has ever gifted me a horse to look in the mouth of, I’d like to think that when I see a bargain like Smokin Gun’s Powder Keg deals, I do the right thing and accept discounts gracefully. Smokin Gun has pulled together a unique set of products from different growers Powder Keg-5and kitchens to bring you a diverse array of Colorado products that you likely will never find any place else in the state. Smokin Gun’s brand new Powder Keg discount section is always there to provide you with the best prices on awesome products from companies like IncrEdible, Americanna, L’Eagle, Lit, Mr. Nice Guys, and Mary’s Medicinals. Not only can you expect the best deals around on products from these companies, but come back and check often for new deals on Smokin Gun’s massive product selection. I’ll give you an idea of what was in the Powder Keg during my last visit.


If you like edibles and have never experienced any of the products from IncrEdible, you are honestly missing out. Not only has the company become the go-to brand for cannabis infused chocolate bars, but they have also expanded into gummies and extracts as well. As a company that only started six years ago,Powder Keg-4 IncrEdible has expanded into over 760 dispensaries in Colorado; there’s a good reason why, they’re frickin’ delicious. While I will never turn my nose up at one of their Peanut Budda Buddha bars or a refreshing Mile High Mint bar, in my book neither of them can compare to my favorite, the Affogato. The Affogato is a heavenly mix of white chocolate, espresso beans, and caramel. While I’m not usually the biggest fan of white chocolate, something about the combo with the espresso beans makes it my go-to marijuana candy bar.

If you haven’t tried a candy bar from IncrEdible, or if you’re already enamored with their products like I am, then you need to check out Smokin Gun’s Powder Keg, which is currently offering a deal where you can snag four candy bars for only $80.


Maybe you have less of a chocolate fixation and have more of a penchant for gummies. If that’s the case, then there is one company out there that you’ve got to try out. Americanna Co. is a relatively new player to the industry, but has done such a phenomenal job at marketing and distributing that you can already find their gummies all Powder Keg-2around the state. Currently Americanna has three primary gummy products: mixed gummie stars, sour pot-leaf gummies and sweet pot-leaf gummies. I personally have only tried the sour gummies, and I must say, I was rather impressed. Not only does the sour bite cover up the cannabis flavor, but honestly, what’s not to like about eating pot-leaf shaped gummy candy? Keep an eye out for more flavors coming soon from this up and coming edible producer.

In the mood for a good gummy? Smokin Gun’s Powder Keg has you covered. You can pick up four 100 milligram containers of Americanna gummies for the only $60, which is an amazing recreational deal for 400 milligrams of weedy goodness.

L’Eagle, Lit, and Mr. Nice Guys

I know edibles just aren’t for everyone. Some of us out there want cannabis in its most classic form, fresh minty buds. Smokin Gun has the most unique selection of strains in the state. While most dispensaries only provide cannabis from one grow, Smokin Gun handpicks different grows from across the state and brings in their best strains for you to try. In particular, three growers worth mentioning are L’Eagle, Lit, and Mr. Nice Guys. If you’ve never tried any buds from L’Eagle, then now is the time. The first strain I ever tried from them was their flagship strain L’Eagle Eagle. Powder Keg-3To say I was impressed was actually an understatement, the gram of L’Eagle Eagle that I tried was outstandingly sweet, shockingly potent, and in surprisingly immaculate condition. To put it plainly, L’Eagle is the top of the top shelf, this is the connoisseur quality cannabis that you’ve all been looking for. Lit has a little bit of everything, and if you live in either Colorado or Washington, there is a good chance you’ve seen their products on the shelf. Lit provides everything from buds to vape pen cartridges and has gotten good at making it all. If you’re looking for a superior quality bud that won’t break the bank, then you should check out Lit’s deals on bud. Mr. Nice Guys is a very nostalgic dispensary for me. I remember purchasing medicinal cannabis from them years ago before they made their move up north off of I-70. While Mr. Nice Guys may be a dispensary, they also have a massive growing operation and wholesale their products to dispensaries across the Denver area. In the past year in particular they have really stepped up their game and are now producing extremely affordable yet high quality chronic that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Next time you’re in the market for some greenery, check out some of the great deals on bud in the Powder Keg. During my latest visit you could pick up an eighth of L’Eagle’s L.A. Confidential, Sour Kush, or Pineapple Train Wreck for $50 out the door. Lit had quarters of the ever popular Lemon Skunk for $70. Mr. Nice Guys was offering a dreamy line-up of Cali Dream and Peach Dreams, each for $70 for a quarter ounce.

Mary’s Medicinals

Sometimes you need to be able to sate pain and avoid the sometimes deleterious effects of smoking or eating marijuana. If you’ve never tried any topical applications of cannabis, then I would recommend starting out with some products from Mary’s Medicinals. The Colorado based Mary’