Ascend Premium Cannabis Oil : Concentrate Review

Ascend Premium Cannabis Oil : Concentrate Review
Concentrate Review Marijuana Concentrates

If there is one stigma that the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has mostly squelched it is that of the stupid stoner. If anyone out there thinks that cannabis extraction specialists are stupid they clearly have never visited a Marijuana Infused Product facility. Simply put, the level of scientific prowess that goes into creating modern extractions is on the verge of mad scientist levels. Every time I think I’ve seen it all another MIP comes along and blows my expectations right out of the water. My most recent analogous experience came from the extraction professionals Ascend Cannabis. Ascend has been in the game for a while and I have sampled some of their more traditional extracts in the past. I had not, however, tried one of their vape pen cartridges or their award-winning CBD Diamonds before. Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to sample two different cartridges from Ascend and get my hands on some of those much-sought-after CBD Diamonds. There are several things that make Ascend Premium Cannabis Oil Cartridges unique from the ground up. For starters, the Ascend products I was sampling had some of the most inclusive component breakdowns I’ve ever seen included with a cannabis product. Coming short of breaking down terpenoid percentages all three products listed the major terpenes and minor terpenes present inside. That means I don’t need to guess if it’s α-Pinene I know if it’s α-Pinene providing that hint of pine. This is an invaluable tool as a consumer. Cannabis science has finally progressed to the point that the everyday user can start to compare and contrast different terpenes and the effects that they have on their own unique endocannabinoid system. Beyond the very practical medicinal application of listings like this, it’s also most certainly a boon to recreational users who have been looking to replicate their favorite high.


Ascend utilizes CO2 and alcohol extraction methods that forego harsh chemical components such as butane. While CO2 extractions are significantly harder to master than simple butane blasting it makes the end result of these amazing cartridges and CBD Diamonds even more impressive. Lastly, I feel I need to comment on the packaging utilized by Ascend. Not only is their packaging extremely cool, but also deceptively minimalist. While other extraction companies seem to seal their cartridges inside a veritable jawbreaker of layered plastic and cardboard, Ascend Premium Cannabis Oil Cartridges consist of a tamper-resistant dram tube and a cleverly designed clamshell-style box. As for the products that lie within them, they’re absolutely amazing. I tip my hat to the scientific prowess and extraction engineering that took place in order to make these amazing cartridges and CBD Diamonds a reality.

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Ascend Activate Premium Vape Pen Cartridge :


I’ll start by talking about Activate, the high terpene wide spectrum extraction cartridge from Ascend. Activate is just one of several of Ascend’s different scientifically-formulated terpenoid and cannabinoids blends custom tailored to elicit a certain effect. Relax is Ascend’s Indica-dominant cartridge loaded with terpenes designed to create a calm and relaxed vibe. Bliss utilizes hybrid strains along with its terpenoid content to create a balanced sensation somewhere between indica and sativa. Relieve cartridges contain a higher CBD content than the other incarnations and are ideal for medicinal use. Activate, the cartridge I received, utilizes sativa components and invigorating terpenoids. Activate is crafted to instill an exuberant and energetic high. I started out my adventure with my Ascend Activate Premium Vape Pen Cartridge by taking a peek at the extensive list of terpenoids on the side. A few of my absolute favorite players were present. 6-Pinene and α-Pinene are the terpenes responsible for the aroma of pine trees (go figure). Another major player was Terpinolene, a terpene found commonly in components like allspice and juniper. There certainly are some invigorating terpenes present, which only makes sense for a cartridge titled “activate”. I opened the box and removed the small tamper-proof tube inside. The second I popped the top a strong pine smell escaped. I’m used to cartridges being relatively odorless, and this was an immediate good sign that the oil inside was extremely flavorful. I remove the cartridge from the tube and was admittedly impressed by its all steel and glass design. Ascend Cartridges are built to thread onto a standard 510 battery and it is also noteworthy that the top of the mouthpiece is removable if you want to refill your cartridge at a later point. After admiring the Ascend logo along the side of the glass a threaded the cartridge onto a standard battery and went in for a test puff. This is one of the most flavorful and delicious cartridges I’ve ever had. I have sampled terpene isolates from cartridges before in the past that have been on par as far as flavor levels, but there was something about this unique blend of terpenoids was just right for me. As someone who loves strong pine flavors and aromas, I could easily see why I was so smitten. I gladly took a few more puffs as the high started to settle in. As with most oil and extract cartridges, my initial high set in extremely fast. High THC and sativa effects were certainly the most dominant sensations that I experienced after my initial smoke. Indica leaning attributes were extremely muted; just as I had expected. If Ascend had set out to create textbook sativa high, then I’d say they’ve achieved that. The overall effects were relatively short-lived and within an hour I was feeling pretty sober again. Nothing that can’t be amended with a second round.

