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Twaxed Joint
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You know em’ and you love em.’ Despite the various aliases – be it doobie, joint, pinner, J, roach, spliff, or just pre-roll, a little bit of paper packed with some great green ganja is all you need to get rolling. The story would normally end there; however, just like advancements in technology have given us such innovations as the fork, then the spork, then the powered spaghetti spinning fork, joint technology has progressed as well. The humble joint has taken on many new forms, and one of the most exciting and undeniably high-causing new incarnations is the twaxed joint. You would assume like the humble spork gets its name from the combination of the word spoon and fork, that the twax in twaxed joint could be credited to the combination oTwaxed Jointf the words twisted and waxed, but in this case you would be wrong. Like many of the names in the world of cannabis, the meaning is superfluous, and the end result is what matters. In this situation, the end result is a joint that is spiked with marijuana concentrates. Regardless to whether the addition of concentrates are inside or outside the paper, a proper twax joint should always bring a smile to your face.

Twax your joint with kief

On quick and easy way to twax up your pre-roll is with the application of a little bit of kief. Kief is the additional trichomes that have fallen off of the buds and congregated at the bottom of the container. Since trichomes contain the majority of the plants THC, the end result is some powerfully strong stuff. The easiest way to achieve kiefy twaxed perfection is to simply sprinkle a line of kief along the top of your ground-up bud before rolling up and sealing your J. Another more industrious way to twax your joint with kief is by applying it to the outside of the paper after you’ve completed your rolled masterpiece. If your kief is extremely fresh and sticky you should be able to simply roll the end of your joint into the kief and wTwaxed Jointith any luck you should get some to stick. If your kief is too dry, use the fine mist on a squirt bottle to spray the end of your joint and then roll it. Be careful though, if drench the end of your joint in too much water, you could compromise its precious integrity and even ruin your ground-up buds.

Twax your joint with wax, budder, flake, or hash

When it comes to twaxing up your joint, any form of concentrate will do, but with a few of the flakier and softer concentrates such as wax or hash, there really isn’t any alternative to packing chunks inside your joint. One piece of advice I can offer you is to focus your crumbled extracts into the middle of your pre-roll. The logic behind this being that you won’t waste any of your illustrious concentrates at the tip when you light up or at the end when you don’t want to take that last resinated nasty toke.

Twax your joint with shatter

Just like kiefing your joint, the first question you need to ask yourself when you start the crafting process is, “inside, outside, or both?” If you want to incorporate some shatter to the inside of your pre-roll treat it like any other concentrate and break up some tiny fragments and sprinkle them through the center (you might need to toss your shatter in the freezer so it doesn’t stick to your fingers). If you’re an artist and a perfectionist, you can up the ante by twisting a strip of shatter along the outside of the joint after you’ve rolled it. To get that twisty shatter look at the end of your J, start out with a decent size chunk of shatter (about a half gram) at room temperature. EithTwaxed Jointer using a piece of parchment paper or a rubber glove, warm and shape your shatter into a nice little ball. Now just like in first grade art class, using your parchment paper or glove to roll that ball into nice long snake. Then using the utmost care, wrap your snake around the top of you pre-roll, light, and enjoy.

Twax it to the limit

If you’re just a particularly bad-ass individual, you can mix and combination of these techniques together to form a true Franken-doobie. The pinnacle incarnation of the twaxed joint involves spiking the center of your doobie with wax or hash, then wrapping a snake of shatter around the top, followed by a little dip in the kief pool. The end result of such madness is a truly luxurious hand-crafted joint sure to delight your friends and fill your enemy’s hearts with envy! Go forth my friends and twax!





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