The Flower Collective Bubble Joints

The Flower Collective Bubble Joints
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Have you trained yourself in the master artwork of crafting fine marijuana joints? I’ll never forget my early days of smoking marijuana. Back before recreational legalization, I was pretty much used to smoking whatever I could get. Often this marijuana was, how shall I put this, total crap. You could go through the arduous task of removing all the stems and seeds from this brick weed but the easier choice was just to grind it all up and tossed it inside a joint. At the time, my joints were very rudimentary, nothing more than a standard pinner with no added accoutrements. A good joint then consisted of a piece of paper rolled up with some ground weed and then gently twisted on both ends. these prehistoric style joints were the fare I would partake in back in my days of three in the morning tacos. Joint technology has evolved a fair spell since then. I know that even back in the day some industrious stoners were crafting elegant joints to smoke from I had to wait until the joint making was in someone else’s hands. Cones have made this job easier, but there is still an art form to it and not all joints are created equal. The Flower Collective Bubble Joints, for example, take your old favorite of a joint and add the extra special ingredients of freshly produced bubble hash. When you’re spiking your joints with fresh bubble hash you’re going to have a good joint and you’re going to have a good time.

If you want to pick up one The Flower Collective Bubble Joints for yourself, they’re available at Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Chronic therapy Specializes in artfully grown cannabis while providing a bounty of third-party products like The Flower Collective Bubble Joints.

The Flower Collective Bubble Joints:

I’ll start by mentioning a cool feature of TheBubble Joint-2 Flower Collective Bubble Joints. Not only is every joint loaded with bubble hash, but they come in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties that are each produced from a strain-specific source. In the case of my sativa Bubble Joint, the highlight strain was Goji OG. So even if you’re more of an evening time joint smoker you can enjoy an indica joint, or if you know you’re going to be out and about you can toke down a sativa Bubble Joint. The first thing I noticed when I started to handle the dram tubes of Bubble Joints was just how cool The Flower Collective’s artwork on the outside of the joint was. Produced in Nederland, Colorado, The Flower Collective’s dram containers are a miniature work of artistic potpourri showing clip-art-style renditions of images that are part of Nederland’s history and culture. Looking for more of a daytime experience, I decided to enjoy the sativa version of the Bubble Joint first. On initial inspection, The Flower Collective Bubble Joints look like a standard Raw cone joint. Going off a recommendation from Chronic Therapy, I first took the joint out and took a few dry puffs on it. A very worthy evaluation of the goodness inside. The terpene character that I inhaled, even through an unlit joint, was phenomenal. Not only was a cannabis used in this joint top quality, but the hash inside it was produced in a manner that all its terpy goodness lasted. This is quite a feat since ice water hash production freezes plants and uses a centrifugal force process to extract the final product. This ends up being pretty harsh on the proteins responsible for flavor, but The Flower Collective has done an exemplary job maintaining flavors. This can be accredited to “Science, yo,” as stated on their packaging. Science indeed! A few more sweet, dry puffs and I was ready to, hell, more than ready to try the real thing.

The Flower Collective Bubble Joints :: Smoke | Effect:

After surgically removing the twist of paper at the end of the Bubble Joint, I started the torch up the tip and begin the process. I always make sure to burn the tip evenly and start out with some very small puffs. Too many times have my friends and I fell victim to a running joint. If you don’t know what I mean by that, I’m not talking about the joint physically running away (a horrifying concept) but burning unevenly through the paper and running up one side of the joint prematurely. If you treat your joints well and avoid inhaling too deeply you can avoid running in almost any joint that’s properly packed (patience is key). The first few puffs of my Bubble Joint was just as the dry run had led me to believe it would be. The prevailing notes were sweet and floral with a little bit of something else in there as well. It’s also worth noting, The Flower Collective Bubble Joints are an incredibly smooth smoke (especially for a joint with concentrates in it). I couldn’t yet speak for how harsh joint might end up being by the time you got to the bottom, but I can tell you the top was smooth as silk. As I slowly puffed away at the joint (knowing full well I’d be stopping before the halfway point since I was going solo) I noticed the inherently rich earthy notes that I could only assume were hash. In a joint like this, there is no creeping high. It kicks in quick. By the time I reached my stopping point I was already feeling downright dandy. Bubble Joint-1The Flower Collective’s Goji OG loaded sativa joint was just what it needed to be. Fueled by a sativa sensation and trapped inside the house due to relatively frigid temperatures I was left aimlessly roaming cleaning things that didn’t really need to be cleaned. I found myself in this waltz of inefficiency for nearly another 45 minutes (I sure did clean up that junk drawer though).


What more can I say about such a great infused joint? When a company like The Flower Collective can so gracefully pack concentrates into joint, and at a reasonable retail price of $15, I’m impressed. While I don’t know much about their grow I can only assume, having smoked the end product, they know what they’re doing with their crops and they also know how to make some real mean hash to boot. It’s also worth noting The Flower Collective Bubble Joints are best shared. I know at least I personally am not capable of smoking an entire hash-loaded joint by myself, but I’m sure there’s some weedy savant out there that can. For standard cannabis users though, grab a friend for this one. Spark up that joint, avoid the runs, gather your friends, and learn to hate my crappy rhymes and puns!#JessetheGrove

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