Chronic Therapy Joint Deal

Chronic Therapy Joint Deal
Chronic Therapy Joints Pre Rolled Joints

I was chatting the other day with a couple 5 Dollar Joints-1 that was visiting Colorado from Austria. They mentioned that they have been to Amsterdam several times and also had to comment on how classy the marijuana scene was here in Colorado. They explained to me that it seems like we’re being much more experimental out here and really exploring the true potential of cannabis. In other words, things here have progressed far beyond the pot brownie. That being said, and despite the sophisticated tastes that were starting to develop here, there is still one basic marijuana product that flies off the shelf. I’m referring to the one and only tried and true classic way to smoke cannabis, the pre-roll marijuana joint. Just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean that there aren’t hundreds of different twists on how this product is constructed. The standard norm here in Colorado and abroad tends to be cones or papers rolled with sweet leaf or shake from the bottom of the jars. When you’re filling your joint with the dregs of the marijuana world it’s not surprising that flavor is significantly compromised. This bottom-of-the-jar shake is also usually laden with stems and other undesirable components. If you’re a seasoned a joint roller yourself then you might know from personal experience how detrimental stems can be to the integrity of a pre-roll, even when properly ground. Just because this is the common practice of most dispensaries doesn’t mean that all dispensaries are using the bottom of the barrel to craft their joints. Chronic Therapy a recreational marijuana dispensary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado is not only whipping up high-quality nugget crafted pre-rolls, but they are also doing it at a phenomenal price using their very own high-quality grow. I recently was able to sample several of the joints that they have for their daily joint deal and I’m pleased to admit they live up to the quality that I was promised.

$5 Joint Deal

The deal is straightforward with these phenomenal nug crafted pre-rolls. They initially start out at the price of $10. While that price may be rather steep for a shake or trim joint, I can tell you from personal experience I’ve seen much lesser joints retailing for 15 or $16 at certain locations. The $10 price tag, however, is the price before you take in the special chronic therapy joint deal of the day. The deal is as simple as it can get. 5 Dollar Joints-2If you make any purchase a chronic therapy, regardless of what product you’re buying, your joint is only $5 then. These aren’t any generic “sativa” or “indica” joints either but top shelf, strain-specific pre-rolls. Since Chronic therapy produces all of their own nugget-crafted pre-rolls themselves, this affords them the opportunity to handpick the strains that they want to use.Every day there will be two different strains Pacific pre-rolls available for the $5 deal one indica and one sativa. During my visit, this sativa selection was Chocolate Diesel and the indica selection was Purple Kotton. This amazing selection of handcrafted joints may change daily so make sure you call ahead to see which strain pre-rolls are on the $5 deal.

Chocolate Diesel

Chocolate Diesel is a phenomenal middle-of-the-road THC content sativa that has some of the tendencies of a hybrid. As to be expected from a strain with chocolate in its name, Chocolate Diesel has a rich, dark odor. Thanks to the fact that Chronic Therapy uses nug run to create their joints, you can really get a good impression of what this train is about. Beyond its dark chocolate notes, you also can detect a very clear sweetness when you light one of these Chocolate Diesel joints up. Hidden deep beneath the sweet chocolate flavors and aromas there is a hearty smell of its parent strain diesel, which for any of you who have never tried before, comes off as a mild fuel odor (I know it may not sound appealing but it’s a very iconic weed aroma). The terpenes inside many diesel strains have often been vilified and mislabeled as an improper curing process when in fact the chemical-like smell that comes off them is completely natural terpene. When sparking up one of these Chocolate Diesel joints, you’ll be rewarded with us very potent cerebral high which quickly fades into a more balanced hybrid body high. This train is also very balanced in its THC content so it won’t have you paranoid but it’ll certainly get you very stoned.

Purple Kotton

I told you all about the bright and uplifting5 Dollar Joints-3 high from Chocolate Diesel, now It’s time to tell you about the darker Indica side of the $5 Chronic Therapy deal. Purple Kotton is an insidiously strong indica strain that just happened to be the joint of the day during my visit to Chronic Therapy. Purple Kotton brings to the table a lot of dark deep aromas when you bring it to your nose. This incredibly potent Indica is backed up by 24% THC content. While THC content is of course not the end-all-be-all of what makes a strain potent, it definitely doesn’t hurt to add a little extra oomph gratis this renowned cannabinoid. The smoking experience of Purple Kotton is a little bit harsher and heavier than that of the Chocolate Diesel. So much so, that I really wouldn’t even recommend smoking this as a personal joint. The high from this Purple Kotton joint will simply knock you on your ass for the evening (which is sometimes exactly what I’m looking for). While there certainly is a cerebral high aspect to Purple Kotton the true highlight of this train is its couch-crashing, entire-pizza-eating, sleep-through-the-night potential. This is a truly phenomenal utility strain and I sincerely hope that it happens to be on the $5 joint of the day deal on your next visit to chronic therapy.

$5 Nugget-crafted hand built pre-rolls are a deal that’s just hard to pass up. Next time you find yourself low on concentrates and are looking for one of those amazing Chronic Creations live resins or maybe just in the market for a marijuana candy bar don’t forget to pick up a $5 joint to go with it. Be warned you’re going to have to ask yourself a very hard question. You’re going to need to know whether you want to get the sativa or the indica joint of the day. Whichever joint you pick and no matter where you decide to enjoy it, you won’t be disappointed in these fully loaded handcrafted 100% flower Pre-rolls.#JessetheGrove

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