Bootlegger Fire Water : Concentrate review

Bootlegger Fire Water : Concentrate review
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The first time I heard about CBD, was through Yours Nutrition online. Some parent was at their wits end because it was the only thing that seemed to help their sick child, but because it comes from marijuana, the state saw fit that the child suffer. Hooray, democracy!

I always thought that CBD was a miracle for some people, and I was happy that it was doing wonders for so many people, but I never thought it would have much of an effect on me, your run-of-the-mill stoner in his 20s that is in generally good health. I’m young and I don’t make noises when I stand up from a chair, what is Bootlegger Fire Water CBD going to do for a guy like me that just likes getting high? I think I’ll take to the petcbdcommunity and find out!

As it turns out, a whole bunch.

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Bootlegger Fire Water :: Appearance | Smell:

You don’t need to be on your death bed or in severe pain to enjoy the many great effects of CBD,Fire Water-3 especially in the case of Bootlegger’s CBD Fire Water, a concentrate that’s as tasty as its packaging is tasteful.
Your concentrate comes in a small glass jar with a handle that looks like it could be used for espresso later, or at least that’s what my girlfriend squealed when I brought home this CBD distillate. The jar contains a smaller jar that’s held in place by what appear to be some kind of hay-like straws. Everything fits perfectly into the backcountry bootlegger that these guys are going for. It all seems to work together nicely from an aesthetic point of view, and it seems like a decent amount of thought went into it. Bootlegger doesn’t seem to want to be another concentrate mill, they want to put together a brand. I like that.

The color of this stuff reminds me of lemonade, and maybe the citrusy smell is what triggers that reaction in my head. The smell is phenomenal. I haven’t found other distillates to have much of a scent, but Bootlegger’s Fire Water has a strong, sweet aroma. I found myself opening the jar and taking big whiffs even if I didn’t plan on dabbing it. While the scent is intoxicating in its own way, the CBD overload in this concentrate is a delight for muscle aches and headaches.

Bootlegger Fire Water :: Smoke | Effect:

Where I find this Bootlegger CBD Fire Water Distillate excels most is perhaps in the flavor. In just about every other CBD concentrate I’ve dabbed, I’ve noticed a flavor that has some combination of cherry and black licorice. It’s distinct to CBD, so I just assumed everything was going to taste like that. This distillate is quite different. Like its smell, I get a lot more citrus and pine flavor than just about anything else I’ve tried. The flavor upon exhaling is really pleasant, and I didn’t have too many coughing fits when dabbing it out of my rig and dab straw.

Perhaps the best thing about this distillate is how quickly the CBD rushes Fire Water-2through you. I can feel it in my fingertips, the blast of relaxation that seems to buzz through your veins. You don’t feel stoned, at least not in the same way that a THC-loaded weed or concentrate would. Mary’s Fire Water almost seems to provide the feeling you get after doing some yoga, the relaxing kind, not the masochistic kind that forces you to bend in unnatural, inhumane ways.
CBD relaxes me in way that feels very different from the heavy high you get from an indica. This feels like a much subtler form of relaxation, not just a zombifying of one’s brain and the deflating of one’s body. CBD is a warm blanket. As corny as that may sound, I suggest you take a couple dabs of this Bootlegger Fire Water and tell me your insides weren’t given a nice big hug.

With just over 20mg of THC per gram of distillate, there is very little psychoactive effect that I could notice. This makes it an excellent option for people that aren’t all that interested in getting stoned. CBD is a magical medicine for the right user, and many of those users can be high all the time. They need that relief, but getting high isn’t always a good option… or at least that’s what I’m told by various loved ones and mental health professionals.

Although I didn’t feel tired or put out by these dabs, I can tell you that I slept like a drunk uncle after Thanksgiving on the nights I was puffing this distillate. This means that I was able to take a dab or two during the day without feeling slowed down. I’m pretty sure I can’t legally tell you it’s cool to operate heavy machinery after you use this stuff (don’t, by the way), but I can tell you that this provided an excellent sensation of relief without clouding up my thoughts.


With over 650mg of CBD in a gram of distillate, there’s plenty of value Fire Water-1in these little jars, even with the somewhat high price tag of $60 in some shops around Denver. If you’re often in the market for high-CBD extracts and edibles, you know that you’re going to have to pay a bit of a premium to get your medicine. Due to CBD’s resource intensive growing and extraction processes, this is an unfortunate reality for the people that can benefit most from a distillate like this.
I would still say that people are getting their money’s worth if they make this investment in a somewhat high-priced CBD concentrate. Bootlegger has packed a ton of CBD into this distillate, and they did so without sacrificing much in the way of flavor. By reintroducing terpenes back into the distillate later in their process, they’ve achieved a great deal of effect, while providing a pleasant exhale with every dab.

The consistency of this distillate makes it fine choice for dabbers on the go that carry their vape pens everywhere they go. Boot Legger’s CBD Fire Water distillate is without a doubt an excellent option for people on the search for instant CBD satisfaction. Few cannabis products will be able to provide such quick relief while maintaining excellent flavor.