Cinderella’s Dream Wax : Concentrate Review

Cinderella’s Dream Wax : Concentrate Review
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I shan’t lie, I’ve smoked my fair share of wax, shatter, flake, budder, hash, kief, and pretty much any other concentrate you can think of. I’ve had good, I’ve had bad, and I’ve had everything in-between. The simple formula for great concentrates has two steps. One, grow amazing cannabis, and two, have an amazing extraction company make your concentrates. While there are a number of different concentrate companies out there, few people realize just how difficult the process actually is, aCinderella's Dreamnd beyond that how difficult it is to work through the paperwork to produce it legally. When time and effort are put forth, it’s a thing of beauty when a perfectly golden batch of wax or shatter gets blasted. I love exploring new strains and new concentrates, but one of the most exciting experiences is getting to try out products from a new extractor. Chronic Creations is the new concentrate company spawned from Chronic Therapy. While the initial batches have been flying off the shelf, I was in just in time to snag a gram of Cinderella’s Dream Wax. Cinderella’s Dream is a sativa strain that is created by mixing two of my all-time favorites, Cinderella 99 and Blue Dream. Cinderella 99, or simply Cindy 99, is a phenomenal sativa strain which has always instilled a bit of hyper in me when I smoke it. Blue Dream is a hybrid strain that has one of the best combined sativa and indica effects I’ve ever experienced. When you get them together as Cinderella’s Dream and blast them into an 78.5% THC-A amalgam, let’s just face it, you’re going to have a good time.

Chronic Creations brand new concentrates are not only some of the tastiest in town, but also some of the purest around. The state mandates that any concentrates sold must contain below a certain level of microbial and particulate matter to be sold legally; the number is set at 800 PPM (parts per million) or lower. Proudly stamped on the back of my Cinderella’s Dream Wax is the test result, reading 0.0 PPM. In other words, there is no butane left from the extraction process and no foreign bodies in these concentrates, they are simply pure unadulterated marijuana goodness. Hightail your way up to Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge, Colorado as soon as you can and get a taste of these next level concentrates.

Cinderella’s Dream Wax :: Appearance | Smell:

I picked up my sample of Cinderella’s Dream Wax and brought it home without even taking a peek. When I was home and did eventually open it up, it was a pretty jaw-dropping experience. A perfect little square of light yellow and super sugary looking wax awaited inside. This little square is one of the prettiest little blocks of wax I think I’ve ever seen. While still clearly granular when you look up close, the surface is sleek and smooth, simply clean THC just begging to be dabbed, sprinkled on a bowl, or maybe just baked into cookies. As I stared down at the beautiful littlCinderella's Dreame cube, something entirely unexpected happened – I could actually smell it from a good foot away. For those of you who may not know, the extraction process very often is extremely damaging to the terpanoid content in cannabis. Terpenes are what are responsible for the smell and flavor in cannabis, and can be extremely fragile compounds when exposed to most extraction processes. I don’t know what kind of voodoo the folks over at Chronic Creations performed to keep the smells so intact, but all those late night goat sacrifices paid off. Cinderella’s Dream Wax, has the freshest pinion scent I’ve ever experienced from a concentrate, hands down. I’ve even smelled a fair share of live resins that don’t hold a candle to the sweet pine odor from Cinderella’s Dream Wax. I really want you to be able to smell this through your screen, but alas, until the advent of smell-o-vision, you’re going to need to take my word for it – better yet, go get some for yourself.

Cinderella’s Dream Wax :: Smoke | Effect:

As expected, when I took a tiny dab of Cinderella’s Dream Wax, the terpenes did their magic and the sweet pine flavor simply took me over. I personally love anything that is pine-scented, and after a long slow exhale, I felt like I might have been up in the mountains after a hail storm. Savoring the flavor a bit longer, I sat down for a while to let that pure extracted cannabis goodness to do its magic. Even though I really wanted another taste of pine, I resisted the temptation, and good thing too; Cinderella’s Dream Wax is not for the faint of heart, or those with low tolerances. This is a mind-blistering sativa extract. I immediately felt energetic, aware, and starkly cognizant, despite the fact that I knew I was mind numbingly high. I was giggly, I was loopy, I wanted to play golf, I wanted to fly a kite, and I wanted to write an opera – even though I can’t read sheet music. Cinderella’s Dream had me wanting to do something, and the best part of all, I found that anything was enough to settle my “doing” desire. I baked Cinderella's Dreamgingerbread cookies and I hung Christmas lights and it was amazing. With a high this phenomenal, I know I would have had fun doing just about anything, with an emphasis on the “doing” aspect.

Overall ::

Cinderella’s Dream Wax is just an amazing wax, and will go down in my book as the best wax I’ve ever had to date, and that’s really saying something. Just know what you’re getting yourself into if you do want to partake in a little bit of Cinderella’s Dream. Although all concentrates are powerful, I can’t help but feel that the specific genetics in this one give it an extra bit of oomph that other waxes may be lacking. I want to make an air freshener out of this wax, I want to shout out to the world about its glorious flavor, and I want to sprinkle a pinch of it on every bowl I smoke from now on. Even though it may seem like a dream to enjoy a