Blue Dream Caviar : Concentrate Review

Blue Dream Caviar : Concentrate Review
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I hate it when I’ve had one of those days. You know what it feels like to have “one of those days”. It seems like nothing can go right and everything that can go wrong does go wrong. I recently fell victim to this phenomenon only a few days ago. I woke up on what was supposed to be a pretty laid-back day of going on a review with a new writer. Things were set off to a bad start from a cat that has been refusing to use his litter pan for a week, a horse with a badly sprained leg, a broken ice maker, and a dead starter in my truck. The real cherry on top was when I got a call that my 96-year-old grandmother wasn’t doing well after she went in to have a surgery (I would later find this was to get a couple teeth pulled). Regardless I went through my day and then set off to see how things were going. Long story short, grandma was just having a bad reaction to pain meds (just another reason I wish she would try CBD just like what you can learn about at this CBD website). By the time Wednesday afternoon rolled around I was feeling the need to get exceptionally stoned. I had the perfect thing in my arsenal though produced by XG Platinum and crafted with product from The Station in Boulder, Colorado. If you’ve never smoked caviar or marijuana moon rocks before I’ll give you the quick version. You start with fresh buds, coat them in cannabis oil, and roll them around in keef. It’s pretty much the exact recipe to get ludicrously stoned and on this particular Wednesday, that’s exactly what I wanted to do. Throwing caution to the wind it was time for a daytime smoking session and a chance to let go of the relatively first world problems I was having.

If you need to blast away a bad day with some Blue Dream Caviar, you’re going to find it at The Station, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. The Station is Boulder’s premiere stop for cannabis smokers, where massive selection and classy aesthetics meet superior quality and value.

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Blue Dream Caviar :: Appearance | Smell:

I retrieved a couple little nuggets of Blue Dream Caviar from their jar andBlue Dream Caviar-1 plopped them out on the table before me. The nuggets of Blue Dream Moon Rocks are extremely dark colored from the heavy dousing of oil that was congealed throughout their core. While you could still clearly make out the shape of each individual nugget, they did look quite odd smattered with keef with jagged little-blackened protrusions sticking out every which way. I went in to take a whiff of Blue Dream Caviar and see what might be in store for my smoking session. The initial smell from Blue Dream Caviar is rather on the bitter side. The dark resinous core of the little nuggets is loaded with oil so dark and dank that this wasn’t a huge surprise after seeing what they looked like. Using an Exacto knife I sliced one of the nuggets in half to reveal a heart that’s as black as coal. Blue Dream Moon Rocks are some deep dark cannabis, and that’s exactly what I wanted to wick away the rut I felt like I was in from the last few days. I took a closer look at the knife I had cut the Blue Dream Caviar with and noticed that when the oil was removed from the core it was a fluorescent yellow color and just about some of the stickiest stuff in the world. Careful not to get any on my fingers (I knew it would be there for days if I did) I chopped up the nugget into a bunch of small chunks and decided with the oil content in these bad boys that I would be a fool to try to smoke them on their own. I chose instead to load a nice bed of ground weed for them to rest on before I immolated them for my amusement.

Blue Dream Caviar :: Smoke | Effect:

With a Blue Dream Caviar loaded bowl in hand, I knew it was time to go in for a puff or two. I struck a match and watched it burn for a moment before I went in for a test run. As soon as the flame hit the Blue Dream Moon Rock chunks on top of the bowl, they started to sizzle, bubble, and ooze into the nooks and crannies of the bowl below them (would not have worked well if I had loaded them straight into a pipe). As the bowl appeared to undulate I finished my first big hit and let out couple coughs. Blue Dream Caviar-2Holy crap, Blue Dream Caviar some potent stuff. The flavor was just about as deep and dark as any oil I’d ever burnt and a combination of dark pine flavors smashed with a dank resinous mouth feel that seemed to tell me “you done smoked some evil stuff”. By the time I had exhaled I already was feeling a very strong tingle behind my eyes and my head seemed to be rapidly gaining altitude. I sat back on the couch and watched the tiniest wisp of smoke trail up from the bowl before the oil below bubbled and extinguished itself. The tingle behind my eyes quickly evolved into a very, very potent cerebral high that was accompanied by a very mellow body high aspect that had me more than content to melt into the couch. I fired up a Mel Brooks movie on the television took one more puff of Blue Dream Caviar and spent the next hour and a half not caring about anything other than that couch and that television. It was truly a delightful afternoon escape from a few relatively trying days. The high from Blue Dream Caviar hit me as being a hybrid high which is what I expect from its core strain. While the most notable effects were all cerebral, the body high was still a prominent factor in the mix. The thing I would want to accentuate the most about Blue Dream Caviar is that it’s insanely potent but didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. In many ways, it was precisely what I needed to unwind and is a product I would be more than happy to endorse if someone I knew needed to men in black zap the last couple days from their memory.

Overall ::

Blue Dream Caviar is some, strong stuff and if you have a low tolerance like myself then I’d suggest starting off with a very small portion. The smoke itself is relatively harsh due to its high oil content, so expect that a cough or two may arise from your session. The flavors from Blue Dream Moon Rocks are equally as dark, this isn’t some sweet bubble gum strain this is a potent, oil doused, and trichome loaded amalgam of cannabis that is crafted to get you absurdly stoned (a job it does quite well I may add). So, if you’ve found yourself having one of those days or maybe you just have an extreme tolerance to marijuana, then you should look into grabbing some Blue Dream Caviar for yourself and see just how potent moon rocks can be.#JessetheGrove

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