Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax : Concentrate Review

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax : Concentrate Review
Concentrate Review Marijuana Concentrates Wax

The reports are in, and it’s official. Pennsylvania is the 24th state to legalize medicinal cannabis. Number 24 is getting tantalizingly close to making medical marijuana legal in more than half of the states in the US. Many have viewed the halfway legalization point as being a potential turning point for federal laws, which still view weed as being as harmful as heroin. Regardless of where the crusade for legal cannabis will take us, in the meantime, Colorful Colorado has all your cannabis needs met with concentrates, edibles, and leaf galore. My most recent dalliance with marijuana was with a batch of Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax. To know the concentrate, one must know the genetics. In this case, the ancestry is pretty straight forward, with the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sugar Waxgenetic parents of Chocolate Covered Strawberries being Chocolate Diesel and Strawberry cough. Chocolate Diesel, as you may have well assumed, is half Sour Diesel. The other half is commonly known as being Chocolate Thai, but as is the case with most genetics, there is no written laws on what you can name a strain, so depending on where you go the “chocolate” in Chocolate Diesel could come from Chocolate Fondue, Chocolate Haze, or maybe even Chocolate Rain. Don’t worry, for as convoluted the genetics for Chocolate D may be, Strawberry Cough, is much more so. With over a half dozen recognized genetics out there for Strawberry Cough, the one thing that can be agreed upon (or not) is that it’s a sativa (or an indica), it’s a child strain of Haze (or Strawberry Fields, or Erdbeer), and that it’s amazing. Well at least it can be agreed upon, that it’s amazing. No matter how much of a mixed up childhood Chocolate Covered Strawberries may have had, one thing is for certain, after a nice blasting, Chocolate Covered Strawberries makes some phenomenal sugar wax with an uplifting sativa high.

Hightail your way up to Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge, Colorado as soon as you can so you can get a taste of Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax. Chronic Creations brand new concentrates are not only some of the tastiest in town, but also some of the purest around. Whether it’s just a result of brand new equipment or a group of blasters who know exactly what they’re doing, the concentrates I’ve sampled from Chronic Creations have some of the best terpanoid characteristics I’ve ever experienced. Along with tasting and smelling absolutely phenomenal, they are also among the purest looking I’ve ever seen, from shimmering translucent shatter to extra buttery Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax :: Appearance | Smell:

I started my Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax adventure the way all good adventures start – with my eyes and my nose. Off initial inspection, everything seemed to be in order. I looked down to see sugary pale gold blobs of extra sticky wax-like cannabis concentrate trying their damnedest to adhere to the silicon lined container. A couple pokes, probes, and prods with my dabbing tool, and I could see that Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax is so sticky andChocolate Covered Strawberry Sugar Wax smooth, I wouldn’t be surprised if it melted into a puddle at room temperature. Unlike many concentrates where you really have to dig your nose in to get some smells, Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax was already releasing some extremely powerful scents while I was holding it. In a homage to the growers and the blasters, I must say that rarely have I ever experienced this kind of terpanoid content from an extract before. The initial smell is extremely sweet. When I took a little more time to really take in the odor, I pick up a delightful note that I can’t really quite place as lemon, so I’ll take the easy out and call it a citrus aroma. After digging my nose in deeper, I discovered a scent that I didn’t expect to find – banana. While nothing banana-themed showed up in the genetics for Chocolate Covered Strawberries, in my mind the smell was unmistakable. Regardless of if I’m going bananas or not, the smell was very pleasant, and I was left with only one options, dab that wax!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax :: Smoke | Effect:

Playing no games, I whipped out my full size triple-percolated-titanium-nail-equipped dab rig to have at the wax. Grabbing an extra-large dollop of sugary goodness, I laid some fire down on my nail and prepared to make myself useless for the rest of the day. To say that Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax is smooth, light, and crisp would be a vast understatement. I’m used to hacking up my left lung every time I smoke any concentrates, but that was not the case with this wax. While none of the alluring banana notes transferred from smell to taste, the one scent that did make the leap was the sweetness. The flavor seemed to almost coat my tongue in the same way that a lollipop or hard candy does. Overall the smoking phase was a very pleasant experience, and it wasn’t long before the effects kicked in. As I often find myself doing, I set aside a few chores and a few video games, ready to go after my smoking session; after all, I’ve still been on the lookout for the strain that will make me actually clean the entire house. As with most sativas, I felt inspired and enthusiastic at first, fading into the desire to do anything but dishes after the first fifteen minutes. Placating my stoned psyche, I forwent the chores portion of my test run and moved right on to the games. After another fifteen minutes I was feeling quite giggly and hyper. Having taken a rather beefy dab, it was almost two hours later before I was Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sugar Waxreally starting to feel down to earth again. Much to my dismay, I didn’t clean the entire house, but there was a silver lining – I didn’t raid my refrigerator. After my delightful session, there was really only one logical course of action – take another dab!

Overall ::

Honestly, there isn’t much more I can say about Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax, other than it looks good enough to eat, has a phenomenal smoke, and an electrifying (sadly not productive) high. Even though you may not be able to enjoy any Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax in your home state, take solace in the fact that the times are changing. While it might seem like federal legalization is many years away – it probably is. Don’t let this discourage you, as long as advocacy groups continue their march backed by science, compassion, and a touch of marketing savviness, it’s only a matter of time before the bans are lifted and the cannabis will flow. Until then, if you’re a local, rejoice with a batch of Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sugar Wax, and if not, Colorado is conveniently located right in the middle of the country for easy access.#JessetheGrove



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