Blue Dream Hash : Concentrate Review

Blue Dream Hash : Concentrate Review
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Oh, Hash. So much of the world nowadays is run on hash. Whether it’s hashtags, hash browns, or Blue Dream Ice Water Hash, hash is pretty cool, I must say. Now that marijuana legalization is a real thing, marijuana hash is no longer the stuff of college Jesse’s dreams and is in fact now a readily available potency enhancer for those of us out blue-dream-hash-1there that are looking to pack a little more oomph into our bowls of weed. I recently got ahold of some of the most amazing hash I’ve ever had the fortune of sampling; Blue Dream Hash. Not only is blue dream canada one of my all time favorite strains but when it’s produced into hash using an in-house ice water method, the results are pretty darn miraculous. Blue Dream is one of my favorite strains around due in part to the balanced sativa high that it instills. Blue Dream, while undeniably sativa dominant, still has enough indica character to it to induce an effect that’s never paranoia spawning, not couch locking, and always a good time. When concentrated into the form of golden crumbly ice water hash, the sensations are taken to the nth degree, and trust me when I say that’s a really good thing. Pardon my conceit, but I’m going to come right out and say, this is likely some of the best hash in the world.

Looking to experience a few sprinkles of this golden Blue Dream Hash on your next bowl? Get yourself over to Healing House, a recreational marijuana dispensary in Denver Colorado. What makes this Blue Dream Hash even more unique is that it’s produced in-house using Healing House’s 100% organic, non-GMO, and vegan growing process. This assures that your smoking only the cleanest concentrates, free of harsh pesticides and fertilizers that other dispensaries use. Check out some of their next level products today, you won’t be disappointed.

Now just because hash used to be tricky to get your hands on before legalization, doesn’t mean that I still didn’t have my fair share over the last decade. Call it dedication or simply an obsession to smoke the best cannabis products in town, but even back in college, I could usually get my hands on some hash when the occasion called for it. Trust me when I say, it wasn’t anything like the Blue Dream Hash. Blue Dream Ice Water Hash is a multi-micron hash that practically glows when you look at it in the light. The ting little yellow crumbles are just slightly sticky but are very manageable when you’re sprinkling them on the top of your favorite flower. Unable to wait any longer, I shoved my face into the little jar of hash to see what terpenes were in store for me. The initial whiff gave off a very dark and rich skunky aroma which wasn’t quite what I had expected. After a blue-dream-hash-3second nasal attack run, however, I started to detect some of the light and more citrusy notes that I’ve come to expect from products made from Blue Dream. As I kept on huffing the smells out of the little hash jar like a madman I detected very obvious notes of limonene with its tart zing and an unmistakable berry-like aroma that had persevered through the ice water extraction from the Blue Dream itself. This unmistakable berry scent was a welcome addition from Blue Dream’s Blueberry ancestry. Fully satisfied that I was about to smoke some of the best hash in town, I prepared myself for the next phase, empirical study!

I proceeded to load myself up an extra robust bowl of marijuana in one of my extra robust pipes. Next step was loading a comically large amount of Blue Dream Hash over the top of the bowl. After all, I wanted to only taste hash in my first hit. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re welcome. I’m always willing to take one for the team and load too much hash on my bowl, to assure I can convey to you the proper flavors and effects. Harsh job, I know. Hemp wick in hand I dove into my sample. The little crumbles on my bowl writhed and wiggled as they melted down over the cannabis beneath them and I was rewarded with a remarkably smooth hit of what I would like to think was 99% hash. The first thing that hit me was the strong flavors from the limonene I had detected earlier in the smelling phase. The tartness was a very amazing addition and went perfectly with the sweet mellowness that followed in the exhale. This is some really amazing hash. I went into my first hit expecting to cough up a veritable smoke storm but was left slowly exhaling the smoothest hash I’d ever partaken in. I sat back and waited for the fireworks. The effects of Blue Dream Hash were extremely similar to my past experiences with the strain blue-dream-hash-2itself. The sensations started behind my eyes and slowly started to creep over the rest of my body. The cerebral sensations were absolutely delightful and just like with Blue Dream the strain, I felt like I could easily mold the sensations of my high to fit the activities and the mood that I was in. This overall might be why I love Blue Dream so much. It’s a strain that you can parlay into a couch napping session or into a game of one-on-one at the basketball court. The high was amazing and shockingly not as fleeting as some other hashes I’ve had in the past that put you way up in the clouds only to have you falling back down to earth within minutes.

If you’re a hash aficionado, or if you’re simply a traveler looking for a way to add some extra pep in your step, then this Blue Dream Ice Water Hash is right for you. I would go so far as to say that this Blue Dream Hash is for everyone! With Blue Dream’s almost uncanny ability to negate paranoia and imbue the smoker with such a balanced high, I would recommend almost anyone give the hash a try. There you have it. Hash is a good thing regardless of its context. And while you won’t find me hashtagging anything anytime soon, I’m sure I’ll be enjoying more of this Blue Dream Ice Water Hash every chance I get. Now I just need to wrangle me some hash browns for these munchies.#JessetheGrove