707 Headband : Shatter Review

707 Headband : Shatter Review
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As much as we hate to admit it, the Colorado cannabis scene owes a lot of its success to the ganja-pioneers of Northern California. Many of the world’s classic strains trace their origins back to the sprawling farms in and around Humboldt County. The 707 Headband isChronic Therapy Wheat Ridge hearkening back to its roots; 707 is the area code for a big chunk of northwestern California, including the hallowed ground that is Humboldt County. For any smokers who were active in the 90s and early 2000s, you’ll remember Headband, as the celebrity offspring of the Sour Diesel and the OG Kush (both champions in their own right). Like many popular strains, something called “707” was being peddled in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and so growers went to work on backwards-engineering the popular weed. Now, officially, the 707 also includes a cross of Master Kush, which rounds this bad-boy out as an indica-dominant hybrid. While you do have the obvious sativa in the the Sour D, you also have some pretty strong indica in the form of the MK and the OG Kush.

I picked up a gram of the 707 Headband Shatter from Chronic Therapy, a recreational dispensary in Wheat Ridge. To be honest, I’ve only tried the flower from Chronic Therapy (their Bubba Kush is absolute fire), and I was excited to try one of their extractions. This shatter was blasted by Top Shelf Extracts, an extraction company based out of Denver, Colorado. It was a tough choice, though. Chronic Therapy has a huge selection of concentrates from a large variety of different companies from Colorado. Happy shopping!

707 Headband :: Appearance | Smell:

This is the first time I’ve tried a concentrate from Top Shelf Extracts, the concentrate company founded by Daniel de Sailles, also known as “Big D” in the industry. Out of the container, I really liked the smell of this one. You know how sometimes shatter just doesn’t have much of a smell? I noticed that wasn’t a problem with this shatter. Much of the terpene content maintained through the blasting process, leaving a strong and piney odor. It has the earthiness of a kush, and the slight diesely smell from the Sour D. I’m mostly impressed by how well the smell of the bud transferred into the shatter sitting in front of me. The color is a pretty consistent amber throughout. Certainly, it isn’t the clearest, palest shatter I’ve ever seen, but I’ve found that so long as the shatter you’re trying to smoke isn’t black or dark green, you’re probably okay. The truth is in the flavor and the smoke, when it comes to the purity of a shatter. The consistency is on point for a high quality shatter. Under room temperature, the concentrate breaks easily, but is then malleable if heated up slightly.

707 Headband :: Smoke | Effect:

From sobriety, I chopped off a small bit to smoke out of my rig. The smoke from the 707 Headband is very expansive, but I was able to keep the hit down without losing both my Chronic Therapy Wheat Ridgelungs. What I noticed first was the flavor. The smoke has a thick, piney flavor, with a slight floral quality. If you’ve ever had a crisp IPA, hopped with chinook or simcoe hops, it’s sort of like that. Surprisingly, the high took me right away, first behind the eyes, and then moving rapidly through my extremities. The uplifting, energetic quality of the Sour Diesel in the genetics were very apparent, but the strong cerebral effect mixed quite well with the powerful sedative effects common to kush strains. For such a smooth smoke, I was impressed by how rapid this guy set in; it’s not a creeper in the slightest. My mind was racing, but my body was jelly. With that being said, I felt like eating a sandwich while watching an episode of Game of Thrones sounds perfect. I was able to keep up with the complex fantasy politics, while sitting back on my less-than-comfortable couch and fully relax. Still feeling the effects well after the episode ended, I retreated to my computer for some creative writing, but I failed miserably. I would say the high, for me, from the 707 Headband was clear, thought-provoking, but also pretty lazy.


If you’ve ever been sitting at your desk at work, staring at the clock, and saying, “I can’t wait to do a fat dab when I get home,” this is a great strain to fill that need. I found this strain great for unwinding, but I would not say this is not a great late-night smoke, because of how my head kept ticking on throughout the two and half hours I was under the effect of this strain. This is a great strain for relaxation, but not even close to a couch-lock feeling that you might get from a straight indica. I really liked how this strain combined a clear cerebral focus with a calming body high. While the idea of a dab before doing anything important (like, going to work, for instance), sounds like a bad idea, the body high might make being on your feet a chore. While this shatter was certainly not the prettiest girl at the dance, the flavor and effect from this dab made it a winner in my book.