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I used to love smoking cigarettes, and to tell a little secret, on occasions when I’ve had enough to drink, still do. It took me a long time to determine that it wasn’t necessarily the nicotine, the flavor, or the additional smoke breaks that I would always get, it was the physical act of smoking that I enjoyed the most. And while I find myself very rarely smoking cigarettes these days, the occasion certainly does arise. It doesn’t help that a lot of my friends still smoke cigarettes and smoke them around me all the time. My desire to smoke cigarettes, however, practically disappears when I have cannabis to smoke.

There’s a reason that when I’m given the option between edibles, concentrates, and flower I’ll always pick flower. This is because the act of smoking is simply delightful to me. While most of the time I do prefer my cannabis out of a glass pipe, I also am never opposed to sparking up a fat doobie. At this point in my life, I have sampled a large variety of different pre-rolled cannabis cones, but I always come back to my favorites as being small- or medium-sized joints. One of my least favorite attributes of pre-rolls is the inevitable buildup of tar that gathers at the end where you’re inhaling. This resinous buildup is the bane of clean smoking and ends up making me cough my lungs out by the time I get to the end of a pre-roll. For this reason, when I’m smoking a pre-roll cone I prefer them on the small or medium size to limit this effect. Lucky for me, The Green Solution®, a Colorado dispensary chain has a massive variety of joints both big and small. Recently I experience one of their specialty joints called the Incognito. The attributes that make an Incognito Incognito are also a boon in several other ways to the smoke ability of the joint. It was high time to have a high time with an Incognito joint.TGS Incognito-1

So, you might be asking yourself, what makes an Incognito joint so Incognito? It all boils down to the aesthetics of the joint. While regular cones that you purchase at dispensaries have a pointed tip, the fat end of Incognitos are the same with the entire length of the joint. That width happens to be the exact same width of a standard cigarette. To complete the effect, the paper is even colored at the end in the same manner as a cigarette and even has a white filter in the end. Everything down to the rings along the paper look just like a cigarette. When you view an Incognito from even a few inches away, it looks for all the world like a regular tobacco stick. It’s not until you get very close and really start to observe it that you realize that it isn’t a cigarette. When you’re up close the only thing that gives an Incognito away is the fact that it has “The Green Solution®” printed on the filter. Other than that, it looks for all the world like a regular cigarette.

While I won’t condone smoking in public since it’s illegal, there are plenty of opportunities where in Incognito cigarette can come in handy. Let’s say, for example, you’re having a barbecue at your house and you don’t want the in-laws to know that you’re going out back for a marijuana cigarette. Even more practically, maybe you don’t want to get all that extra tar in your lungs. An Incognito is the perfect thing to filter some additional tar out since it has a standard foam cigarette tip. Being able to easily transport Incognitos is another bonus since you can easily toss them in a pack of cigarettes alongside your standard smokes. Regardless of the plethora of reasons why you should purchase yourself some Incognitos, I was just excited to see how well they smoked. As I was about to find out the answer to that question is pretty darn well. TGS Incognito-2It was Thursday night and I had just finished a rousing set of bowling games for my evening bowling league. My bowling team did manage to pull a clean sweep with absolutely no help from me since I was having an exceptionally off night. Despite not being able to take any credit for our win, I thought that it was a fitting night to celebrate with an Incognito joint.

As soon as the four of us got back to my house, I whipped out the little Incognito joint and lit it up. The first thing that I noticed was that it’s very different than a standard joint since it has a filter. I was somewhat skeptical about the effect that the filter would have on the smoke of the joint it proved to be a nonissue and even a boon. The smoke was just as voluminous and flavorful as a regular joint without a filter. As we passed around the pre-roll, I could see that the filter was even doing its job and siphoning out at least some of the tar that we would normally be inhaling into our lungs. As we continue to pass it around I noticed another amazing benefit of the filter. The filter somewhat hampered air flow which normally sounds like a bad thing, but when you’re passing a joint around with a group of people inhaling at different rates, it’s an amazing addition. With a slightly diminished air flow, it didn’t matter that some of us were taking larger drags than others. This normally is what leads to a joint burning improperly and the sides running. With the airflow nominalized, that wasn’t a problem anymore. Thanks to the filter and the amazing Presidential Kush inside, the smoking session was delightfully smooth and undeniably productive. In total, we split the joint between four people, and it proved to be an ideal size to get us all feeling pretty dandy. We adjourned our smoking session to the living room and fired up some video games in a perfect pairing of Incognito joint and Mario.

If you’re looking for a discreet way to smoke a joint or if you simply want to smoke a pre-roll that filters out some additional smoke and tastes great in the process, you should definitely consider Incognitos. Another great thing about Incognitos from The Green Solution® is the bonus that you can purchase them in a pack of ten. That means you can hypothetically replace half a pack of cigarettes with these little guys and be set for any party you’re off to. These pre-rolls really do condense the best attributes of smoking a joint into a tasty, functional, and discreet package. They also represent the best parts of a cigarette without being a cigarette.

If you get an opportunity to try an Incognito Joint from one of the many The Green Solution dispensaries of Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.#JessetheGrove

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