Big Bubba White Shatter : Concentrate Review

Big Bubba White Shatter : Concentrate Review
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I’m not going to lie, it didn’t happen overnight for me. Going from someone who has smoked marijuana for the better part of a decade, the realm of marijuana concentrates took a lot of time to get into. Big Bubba White Shatter-1From my very first dab (which at the time I felt was no doubt the most nefarious looking thing I’d ever done) to the purchase of my first dab rig, all the way to the first time I dug into a jar with a nectar collector, dabbing has become a necessary component of my work. While I will never argue that the flavors of concentrates are always epic, I’ll be the first to admit that taking dabs many times will make me feel far too high and oftentimes congested or wheezy. When I find a concentrate that tastes amazing, goes down smooth, and doesn’t have me clinging to my couch for dear life, I’ve found a winner. Big Bubba White Shatter from Denver Dab Co. is produced using superior buds from The Station, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Boulder Colorado using three parts White OG and one part Big Bubba Diesel. Besides being an ode-worthy odiferous oddity, Big Bubba White Shatter has got the effects and the aesthetics that are worth trying out for yourself.

If you want to capture some of this clear golden bliss for yourself, then there is only one place you’re going to find it. The Station, a recreational and medicinal dispensary in Boulder Colorado, has this Big Bubba White Shatter along with a slew of other concentrates from Denver Dab Co. Big Bubba White Shatter is custom made for The Station by Denver Dab Co. using marijuana from The Station. This assures that only the highest quality components go into production, so it’s no huge surprise that the end result is so phenomenal.

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Big Bubba White Shatter :: Appearance | Smell:

I’ll admit to only one gripe I’ve had in the past about Denver Dab Co products is that the packaging can be quite a pain to get into. Big Bubba White Shatter, being no different, required a little bit of finagling to get into (well worth it I assure you).Big Bubba White Shatter-2 After popping the top I went from being frustrated with the packaging to intrigued. Denver Dab Co. quite cleverly uses branded matchboxes to hold their shatter, which ends up being the absolute perfect size to encase a gram of their insanely translucent shatter. I liberated the tiny parchment paper gem from its matchbox home and carefully folded back the edges to reveal the core (in this case terpene loaded shatter). While I have seen shatters in the past that showcase a lighter color, the translucency, clarity, and purity of this Big Bubba White Shatter proved the quality of the product. The terpenes were still on board as well and no sooner had I peeled back the parchment paper a wave of light yet remarkably dank odor hit my nostrils. Big bubba White Shatter has a smell that simply screams, “dab me!” It’s that kind of concentrate that you can taste with your nose. The kind of shatter that smells like you just took a big dab before you’ve even fired up your torch. The scent itself is uniquely floral mixed with a healthy aroma of dank, sweet, and piney indica. No denying Big Bubba White shatter has got the looks and the smells, time to see if it has the flavors and effects to back it up.

Big Bubba White Shatter :: Smoke | Effect:

Not one to overdo it, I limited myself to a small nectar collector as opposed to my big rig (which is usually relegated to party nights). I moved my Big Bubba White Shatter over to a divided silicon container and heated my nectar collector in preparation. As someone who’s at times overly sensitive to concentrates, I took a tiny corner of the shatter to start myself off. I was wowed right off the get-go by the almost otherworldly purity and cleanliness conveyed to me by my first puff. No coughs, no congestion, just pure sweet shatter. To hell with being too high, I needed another dab of Big Bubba White Shatter in my mouth… Right now! Just as the little sheet of shatter had told me from its smell, this is what all other concentrates should aspire to. As expected the effects hit me like a ton if bricks (never take two dabs Jesse) and I had to sit out on the deck for a minute to gather myself. After watching a chicken peck around the yard for several minutes effects mellowed out and I was left with a very balanced (and as I would soon discover, long lasting) high that wasn’t quite indica feeling like I had expected.Big Bubba White Shatter-3 Big Bubba White Shatter instead instilled a unique combination of cerebral mixed with a touch of stoney. Parlaying the unique acumen of both sides of the cannabis spectrum, I decided that the best course of action was to start stripping down my garden plots in preparation for some spring planting. It might have been 20 minutes, might have been two hours, but regardless, I was covered in dirt and quite satisfied that my extremities were still relaxed and my mind, while not racing, was still quite present. I felt a unique combo of awareness mixed with a hint of fuzzy marijuana chill. As soon as I set down the hoe, I retreated inside to attain a cold glass of lemonade. I’ll tell you now, digging in the dirt stoned will make even the most boring store-bought lemonade taste like fricken mana from the heavens.

Overall ::

As the effects of Big Bubba White Shatter slowly wore off, I was nearly jubilant at the concept of a concentrate that didn’t upset my lungs like so many others do. The high is so perfectly balanced between sativa and indica and the experience is second to none thanks to the perfect entrapment of terpenes in this golden delicious shatter. While I’m not a daily dabber by any means, I can definitely see this being my go-to choice if I was a daily dabber. The combination is perfect for daily use. It didn’t upset my lungs, the effects (while potent) were balanced, the high was long lasting, and the muscle relaxation was a perfect attribute to balance out the deliciously cerebral components of the high. If you’re a daily dabber and have been in search of a balanced and long-lived hi