Candy Cough Shatter : Concentrate Review

Candy Cough Shatter : Concentrate Review
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Chip off the old block. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Like father, like son. Or more appropriately, like mother, like daughter… or should that be like mother, like clone? In the family tree of cannabis, the progeny of any given strain will inherently show the traits of its parents in smell, flavor, and effects. When it comes to getting to know Candy Cough, first you need to sit down and have a chat with her parents, Strawberry Cough and Candy Kush. Strawberry Cough has a somewhat ambiguous lineage, and while many say it’s a combination of Strawberry Fields and Haze, a decent percentage of the Strawberry Cough harvests actually owe their creation to the combination of the Swiss strain, Eldbeer, and an unknown Indica strain. The end result is a predominantly Sativa offspring, with a sweet taste and cerebral high. If Strawberry Cough was a person, its questionable heritage would make for a rousing episode of Jerry Springer. The genetics of CandyCandy Cough Kush on the other hand, are well known as the combination of the indica strain OG Kush and the sativa strain Trainwreck. Candy Kush (as you would assume from the name) is a sweet strain that is most often considered to be a hybrid. Despite Strawberry Cough’s nebulous heritage, when you get it together with Candy Kush, all you can do is sit back and watch the sparks fly. Candy Cough is born, bringing together the best traits of both of its parents to create an extremely sweet and flavorful strain with a real sativa wallop. After a run through Native Root’s n-butane extraction process, you’re left with a shatter so sweet, so crisp, and so clean, you simply won’t be able to get enough of it.

The only place in town that I know has Candy Cough shatter is Wellness Center of the Rockies. Native Roots blasts the Candy Cough buds from Wellness Center of the Rockies grow. This shatter is simply some of the best I’ve ever had. If you’re a medical patient or a recreational user, I highly recommend swinging by Wellness Center of the Rockies and trying some of their concentrates and phenomenal buds today.

Candy Cough Shatter :: Appearance | Smell:

This was the first shatter I’ve sampled from Wellness Center of the Rockies. I already know that their buds are absolutely spectacular, so I could only assume that the shatter produced with those buds would be equally as inspiringCandy Cough. You know the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words;” when it comes to trying to explain the fabulous clarity of this shatter, my words will never do it justice. Simply put, you can’t find any shatter that is clearer or more mouthwatering than Candy Cough. When you pass a sample of Candy Cough by your sniffer, you won’t be disappointed. This shatter was so masterfully grown and blasted that all of its tasty terpenes are still intact, providing a sumptuous sweet smell that is both mellow and smooth.

Candy Cough Shatter :: Smoke | Effect:

Time for the best part. I loaded up a small strip of Candy Cough on my pick and put my little dab rig to work. The terpenes did their job, and as the shatter evaporated into a smooth silky smoke, the flavor of sweet fresh pine entered my mouth. The sweetness overwhelmed the initial piney taste, and when all was said and done, I was left standing with my eyes closed, savoring the sweet syrupy smoke on my tongue. As is to be expected from a sativa dominant shatter, it wasn’t long before my body was charged with energy, and my mind was lost in a torrent of random thoughts. No squinty eyes here, and all I wanted to do was get outside and move around. Despite my desire to move around outside, Colorado didn’t feel like acquiescing, and the rain kept coming down, leaving me hyper and stuck inside. After the initial high started to wear down, some of the indica traits, still present in the strain, started to kick in, evidenced by numb jelly-like appendages. While my mind still raced, and my arms and legs turned to goo, I found myself mindlessly playing around with Photoshop on my computer, trying to make a picture of Denver look like it was being attacked by a macro-sized version of my cat. As the Candy Coughhigh went on I never found myself stricken with munchies, or paranoia. Really this shatter is a prefect uplifting high, a testament to the amazing crop over at Wellness Center of the Rockies.


Keep in mind when you’re going to try out a dab of Candy Cough shatter, that this strain is a real upper. If you want to enjoy an evening of sitting on the couch and catching up on Game of Thrones, this isn’t the right strain for you. If however, you want to go outside and play badminton, then look no further. Candy Cough is an undeniably sativa-dominant strain that will have your mind racing to keep up with your body. I can see some people being able to sit down and create (kerplow!) with this strain, since it is extremely cerebral. I, on the other hand, cannot fathom sitting when I so desperately needed to be outdoors. The appearance, smell, taste, and effect of this shatter makes it one of my all-time favorites. If you’re looking for a flavor-packed evening of sativa-based hijinks, Candy Cough shatter is the concentrate for you. Regardless of her life as a clone, Candy Cough has pretty good family tree, eh?