Concentrate Review : Lime Haze Bubble Hash

Concentrate Review : Lime Haze Bubble Hash
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Lime Haze Bubble Hash

Ah, concentrates. There is absolutely no more efficient way to go from a zero to a six or seven (or higher!) in minutes. Perhaps that’s why they’re so insanely popular in Colorado. More and more, recreational users in Colorado are buying concentrates, as the past year has been the first time that waxes, shatters, and hash has been so widely available. Many users from out of state have never seen or used THC concentrates in their life. However, medical users have had a bit more time to learn about the varying and fascinating world of marijuana concentrates. I picked up an interesting hash from RiNo Supply Co. in Denver: their Lime Haze bubble hash, produced by Epic Extracts.

  • Appearance: Bubble hash might be the most well-known concentrate, as the art of hashish making has been around for hundreds of years, with its modern popularity brought on largely by Bohemians in the 1960s. RiNo’s Lime Haze bubble hash was produced by Epic Extracts, a concentrate, extraction, and infusion company out of RiNo Supply Co. DenverDenver, Colorado. According to the little child-proof container the hash came in, this was “full-melt, 70micron” bubble hash, Lime Haze. For anyone who doesn’t know, anywhere between 70-75 micron screens will typically produce either full-melt, or more commonly, partial melt hash. I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to “full-melt” claims, because a lot of concentrates that claim to be full melt are not even close. Anyway,  I am a pretty big fan of Lime Haze as a strain. It’s 100% sativa, with a rich, citrusy smell, akin to key lime pie. The hash has been broken up into  a fine, almost powdery consistency. Opening the jar releases a very interesting waxy, sweet smell. Surprisingly, a lot of the sweetness and citrus notes of the smell were preserved in the bubble hash. It’s a beautiful blond color, with small speckles that gradient to a dark almond color. Squeezing the little amounts together, I was able to make a small disc of the bubble hash, but it was very crumbly and unstable. It might have been a tad bit too dry for this, but I wanted to smoke the bubble hash by itself.
  • Taste/Smoke: The budtender that I worked with at RiNo recommended that I smoke their bubble hash over a bowl, but it was full-melt, so it could be smoked in other methods. First, I tried sprinkling it over a bowl of RiNo’s Nookie. The hash bubbled, and then melted fully into the flower. Despite mostly tasting the strong flavors from the flower, there was that unmistakable sweet flavor of hashish. Again, surprisingly, some of the citrus flavors carried over into the smoke, which was sweet and pleasurable. It’s certainly not the smoothest way to take a hit: I coughed for a solid five minutes after my initial hit, and RiNo Supply Company Denveradjusted my hit size accordingly. Next, confident this was indeed full-melt hash, I smoked a small disc of this by itself. I was able to taste the citrus notes more fully. The smoke was expansive and harsh, but flavorful and potent. I did have a little difficultly getting a compacted disc of the stuff, so I can understand why it’s recommended to be smoked over flower, but I really enjoyed the flavor from just the hash a lot more than with flower.
  • Effect: As a 100% sativa, I was expecting a racy, strong cerebral high, and this strain didn’t disappoint. For me, pure sativas sometimes cause a very strong and very real paranoia, but I did not feel that with this strain. The high was very clear-headed, but very energetic. I’m glad I smoked this on a Saturday morning, rather than a Saturday night, because it is certainly a get-up-and-go strain. I would not say it was necessarily racy, but it was definitely stimulating. I would say, for me, this is a great “let’s clean the house and then write some sweet sci-fi short stories” experiential hash.
  • Overall: While the smoke was thick and harsh, I was very satisfied with way this hash fully melted into liquid, as advertised. The flavor and aroma is where this bubble hash excels, however. The effect would be ideal for someone wanting some mental stimulation and energy during the waking hours.


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