Emerald Fields Concentrates

Emerald Fields Concentrates
Emerald Fields Marijuana Concentrates
I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m a little bit of a traditionalist when it comes to my marijuana smoking. My top picks when it comes time to smoke are always either flower, hash, or kief. Pretty much anything that I can pack in a bowl that is ready to burn. That doesn’t mean that I always limit myself to only the traditional methods of cannabis consumption. As the world of marijuana concentrates and marijuana extracts grows I find myself more and more drawn to some of the limey, tangy, and zesty terpenoid flavors that they can offer. I know it’s not just me, the entire country is going crazy for concentrates right now. Honestly what’s not to like? there’s much less tar than smoking actual flower, the effects are much stronger (for those out there that have a tolerance), and the flavors and smells are out of this world. The plethora of yummy tastes in concentrates are thanks to modern marijuana extraction processes that can preserve the natural terpenes from the original strain used in the process. Over the last few years, I’ve seen dispensaries go from carrying one or two different types of concentrates on the shelves up to nearly a dozen at most locations I visit. This number of concentrates still pales in comparison to the selection that I’ve seen at Emerald Fields. Both Emerald Fields locations in Manitou Springs and Glendale Colorado have an unrivaled selection of concentrates to choose from. When it comes to dispensaries, I’ve been around, and let me tell you when I say, “I’m impressed by a selection of marijuanaconcentrates,” I’m not kidding.

Marijuana Concentrates at Emerald Fields

Selection is the first thing that sets Emerald Fields apart from any of its competitors. When I most recently visited Emerald Fields in Glendale I was told that the selection of concentrates was running low. Apparently for Emerald Fields “running low” still entailed having 60-70 different types of marijuana extracts on the shelf. This selection includes multiple types of wax, shatter, rosin, live resin, budder, distillate, hash, caviar (or moon rocks), CO2 oil, sugar wax, and vape pen cartridges. Emerald Fields Concentrates-1Emerald Fields also draws from various industry providers for their concentrates so you can expect to find some of the greatest products from Green Dot, Quest, Wonder Leaf, Boulder Extracts, Cannabis Maximus, Craft, and 710 Labs (Craft and 710 Labs are actually in the process of merging). If you are a fan of Dabbing or like to vape in general then you need to check out Emerald Fields concentrate display. Both the Glendale and the Manitou Springs locations have one of these classy stands and you won’t be disappointed at the selection. If you are new to vaping or dabbing don’t be afraid to ask one of the budtenders for some advice on which type of concentrate would best suit you. With a selection this large it means that Emerald Fields carries diverse types of concentrates including CBD-rich and strain-specific varieties. Their selection of cartridges was particularly impressive, not just for its diversity, but for another reason I will explain shortly.
Most concentrates you see on the shelf are produced using butane. When done correctly the level of residual butane inside the concentrates is minuscule. All concentrates at Emerald Fields are required to undergo third party lab testing to affirm their purity. Another popular method of extraction, which doesn’t use any solvents, is CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction produces remarkably clean concentrates but has a tendency to destroy the natural terpenes and flavors from the original plant unless the process is perfectly orchestrated.

Marijuana Vape Pens at Emerald Fields

In general, both mainstream processes produce very safe concentrates with minimal residual particulates. Things get a little iffy when you start to enter the world of marijuana vape pens. While some pens use pure CO2 extracted concentrates most people don’t realize that the viscosity is often insufficient for vaping inside the majority of disposable cartridges. Emerald Fields Concentrates-3While pure CO2 extracts may be perfect for dabbing or putting into a vaporizer, disposable cartridges are much more temperamental and require a smoother consistency to work properly. This is where an industry notorious substance, propylene glycol, comes into the mix. While I’m sure entire dissertations could be written about the potentially harmful side effects of this substance, I’ll try to sum up the basics concisely. There is very little research on propylene glycols effects when daily consumption is involved. While on its own, it’s a relatively benign synthesized sugar used in many food products there is a big difference between exposing your gastrointestinal tract to something and vaporizing it and exposing your lungs to it. Even though the research is still insufficient to declare propylene glycol is definitively harmful, some dispensaries are taking proactive steps to remove this substance from their shelves. This is what makes the vape pen cartridges at Emerald Fields so unique, none of them contain propylene glycol. Emerald Fields’s ownership has intentionally avoided stocking concentrates that contain this potentially harmful component. In other words, if you’re looking for the cleanest vape pen cartridges in Colorado, Emerald Fields is a good place to start. If you can’t quite get to us, you can use sites like cannaunion.com to find suitable products. There is always something available for everyone. Only time will tell whether propylene glycol has just been given a bad name or whether it is truly as harmful as many believe, but in the meantime you can purchase your vape pen cartridges from Emerald Fields Knowing that you won’t need to worry if a study comes out in 10 years saying how bad it is.

Emerald Fields Discounts and Deals

The next question that should be on your mind is how much? Since Emerald Fields has such a massive selection that also means that they have concentrates with a very wide price range. If you are simply looking for some basic wax to get you through the evening you can expect to find some very affordable prices. If you are more of a concentrate aficionado, there are also high quality, designer extracts to choose from as well. There are also a couple great ways to save on your next marijuana purchase at either Emerald Fields locations. If you haven’t already signed up for Emerald Fields Loyalty Club, now may be the time. The EF Loyalty Club offers a variety of incentives including the very nice addition of 10% off your entire purchase. The EF Loyalty Club also works at both Emerald Fields locations. Also, check out Emerald Fields Glendale’s early bird special from 8AM-10AM to save even more on your next concentrate purchase. Keep in mind, however, the new Colorado state equivalency laws affecting marijuana concentrate purchases. Emerald Fields Concentrates-2While it is still hypothetically legal to possess up to an ounce of marijuana concentrates consumers are now limited to only purchasing up to 8 grams per visit. Well, I honestly don’t know why someone would want more than 8 grams of concentrate at a time, it’s something that’s still worth noting for when you come in to make your next purchase.Although I don’t see myself ever becoming a daily dabber, like many people I know, that doesn’t mean that marijuana concentrates don’t have a purpose in my life. Sometimes at the end of the day I just want to take a dab and melt into the couch and some days I want to take a dab before tackling a large stack of dishes. With a selection that is this diverse and this affordable Emerald Fields is a great choice when you’re in the market for concentrates. So whether you’re new to marijuana extracts and you’re looking for one that’s just right for you or a seasoned professional who wants a selection that’s bigger than your current dispensary’s, Emerald Fields has you covered with over 60 different concentrate options. Remember that if you are a Colorado Springs resident looking for recreational marijuana, Emerald Fields Manitou is your closest stop or if you’re a recreational user in either Denver or Aurora, Emerald Fields Glendale is open till midnight every day of the week!#JessetheGrove

Emerald Fields Concentrates
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Emerald Fields Concentrates
With over 60 different premium marijuana concentrates to choose from... Emerald Fields Dispensary of Glendale, CO has got you covered!
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