Critical Mass Rosin : Concentrate Review

Critical Mass Rosin : Concentrate Review
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Sometimes in life the most prudent option is to return back to basics. In the case of marijuana, and to add in a little pun-factor, I’d call it going back to your roots. It’s just a fact that the world of cannabis genetics has become a indiscernibly tangled skein of mixed breeding and naming and sometimes it’s refreshing to take a step back and sample a strain that still knows who its parents are. This back-to-basics feel is exactly what was in store for me when I sampled a batch of Critical Mass Rosin. For any who aren’t privy to the knowledge of what rosin is, rosin is created using a solvent-less process which precludes the possibility that there will ever be any residual butane, propane, or hexane left in your concentrate. Back on the topic of Critical Mass Rosin-3genetics, you may ask, “what makes Critical Mass such a back to basics strain?” To put it plainly, all of the grandparent strains of Critical Mass are original landrace strains. This means that they are all considered to be the original antecedent strains to all other strains that you can find on the shelf. The genetic make-up of these landrace strains is usually considered to be either 100% indica or 100% sativa. These are two major distinct groups for budding cannabis. A lot of people debate which one is better, indica vs sativa; but it’s all up to personal opinion and what you want to get from it. Critical Mass has two parent strains Afghani and Skunk #1. Afghani is only one step away from the original Afghanistan indica, making it just about as close to pure indica as you can get. Skunk #1 has a little more complexity to it, with three separate parents. While there are literally dozens of different versions of Skunk #1, they all share the same landrace parents Colombia sativa, Mexico sativa, and Afghanistan indica. Since they all share the same parent strains, it’s easy to wonder why there are so many genetic listings for Skunk #1. The answer is simple; over the years, so many breeders have created so many variations by self-pollinating Skunk #1 with itself that the resulting child strains have completely different cannabinoid contents. One thing is undeniable; Skunk #1 is a sativa dominant strain that packs a punch and brings all the skunkiness to the party. After looking at the old school sativa and indica ancestry behind Critical Mass, it only makes sense that it’s a 50/50 hybrid strain. Throw it through the extraction process and you’re left with Critical Mass Rosin, a concentrate with a hybrid heart that will have you up, down, and all around.

If you want to try out some Critical Mass Rosin for yourself, chances are you’ll only find it at Healing House in Denver, Colorado. With down to earth genetics and a solvent-less extraction process, what could possibly make Critical Mass Rosin any better? Two words: nug-run. This means that unlike most extracts, which use either shake or trim to produce the final product, Critical Mass Rosin is made right from Healing House’s own organic marijuana buds. This is very noteworthy since nug-runs will always produce better tasting concentrates since there are oodles of terpenoids thrown into the mix when you use full buds. You can snag a gram of Critical Mass Rosin for $60, which for an organic, vegan, nug-run, solvent-less, and in-house blasted extract is a steal.

Critical Mass Rosin :: Appearance | Smell:

I started my adventure by liberating my Critical Mass Rosin from the fridge. On first glance, it looks pretty much identical to many of the shatters that I’ve had in the past. The real differences are a silkier sheen and the ability to stick to your fingers just by looking at it. In other words, do yourself a favor and if possible keep your Critical Mass Rosin cool so you don’t end up with a sticky mess. The thin sheet of rosin itself has is pale Critical Mass Rosin-1yellowish-green in hue, is fairly translucent, and is nearly devoid of any air bubbles. The intense smells imparted from a nug-run extraction process were all there. The winning parent strain in the smell category was definitely the Skunk #1. The skunky odor is so strong that I could even get a whiff of it from the outside of its sealed tamper-resistant jar, which for an extract is a very impressive feat. Skunk smells aside, there was a delightful sweet odor that can’t necessarily be attributed to any ancestral strain, but it was still a most welcome visitor to the olfactory party going on in my nose.

Critical Mass Rosin :: Smoke | Effect:

Sample time finally came and, like any time I’m trying a concentrate, I made sure I wouldn’t have to do much for the rest of the day. With pizza in the freezer, reruns on the TV, and dab rig on the table my journey was prepared. I loaded a rather large dab and started the heating process. I dropped my dab in and let the magic flavors hit me. For starters, Critical Mass Rosin is smooth, I mean eerily smooth. All I was left with after my dab was a sweet floral taste and a flavor that I can only equate to melon. Maybe I’m just crazy, but honeydew was the first flavor that came to my mind. Some highs are creeping, some highs are fast, some highs hit you before you even inhale; Critical Mass Rosin was the latter. I was hit instantly by the effects and wentCritical Mass Rosin-4 from complete sobriety to “infomercials are funny” high in seconds. While I was undeniably mega-stoned, I’ll add that I didn’t ever feel paranoid or overwhelmed by the effects. I credit this to the balance of sativa and indica in the strain. I did feel my heart racing right after my hit but when smoking concentrates a little bit of crazy energy is just par for the course. Surrendering to the high, I decided to ignore the pre-planned couch activities that I had lined up and instead went outside to enjoy some spring weather. I found myself giggling at things as mundane as tree bark, and laughing hysterically every time I heard my turkey gobbling out in the pasture. I sat down in the grass and played some Scrabble on my phone, enjoying a perfect mix of exuberance and lethargy. After an indiscriminate amount of time, the pizza called to me and I returned inside to mellow out for the rest of my session. I never felt overly drowsy and I never felt uncomfortably hyper, but the sativa effects did seem to outweigh that of the indica effects. After another hour or so, and a hearty portion of extra cheesy pizza I was left looking out the window at the sunset, debating whether or not, I should go for another dab.

Overall ::

Critical Mass Rosin is one of the fastestCritical Mass Rosin-2 hitting concentrates I’ve ever sampled. It may hit fast but it was more gentle than some of the sativa-only extracts I’ve encountered. For me the sativa effects really were the highlight, and while there was certainly a body high factor to the strain, most of my sensations were cerebral. I would peg Critical Mass Rosin as being an ideal for a daytime smoking experience. The indica side of the spectrum did provide enough of a body high that Critical Mass Rosin could be a decent choice for daytime pain management as well. I think it’s absolute best use would be for enjoying your day and putting a smile on your face even when you’re feeling down. I have no doubt that Critical Mass Rosin can make you smile anywhere you smoke it, but I would wager that it works best when you’re outside enjoying some fresh Colorado air and partaking in some form of outdoor activity. Critical Mass as a strain is proof that going back to basics can yield some amazing results. After a well-orchestrated extraction process, the rosin that it produces is second to none. If you need to find your smile, go grab some Critical Mass Rosin for yourself, and after one dab you’ll see that smile was only hiding behind a frown.#JessetheGrove




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