Altus Balance Tablets

Altus Balance Tablets
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There a lot of benefits that have come to Colorado with the legalization of recreational marijuana and items like cbd oil full spectrum. While there certainly is still a lot of skepticism out there amongst many who think that cannabis should only be legal for medicinal use, let me throw down a little bit of information that might change their mind. If you know anyone that is currently taking medicinal marijuana for an ailment you might be surprised to learn just how few conditions can qualify you. Altus-1What’s really shocking about the list of what qualifies for medicinal marijuana is the items that don’t qualify you. What makes this even sillier is the fact that several of the conditions that don’t apply can most certainly be treated with cannabis in many instances. A big one that doesn’t make the list is PTSD. I personally know individuals affected by PTSD and I also know how much cannabis has helped many of them. They would never have had a chance to see just how much cannabis could do for them unless Colorado had legalized recreational use. The anti-anxiety traits of heavy indica strains are well documented and scientifically backed, yet many suffering from PTSD can’t legally utilize those effects. In the same vein are individuals suffering from insomnia. Rather than being able to legally purchase medicinal marijuana for their insomnia, most of these individuals are forced to purchase commercial sleep aids that come attached with a list of potentially devastating side effects. Over a decade ago, my mother fought with cancer and has since gone into remission, but that doesn’t mean that chemotherapy and radiation didn’t take their toll on her. She has found out that one of the only ways she can get a great night’s sleep is by consuming roughly two and a half milligrams of THC every night before she goes to bed. For any of you who are familiar with cannabis dosing, you know that this is an extremely small dosage. As someone this far out from their initial cancer diagnosis, she would no longer legally qualify for it if recreational cannabis wasn’t an option. I suppose the point that I’m trying to make is that recreational cannabis allows thousands of people to safely medicate themselves for a variety of different ailments that may or may not qualify for a medicinal marijuana card. This is where companies like Altus come into play. Altus specializes in producing clean extracted THC and CBD tablets that are gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy free, and entirely vegan. These capsules are available in varying allotments of THC and CBD based off what the user is looking for. I recently had the fortune of sampling Altus Balance Tablets. Each tablet contains a microdosed portion a five milligrams THC and five milligrams CBD. With absolutely no additives or fillers, Altus fits into a unique niche of recreational users trying to find products for, their medicinal needs. You’re interested in learning more about CBD can effect you, by comparing it to Xanax and Lorazepam to understand it better. If you want to find out more about CBD and CBD products you may want to visit Wholesale CBD here

If you have been looking for a medicinal alternative and need place to pick up your own Altus pills, look no further than The Station, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary located in Boulder, Colorado and Basalt, Colorado. Both of The Station’s locations specialize in high quality cannabis products, sold in a professional, yet laid-back environment.

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One of the most important factors of Altus is that they come in pill form. Altus-2Moreover, they don’t contain any sugar, gluten, or animal products. This makes Altus Balance tablets a viable solution for anyone regardless of dietary restrictions. Microdosing is another very important factor of Altus as well. After all, never forget the old edible mantra, “you can always eat more but you can never eat less”. Microdosing is very important for people like my mother who are sensitive to cannabis but still get great relief from it in small portions. It’s also important for people taking daily regimented doses of THC or CBD who need to have cannabinoids in their system, while remaining clear-headed. As someone who personally does not qualify for any form of medicinal cannabis, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want some after a hard day doing contractor work or shoveling horse poop. I’m also a relative lightweight when it comes to cannabis edibles. I know some of my friends can down a hundred milligrams and not bat an eyelash, but I’m usually feeling downright dandy after twenty milligrams or so.

Altus Balance Tablets :: Effect:

I determined for my test run on Altus Balance Tablets I was going to take two pills for a grand total of ten milligrams of THC and ten milligrams of CBD. I waited until a day I was particularly sore from finishing a basement and decided the time was right. I started by popping the top on Altus pills to reveal twenty little immaculate pre-portioned doses of THC and CBD. Each little teardrop shaped pill was emblazoned with a THC stamp and was ready to medicate.Altus-3 I downed a pair with a glass of water and found a cozy spot on the couch to catch up on Westworld. I began the waiting process, which was dramatically shorter than most edible products. Thanks to the fact that there was no additional chocolate, sugar, or gelatin for my body to break down, I found that I was feeling my ten milligrams of THC from the Altus tablets about twenty-five minutes after taking them. The effects weren’t mind-numbingly potent, but I did have a THC-flavored high to start. After about another ten or fifteen minutes, the CBD components of the pill started to kick in, and hard. For me, these CBD effects were quite strong considering I only taken a ten-milligram dose. I felt myself pleasantly melting into the couch as the delightful pain-killing effects of CBD started to take over my extremities. While the THC effects weren’t overly potent, they were incredibly long-lived. The potent CBD effect was still center stage for the next couple hours while the long-lived THC sensations remained on the backburner. As the effects from the Altus Balance pills started to fade, I did feel a little bit of drowsiness set in. For me, drowsiness is a common side-effect whenever I consume any cannabis products and Altus was no different. This effect would be a great boon for anyone suffering from insomnia but would not be the most desirable trait if I had to be out and about for the day. This can be easily remedied by picking up one of Altus’ different formulas. One that contains more THC in less CBD most likely would do the trick. Altus-4Aside from the drowsiness, I did get a little bit more peckish than I normally would when I’m sober. Pizza called to me and I did not fail to heed its call. If I had an eating disorder I could safely add Altus onto my medications list. After downing a shamefully large portion of pizza the grogginess started to wear off and I was feeling pretty much back to normal after an exceptionally well-rounded and long-lived high.


If you’ve been looking for a recreational cannabis product that is safe to consume on any diet that is microdosed for individuals who need to take small portions, then Altus is just what you been looking for. Due to its recreational availability and strict adherence to by-product-free ingredients Altus is the ultimate solution for microdosed cannabis. Currently, Altus is even taking part in the study with CU and The Station in Boulder on daily regimented cannabis consumption. While they wouldn’t tell me much more (results contamination and such), it’s exciting to see cannabis companies working together with prestigious universities to increase the body of knowledge surrounding marijuana use. Regardless of what their hypothesis might be, it’s about time to do some serious research into a plant that can single-handedly revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. Things may be great here in Colorado, but there are still hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people in the US that could be successfully treating their conditions with cannabis if they could gain legal access to it. Until the list of applicable medical marijuana uses increases, companies like Altus are one of the only lifelines for recreational users with medicinal needs. I only hope that as the science around marijuana progresses more people can see the beneficial results of legalizing marijuana recreationally.#JessetheGrove

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