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I remember the first time I ever heard of a Trifecta or cross-joint. I’m sure I’m not alone in my first experience coming from a certain popular marijuana-themed movie. The concept was intriguing, so intriguing in fact that a few of my friends and I unanimously agreed that we would need to attempt to craft one. We procured a large pack of rolling papers and ground up a massive pile of whatever horrible brick weed we were smoking back at the time.

After the arduous task of removing the plague of stems and seeds,TGS Trifecta-3 we ground up the remaining smokable parts and started by crafting a standard doobie for the cross in our homemade Trifecta. That part went pretty much according to plan. It wasn’t until we got to crafting the actual joint that things started to go awry. Our concept was sound and the cuts we had made in the paper were positioned properly and looked like they would all work perfectly. What looked good on paper proved to be less than perfect in practice. We were left with a crooked and soggy mess of a cross-joint that was a sad reflection of what we had seen in the movie. It was so ugly that we didn’t even smoke it… Yeah right. We lit up all three ends and could each take several puffs before things started to fall apart. We aborted our operation and fell back to the safety of a large bong as our smoking medium. A long time has passed since that original Trifecta adventure and nowadays I don’t even need to roll my own cross joint when I can rely on professionals at The Green Solution® to do it for me. The Green Solution® is a Colorado Cannabis chain that has a massive variety of pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles all crafted to give you the best Colorado smoking experience possible. I was excited when I found out I was going to get to relive my original cross-joint experience, but this time do it right.

The Green Solution® does a large number of products right so I assumed that a Trifecta joint would be no different. The Trifecta came packaged in a very clever cardboard container that gracefully protected the pre-roll without using any additional packaging or non-recyclable components. It was hardy, sleek, and had amazing things inside of it. As soon as I got home with the cross joint I immediately busted it open to see that the craftsmanship of this cross-joint was far superior to that of the old crappy one we had rolled in yesteryear. The formation was immaculate and the joint intersecting the main joint was perfectly round and formed a leak-free bond with the main joint. It was truly a sight to behold. Everything was done right with this bad boy, from the cardboard enforced mouthpiece down to the immaculately twisted tip. TGS Trifecta-1While I normally can’t smoke most joints on my own, a Trifecta or cross joint really can’t be smoked on its own even if you wanted to since you need to have three flames at once to light each tip of the joint. Knowing full well that I couldn’t go this one alone, I summoned a couple friends over for a night of dice games, barbarian movies, grilling burgers, and smoking a cross-joint.

The evening came and as we freed up from our various professions we all gathered and prepared ourselves. I took the honors, and with our three lighters combined, each lit a different end of the cross joint! Now I’ll start by saying, this isn’t a joint for the faint of heart. When you’re literally tripling the amount you’re smoking, it’s going to be an intense experience. With a few hardy drags, I had all three ends of the Trifecta burning, and as we passed it around we each were receiving a triple dose of tasty cannabis. With a few tactical flips and a little bit of stoner know-how, we were able to keep all three ends running pretty smoothly until they reached the center. We had reached the point where we had given up on our previous Trifecta and while there was some tricky twisting involved we managed to keep this one from running out of control and were able to smoke it all the way to the mouthpiece.

Now when you’re smoking a joint this massive, it doesn’t take long for the effects to hit you considering they are usually in full force by the second or third time the joint passes around your circle. That was the case with this Trifecta joint. We all were feeling exceptionally high and decided that it would be the perfect time to start some dice games and put on some old school barbarian movies. I can safely say as we sat and started our evening of shenanigans that the Trifecta made our barbarian movies more barbarous or our dice game dicier and our burgers extra meaty. It also made our munchies very munchy, and it took us a disturbingly TGS Trifecta-2short amount of time to polish off an entire bag of wasabi flavored Doritos on the side of our burgers. As the swords clashed on the TV and our dice clattered on the table, I’d like to speak for all of us when I say that The Green Solution’s® Trifecta joint really made our evening one to remember.

If you’ve got some friends who like barbarian movies, or maybe you just want to experience a cross joint of your own, then you best make your way to The Green Solution® where they’re rolling out some of the best pre-rolls and cones in town. The Trifecta joint has become so much more than a funny movie reference, and now that you can purchase one made by someone who knows what they’re doing, they are a good go-to for an evening of fun. I never thought when I was rolling my first cross joint that you’d be able to purchase one in a store within the next decade. It’s truly a very cool time to be in Colorado, not that I think there was ever a bad time to be here (that’s ruling out pioneer days). If you’re in the mood to celebrate a special occasion or if you just want a perfect accouterment to your ninja, barbarian, or pirate movie night, then a Trifecta is a perfect choice. Just remember, when you’re smoking a joint this complex, avoid taking too big a drag and flip directions frequently to assure you won’t get any runs. If you keep those little nuggets of wisdom in your mind, you’ll be a happy camper in no time. So, invite your friends and fire up your three lighters, you’re going to have an evening to remember with a Trifecta joint from The Green Solution®.#JessetheGrove

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