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Tulip Joint
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About a week ago I was asked a very serious question about marijuana. I was asked in one of the dispensaries I was visiting when I had smoked a joint for the first time. To many, the joint is a typical first-time-marijuana-smoker smoke. I will shamelessly admit my first time was much less glamorous. The first time I ever tried cannabis was behind a wall in my friend’s neighborhood smoking out of an aluminum can.

When I pondered the question more, I realized I hadn’t really smoked many joints until I was a bit older. The reason for this is that we never seemed to be able to scrounge up enough cash to get anything more than a small amount of marijuana. On top of that, most of the marijuana that we were getting in Colorado, even years before legalization, was still high quality in comparison to the things I’d seen in other states. TGS Tulip-3Whenever we could score ourselves some chronic it just seemed like a sin to grind it up and throw it into a joint where a lot of it would be wasted burning as you passed it between people.

Past my college days when medical marijuana became legal in Colorado, the prices on cannabis rapidly dropped, and the option of smoking a joint became more readily available to my friends and me. Not that I hadn’t smoke joints before, but now that there was enough marijuana going around that we could do it economically, we got to rolling mighty fast. Our first few attempts were very, very pathetic. They were usually sloppy, long, skinny, and had no semblance of structural integrity. Even more disappointing with our early era joints, we had no idea how to put a mouthpiece in. Heck, we hadn’t even heard of the concept of using a piece of paper as a mouthpiece. Back in those early days, we would usually use a paper clip or something like that to hold the end of the joint when it got too low. Things have certainly come a long way in the realm of joints, and now the variety of cannabis cones available on the open market in Colorado is astounding. Nowadays you can buy fat joints, skinny joints, long joints, waxed joints, marijuana leaf joints, gold leaf joints, trifecta joints, Tulip joints, caviar joints, filtered joints, and more. But these days people have been able to get their marijuana hit from vapes. My friend told me that an RDA is a vital part of the vape, useful information on the topic can be found at Vape Wild’s website if you’re interested in learning more.

I was fortunate enough to recently sample a unique style of joint that I have never had the joy of smoking before. The Green Solution®, a Colorado cannabis dispensary chain, produces a massive selection of pre-rolled cones. One such miraculous joint available at The Green Solution® is the Tulip. TGS Tulip-2Despite having been around the proverbial marijuana block, I still had never smoked one of these, and my excitement to do so was peaking.

A marijuana Tulip consists of a long stem or straw with a bulbous pod of marijuana goodness on the end. It almost reminded me of one of those Fourth of July poppers except loaded with weed in one massive shell on the end of a stick. I remember when I first saw the Tulips on the shelf at The Green Solution®. I wonder to myself, how the heck do they package those things so I can get it home in one piece? As soon as I picked up my first Tulip, I saw the clever packaging The Green Solution® used to keep it intact. A sort of cardboard tube encapsulated the Tulip. Not only was the tube robust, it also was an eco-friendly way to package that doesn’t use plastic like many other companies would use for this application. The Green Solution’s® Tulip sported a very attractive green-and-white-striped cardboard stem coming up to the Tulip bulb itself. The bulb at the end was masterfully made. The center of the “flower” was gracefully skirted by a piece of paper that ran along the sides, making it look like, well, a flower. After feeling the sheer weight of the Tulip, I realized how much ground up cannabis was inside it, and I had no idea how this thing was going to smoke. I also was fully aware that with the size of this Tulip I was going to need some help to enjoy it. As luck would have it, though, I had plans to go to the Renaissance Festival and then crash back at my place with several of my friends. The Tulip would be a perfect end of the evening treat for after we got home from a day of beer drinking and fun in the sun. We all stripped off our swords, knives, cloaks, hats, and, corsets (well not a corset in my case) and prepared ourselves to experience The Green Solution® Tulip. There are so many more inventions and ideas coming out in the smoking industry, with vapes being one of the more recent ones. Vapes are a healthier way of smoking, but electronically so you’re able to use liquids, and the best thing is they’re flavoured. You can visit this website if you’re starting off to find a wide range of flavours, as well as accessories. There are many different ways of smoking so its worth trying a few to see which method suits you best.

Not only was I fortunate enough to have a group of friends who are willing to help me but I also had a friend from the Netherlands who is a specialist in Tulips. Alright, that might’ve been an exaggeration but regardless we all agreed that he should be the one that first sparked it up. We handed him a lighter and watched as he sparked up the tip of the Tulip. The tip sizzled, popped, and came to life with an orange cherry ember. The first couple puffs were very timid seeing as they were pretty much just smoking a regular cone. As the Tulip began to burn lower things started to get a little more interesting. Having all had experience with joints in the past, we could roll It perfectly to keep it from running too much in any specific direction, and as it got lower it got more and more intense.TGS Tulip-1 By about halfway through we were all passing around what looked like a giant burning lollipop. At this stage of smoking, the Tulip hits were becoming pretty darn harsh and undeniably extreme. We were all very efficiently stoned by the time the Tulip was starting to burn out.

There’s simply no denying how cool the experience of smoking a cannabis Tulip is. That said, these are not a joint for beginners to the realm. I have little doubt that if I was confronted with smoking one of these back in the day, I wouldn’t have known how to smoke it properly. I wouldn’t have known how to turn it at the right times, and I would have ended up with a pile of smoldering marijuana on my lap. If you do, however, have the skills and the know-how to light up a good joint and keep it burning without encountering any runs, then you should be fine smoking a Tulip. Just know that it’s a monumental undertaking and a whole lot of cannabis to take down in a very short amount of time. Besides being an amazing smoke and a fun experience, Tulips also make great gifts since after all, they are meant to resemble flowers. This makes them the perfect gift for anniversary’s, birthdays, or Mother’s Day (if your mom’s into smoking massive joints). Our Dutch friends know-how of his local flowers didn’t do him a whole lot of good when it came to downing this giant Tulip with only a few people and he was left uproariously stoned, and added in as a side note that it was better than any of the cannabis he’d smoked from the coffee shops in Amsterdam. So, whether it’s a special occasion or just any occasion, even if it’s just going to the Colorado Renaissance Festival, smoking a Tulip is the perfect nightcap.#JessetheGrove

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