Abusive Train Haze Shatter : Concentrate Review

Abusive Train Haze Shatter : Concentrate Review
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About a week back I had the pleasure of sampling a little bit of shatter extracted from the strain Abusive Train Haze. When I first heard the name, I assumed a combination of Ghost Train Haze and either Abusive OG or Afghan Abusive would have been the progenitors of this phenomenal shatter; however, I was wrong. Abusive Train Haze owes its genetics to its two parent strains Ghost Train Haze and the illustrious Trainwreck. When you get two train-related strains together, the result is apparently abusive. Both Trainwreck and Ghost Train Haze are considered to be hybrids, so naturally the combination thereof results in another hybrid. Trainwreck is a rudimentary strain. Many credit the creation of Trainwreck to the breeding of Mexican sativas to Afghani indicas, but its true lineage is extremely nebulous. When recording its genetics for the record, a generic US-grown hybrid is as close as you can get to naming Trainwreck’s parents. Ghost Train Haze, on the other hand, has a much less ambiguous genetic background and is usually the combination of Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck. Nevil’s Wreck is always a constant in the breeding of Ghost Train Haze, but many times the OG strain used may vary. Some breeders will use SFV OG, OG Kush, or even Hells Angel OG, but the end result is always a perfectly balanced, middle of the road hybrid. Want to know the real cherry on top of Abusive Train Haze? It’s extracted by my all-time favorite extraction company, Green Dot.

I picked up my Abusive Train Haze at The Station, a medical and recreational dispensary in Boulder, CO. Abusive Train Haze is a custom concoction from the growers over at The Station and is one of the first extracts on their shelf that was produced using their own buds. If you get a chance, I highly recommend swinging by to try some out, and maybe sample some of their amazing buds as well.

Check out their full menu at: www.thestationdispensary.com

Abusive Train Haze :: Appearance | Smell:Abusive Train Haze

There is a reason that Green Dot is my favorite extraction company. Not only do they do a miraculous job at processing their shatter into immaculate translucent yellow sheets, they also are pros when it comes to retaining the terpenoid characteristics of the original strain. When you get the amazing processing capabilities of Green Dot together with the amazing buds produced by The Station, you’re gonna have a good time! Abusive Train Haze’s appearance did not disappoint; this shatter is so pristine and clear it would make for the perfect glass on your house made out of weed. If this train-themed extract was having a train wreck, there is no denying that it would be doing so right in the pine-dappled hills of our glorious Rocky Mountains. The crisp clean smell of alpine air is what I get when I take a whiff of Abusive Train Haze. The fresh piney notes are the first to hit your nose, followed by a rich, yet subtle, limey odor that adds a unique hint of sour. I’m not kidding when I say, I could smell the little bag this shatter came in all day long, maybe even hang it in my car as a taboo air-freshener.

Abusive Train Haze :: Smoke | Effect:

To give my batch of Abusive Train Haze a proper christening, I filled up my large rig with water and heated up my titanium nail. I’m used to experiencing different flavors when I smoke a strain rather than smell a strain, but in this situation the flavor matched the scent. This remarkably smooth shatter bubbled into nothingness, leaving me with a lung-full of crisp, clean Douglas Fir – or maybe it was Juniper? Let’s just settle on the fact that it’s extremely piney and floral, followed with a hint of bitterness that I had detected before with the lime odor. I can honestly say, this is one of the best smoking shatters I’ve ever has the pleasure of meeting. After finishing my session with the dab rig, I sat down to let the Abusive Train Haze get to work on my cannabinoid receptors. It didn’t take long! I was almost immediately stricken with the desire to stay on the couch, no matter what. There could be a train crashing outside my house and still my biggest concern would be finding an excuse to not move from my seat. To put it mildly, the couch-lockinAbusive Train Hazeg indica traits hit me hard with this one. The sativa genetics did have their say as well in the sense that I was still cognitively aware and still experiencing a cerebral sativa high, despite the incapacitating body high. I would have to say that in this particular shatter, the indica effects seemed to outweigh that of the sativa. Don’t let this dissuade you if you’re a sativa smoker. I can imagine if I had decided to go and do something more exciting than sitting on the couch, I would have been capable of functioning while I was out and about, I just chose not to.


A credit to its growers and its extraction process, Abusive Train Haze is a must-try strain in my opinion, if not just for the flavor alone. This was simply one of the finest smoking experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure in partaking in. After a long day of work, I can see this as being the quintessential relaxation strain. I can tell you from personal experience, after doing some major demolition in my house last week, Abusive Train Haze shatter was the perfect thing to smoke and unwind all my muscles with. If you’ve had a hard day, and are looking for a perfect hybrid that will melt your body and not your mind, then you need to grab yourself some Abusive Train Haze.





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