Healing House 420 Deals 2018

Healing House 420 Deals 2018
420 Discounts & Deals Colorado Healing House Denver

What springs to mind when I say discount cannabis? How about organic, non-GMO, soil-grown chronic? Maybe that’s not exactly what you pictured from the term “discount”, but that’s exactly what you can get this year on 420 from Healing House a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary located in Denver, Colorado. Not only are all of Healing House’s grows entirely organic and vegan-friendly, but these masterfully-cured cannabis selections will be available for phenomenal prices this 420. Even better yet Healing House is extending all of their 420 deals through the end of the month. This means that even if you miss the actual date of 4/20 you can still celebrate the discounts and deals at Healing House all month long. If your marijuana jam is joints, then Healing House will have you jumping with joy at all of their pre-roll deals. Of course, if you find yourself fawning over Flowers, you’ll find a formidable festooned foyer filled with flowers at Healing House. Now that I’ve subjected you to my alliteration let’s get into the deals this year at Healing House’s 420 celebration.

Joint Deals

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned joint? Healing House Joints-2This year’s 420 celebration at Healing House has one of the best deals on joints in town. The deal is pretty rudimentary. If you want to pick up a joint from Healing House, it will cost you $4.20. Not only is this an incredibly affordable joint, but it’s loaded with some of the finest organic cannabis available. Stuffed gingerly into Raw cones, these joints are not produced using any sweet leaf or trim but are entirely produced with small bud and shake from ready-to-sell cannabis that was on the shelf. What can make these joints even better you might ask? What if I told you that they were strain-specific? That’s right. Let’s chock a lot of labels onto these joints. they’re strain-specific, organic, vegan, non-GMO, and damn delicious. That’s not the only amazing deal on joints going down this 420 at Healing House. If you show up anytime between 4/20 and the end of April, you can get yourself a $0.20 joint after purchasing four of any products from Healing House. That means you can get out the door with five joints from healing house with a $20 bill and some change. I don’t see how it can get any better than $0.20 organic joints.

Concentrate Joint Deals

If standard joints just don’t have the oomphHH 420 2018-2 that you’re looking for in your 420 smoking experience, Healing House also has a large selection of concentrate-infused joints. The flagship item of these concentrate loaded joints is DRJLabs Caviar Cones. If you’ve never had marijuana caviar before then you’re in for a real treat. Marijuana caviar starts with fresh nuggets that are coated with extract and then rolled in a slathering of kief. Following in that fashion, the caviar joints from DRJLabs Cones are loaded with buds, infused with oil, and coated in kief. What makes these caviar loaded joints even better is it they are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties. While these cones are spectacular year-round, they get even more exciting this 420 season when you can pick one up for only $4.20 when you purchase a quarter ounce of cannabis or more from healing house. Not only are these caviar cones insanely potent but they’re produced by DRJLabs Cones which uses only Healing House-grown cannabis and extractions to produce the end product.

Flower Deals

If you’re not in the market for a pre-rolled cannabisAndy's OG-1 solution this 420 season and are instead looking for loose flower, Healing House has you covered. If you go into healing house anytime between 4/20 and the end of April and purchase over $40 (pre-tax) you can get an entire quarter-ounce of Healing House flower for only $20. A quarter for $20 is a deal that I could have only dreamt about a half decade ago, back when I used to pay almost $100 for a quarter. The best part about this quarter is that you get to choose from the dozens of different strains available at Healing House. All strains on the shelf are grown by Healing House using the same organic cultivation process that makes their cannabis so great!

If all of these 420 deals just sound too good to pass up, why not take advantage of more than one? Head to Healing House to purchase flower, take advantage of a $20 quarter and load up on a caviar-loaded pre-roll and you’re going to have a good time. This 420 season Healing House’s painted an entirely new picture of what discount cannabis should be. Discount cannabis that’s not stem-laden, seed-loaded, over-cured nonsense, but sweet sticky, chronic cultivated naturally in a soil-grown environment. It’s time to experience how amazing cannabis can get with organic harvests from Healing House!#JessetheGrove