Ascend Cookies N Cream High Terpene Extract Cartridge :


Next up from Ascend, I was sampling their high terpene extract cartridge which, in this case, was crafted utilizing the strain Cookies N Cream. High-terpene strain-specific cartridges are absolutely phenomenal if you’ve never tried one before. The concept is it to encapsulate the original strain in oil form. This entails maintaining the effects and flavors through a delicate process by balancing out terpenes and cannabinoids that are present in the original strain. In the case of this Cookies N Cream High Terpene Extract Cartridge, I didn’t have to guess on the terpene content. Clearly stated on the side of the box were two of the key players in the cartridge Limonene and Linalool the terpenes responsible for citrus and lavender respectively. It’s those terpenoids weren’t enough to get me excited, the cannabinoid breakdown definitely was. In an attempt to stay true to the original plant, Cookies N Cream High Terpene Extract Cartridges include several commonly overlooked cannabinoids such a CBG and THCV. I opened the clamshell-style box and retrieve the cartridge from inside its small, black tamper-resistant tube. The design on this cartridge was somewhat different than that of the Activate Cartridge. The first thing I noticed was an apparent c-cell style element in the center of the cartridge. C-cell cartridges utilized a porous ceramic element in lieu of cotton wicks. This style of element reduces burnt flavors and increases the overall efficacy of the vape cartridge. This high-end element fit in well with the classy ceramic-style mouthpiece which, just like the Activate Cartridge, had a removable tip for refilling. The aroma coming off the Cookies N Cream Cartridge was much mellower than the Activate Cartridge. The smell was very true to the stated terpene content. A mellow floral yet tart aroma would be my best description. How did it taste? After attaching the cartridge to a battery, I enjoyed a couple of puffs. This is a delightfully flavored cartridge. The Subdued lime notes and an uncanny sweetness, in concert with the floral appeal of Linalool, created a flavor profile with an uncanny resemblance to the original Cookies N Cream strain. As I really let the flavor impact my tongue, I could even detect earthy rich notes that I would usually expect to receive only when smoking flower. The scientific ingenuity that has gone into this Ascend Cartridge deserves a round of applause. This is maybe the fourth or fifth cartridge I’ve sampled that has attempted to encapsulate a strain in its truest form and I’d dare say, it’s best yet. It has certainly cemented my viewpoint that the absolute best oils out there are crafted specifically to mimic the strains they were produced from. The high instilled from the Cookies N Cream Cartridge was much more muted than that of the Activate. Encompassing the full spectrum of terpenoids and cannabinoids from the strain also means you’re going to inherit a larger array of effects. The high from the Cookies N Cream Cartridge was extremely mellow and relatively long-lasting for vape pen hit. Effects aside the flavor of this cartridge is absolutely otherworldly, and I would be extremely excited to sample a few more strain-specific cartridges from Ascend in the future.

Ascend CBD Diamonds :


Last, but most certainly not least, are Ascend CBD Diamonds. Ascend CBD Diamonds have already received far greater accolades than I could ever give them having won first place People’s Choice and Connoisseurs Choice in the 2018 THC Championship. I was about to find out why. I started by casually perusing the terpenoid and cannabinoid content that Ascend so conveniently labels on the side of their boxes. Most notable was the 85.3% CBD testing results in conjunction with a relatively modest 2.19% THC content. In other words, you could smoke a whole lot of this without actually feeling any active THC high. CBD Diamonds are all about the CBD, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you’ve never had the fortune of sampling pure CBD products before (especially in the form of CBD dabs) I recommend you give it a try. Although my utilization of high CBD products has never been medicinal, I definitely cannot deny or overlook the potentials and capabilities of high CBD products. The pain-relieving factors alone have kept a CBD concentrate in my arsenal pretty much perpetually since I first tried one a half-decade ago. I opened up the box to reveal a small concentrate jar inside. Upon opening the lid, I was almost shocked at the unbelievable picturesque mountain of little gems that lie inside. Light Yellow-tinted lumpy crystalline masses of CBD Diamonds sat in the glass container just begging to be smoked. The aroma coming off the CBD Diamonds was delightful as well. In many ways, I was shocked at how potent the aroma was considering many of the high CBD extract side samples in the past pretty much excluded all the original terpenes from the extracted plant. The aroma from CBD Diamonds was rich earthy and slightly tart. I would put the tartness on par with the same aroma I’ve detected from any other high CBD concentrates in the past. In my mind, this smell is analogous to that of a tart bar Belgian-style beer. In other words, absolutely delicious. The crystals themselves had a rather chalky consistency and I reckoned they would be relatively hard to get onto the end of a dab tool which is why I would opt for utilizing a straw and enjoying these bad boys right out of the jar. I grabbed one of my clean dab straws and, with a little help from my trusty infrared heat thermometer, set myself up for a medium-high temperature dab. The earthy richness I’d detected in the aroma was present in my first smoke and it was a beautiful juxtaposition with a sweet flavor that seemed to dance on the tip of my tongue. This is some extremely fast hitting CBD. Within minutes I could feel the pain killer effect of the CBD start to course its way across my extremities. For me, psychoactive effects were not present at all and I have no doubt you would have to take an extremely large dab to feel any. This is simply CBD at its finest. CO2 extracted and terpenes preserved from its original form I absolutely understand why Ascend CBD Diamonds are award-winning.



If you haven’t had a chance to sample anything from Ascend Cannabis before, I can personally vouch for the purity, potency, and all-around quality represented by these fine oils. Ascend Cartridges have quickly raised up on my list to become one of my absolute favorites. Ascend has proved that they understand terpene balance better than the majority of other extraction companies out there nowadays. With their refined CO2 extraction methods Ascend has tactfully entered the new age of designer cannabis oils. With award-winning products coming out of their lab such as CBD Diamonds I can only wait to see what amazing revolutionary product Ascend will come up with next.

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