Welcome to Glendale, Colorado... the spot where the real party is happening. Glendale has always felt like the last remaining spot in Colorado to retain its wild west feel. Glendale is unique because it’s late night dispensaries can stay open until midnight when the neighboring cities of Denver and Aurora are required to shut down significantly earlier. Because of this specific law that allows Glendale to serve late night marijuana, a huge number of dispensaries have decided to set up shop. In a visit to the tiny town of Glendale, you can comfortably be in walking distance of almost half a dozen different recreational marijuana stores. Even though all the dispensaries in Glendale may be open late, that doesn’t mean that they’re all created equal. Make sure to do a little research ahead of time on a third party site like Dope Directory, to make sure that you’ll end up going to a late night Glendale dispensary that’s just right for you and be sure to leave a review of your favorite Colorado cannabis shop.

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