Can You Get Medical Marijuana Without a Card in Colorado?

Can You Get Medical Marijuana Without a Card in Colorado?
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Okay, I admit it: the title is a bit disingenuous. As we know, marijuana plants that have been specifically tagged for medical use are only available to patients with valid Colorado issued medical cards (red cards, or purple cards more recently). However, this is a topic that is brought up all the time around the Dope Directory office, as well as in virtually every dispensary I have visited. There’s a number of reasons why people would not have their medical card, but still want medical marijuana. Primarily, patients could be suffering from a chronic ailment that is not on Colorado’s list of approved medical conditions for medical marijuana (diabetes, for instance). Perhaps they want to keep off the registry, for fear of reprucussions that could occur in their fields of employment (though that would be breaking several HIPPA regulations). Most commonly, patients with severe medical issues who do not live in Colorado are not eligible for medical marijuana cards. What are BotanaCare Northglenn
you to do then?

Now, even though there are several extreme benefits to having your medical card if you qualify for one, we were in search of answering that question that kept coming to us: if you don’t want a medical marijuana card, or can’t get one, what options do you have for cannabis therapy? That brought me back to one of my favorite dispensaries in Colorado: BotanaCare, a medical and recreational dispensary in Northglenn, Colorado. As I’ve said several times when writing about them, while you might not be given access to the products and prices specific to Red Card holders, the experience at BotanaCare is truly as close as you can get.
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BotanaCare has now become B Good North. Come check out the brand new B Good North in Northglenn, Colorado. While the name may be different, the entire floor staff is still there to help you with your cannabis needs. If you’ve also become a fan of the products that BotanaCare grew, never fear, the same growers and the same products will still be available to all of the B Good North Customers and patients. If you’re new to the dispensary scene, and have been looking for a laid back yet classy location to purchase superior cannabis products, then you’ve found your spot.


When given the task of finding medical marijuana without a card in Colorado, I instantly thought of Robin, the founder and owner of BotanaCare, because they’re the home to the largest live-patient study on the effects of cannabis in the world – and take it from me; I’m not sure there’s anyone in the state with as much knowledge of the medical benefits of marijuana as Robin. So, an owner who knows about the product she sells? So what? It BotanaCare Northglennhas to do with how BotanaCare operates. As I’ve reported on in the past, BotanaCare has expanded their recreational operation, allowing them to see more consumers than ever. This means, more varieties of plants, more diverse product selection, and finally, more demand for educated staff.

Think of it this way: BotanaCare does not call their sales people “bud tenders,” even if that’s the legal word used by the state of Colorado. No, they’re referred to as “Cannabis Advisers.” In order to even work for Robin, you need to prove your knowledge of the endocannabinoid system, as well as the cannabinoids present in cannabis. To work there, you need to understand how the research done at BotanaCare and throughout the medical marijuana community has impacted people on a personal level. Above all else, they realize that there are many times that you can’t get a medical marijuana card, for one reason or another, but still want to experience the healing power of cannabis. I’m not saying that these people are giving medical opinions, in that they are in no way medically trained. But,BotanaCare Northglenn they are giving advice based on the actual research done by Robin, and are recommending methods of dosage and treatment based on that research. Who said pot smokers aren’t smart?

Above all else, the selection at BotanaCare allows for a person without a medical marijuana card to have access to products that are not necessarily common at other recreational dispensaries in Denver. “I will not stock anything in my store that hasn’t been tested and proven effective,” Robin boasts. Okay, fair enough, but with so much selection in Colorado, surely dollars could be spent elsewhere, right? Well, realizing that the competition in Colorado (Northglenn in particular) is fierce, the dispensary has a weekly manager special for recreational consumers. That means, every single week, Derrick and Sara, the store managers, will select an item or two, and discount the crap out of it. Tincturebelle 100mg edibles for $10 recreationally? You can’t beat that, folks. Furthermore, several in-demand products, such as CBD oil, high CBD tinctures with very little psychoactivity from THC, are available on the recreational side at BotanaCare. “Getting someone high is easy,” Robin told me on my very first visit to BotanaCare back in September, “We could get you high with our eyes closed, and our hands tied behind our back. The medical qualities of cannabis are what we’re looking for.” And it’s that mentality, that commitment to helping people out, even if they are retail consumers, that shows why BotanaCare is a medical marijuana haven, even if you’re shopping without a card.


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