Healing House 420 Deals

Healing House 420 Deals
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Now that it’s 420 season again, I can’t help but reminisce about past adventures and the, dare I say, marijuana tribulations I’ve encountered over the years. Nothing quite compares to the 420 that we almost didn’t have any cannabis at. I’ll be honest the parlance of my profession has limited my ability to peg down a specific year to the story but I do remember its significance. Healing House 420 Banner square
Several of my friends had parked themselves with pipes, zip ties, dental tools, and pipe cleaners tasked with mining out several of our resident pipes to yield some resin. I went to pick up one of our friends from the airport after his visit home to Alabama. I woefully picked him up and had to break the news to him that there would be no fresh green 420 bowl waiting for him back at my place. He did a mediocre job at hiding excitement and I knew something was up by the time we were halfway back from DIA. I finally asked him “why are to so excited, there’s no weed and it’s 420!” He rather glibly pulled out a package of southern-style summer sausage he had bought at home and attached to said sausages was a “seasoning pack” that he had managed to get all the way home. After pointing out how stupid that was to bring that through the airport, I gladly rescinded my shaming and we all enjoyed a green-filled evening of very crappy Alabama brick weed. Despite the lack of class in our celebration, it was still 420 and we still did celebrate. When I think back on dry spells and crappy brick weed I sometimes forget how far we’ve come and the fact that this 420 I won’t have to settle for imported brick weed, but I can get amazing organic, non-GMO, and vegan cannabis from great dispensaries like Healing House, a recreational and medicinal dispensary in Denver Colorado.

Healing House 420 Deals:

This 420 season not only is Healing House throwing down some epic deals on their buds, concentrates, edibles, and topicals but they are also laying out some pretty cool deals for every day of the week starting the Sunday before 420 on April 16th. Healing House DenverIf you’ve never been to Healing House Before then you might not know about the prize wheels that are a permanent fixture in the dispensary. On any normal day, you can spin the prize wheel whenever you make a purchase over $60 dollars, and that’s how things will continue to work if you choose not to take advantage of any of the 420 specials that Healing House is offering. Each day of 420 week, Healing House if offering three unique special deals on various different products. The best part about these deals is that you can use all three of them when you come in to visit! If you do choose to take up any of the daily deals this 420 you can still get a chance to spin the prize wheel, but you’ll need to make a $100 purchase to make a spin. As mentioned before though, if none of the daily deals suit your fancy you can always pass the deals and take a spin after a $60 purchase. Healing House is also offering some amazing deals to their medicinal patients as well, which I’ll mention after we go through the daily 420 week recreational deals.

Healing House 420 Deals Sunday, April 16th:

-Four pre-rolled joints for only $20 out the door *tax included*
-$10 off any two concentrates
-Spin the prize wheel with only a $45 purchase *if you don’t take any other deals*

Healing House 420 Deals Monday, April 17th (Stratos Vendor Day):

-Four pre-rolled joints for only $20 out the door *tax included*
-$30 for all 1/8ths
-15% off all Stratos products

Healing House 420 Deals Tuesday, April 18th:

-Four pre-rolled joints for only $20 out the door *tax included*
-20% off on DRJ chocolate
-DRJ wax two grams for $45

Healing House 420 Deals Wednesday, April 19th (O.Pen Vendor Day):

-Four pre-rolled joints for only $20 out the door *tax included*
-15% off all O.Pens *cannot combine with O.Pen Rewards*
-Buy two DRJ wax or syringes and get one for only a penny

Healing House 420 Deals Thursday, APRIL 20th:

-Four pre-rolled joints for only $20 out the door *tax included*Healing House Bios-3
-$60 for any ¼ oz
-buy any two edibles or topicals and get a third for a penny *equal or lesser value*
-DRJ wax two grams for $40

Healing House 420 Deals Friday, April 21st:

-Four pre-rolled joints for only $20 out the door *tax included*
-$10 off any ¼ oz
-15% off any distillate

Healing House 420 Deals Saturday, April 22nd:

-Four pre-rolled joints for only $20 out the door *tax included*
-Buy two DRJ wax or syringes and get one for only a penny
-20% off on DRJ chocolate

Healing House Medicinal Marijuana Deals:

All healing house medicinal patients will be able to take the same deals that are on the listed day above along with a couple added bonus deals for 420 itself.healing-house-grow-3 If you’re a medicinal patient at Healing House and want to take advantage of the recreational daily deals, you’ll still be able to spin the prize wheel on purchases that are over $60. Alternatively, if you don’t like the deals of that day you can still spin the medicinal prize wheel after any purchase over $40. On 420 there are three unique deals only for medicinal marijuana patients:

-Buy two DRJ wax or syringes for $40
-Edibles and topicals are buy two get one for a penny
-Buy six pre-rolled joints or six grams of shake for only $20 out the door *tax included*

It’s finally here, an end to all marijuana dry spells. This year you’re not going to need to have you friend smuggle you crappy Alabama sausage schwag, because you know where you can get the best deals on the best organic cannabis in town at Healing House. As a final note for everyone who already frequents Healing House, if you are currently a member and are accruing points, you will be able to use