Evolab OG Funk Cartridge : G-Pen Gio

Evolab OG Funk Cartridge : G-Pen Gio
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I love technology and technological doodads and knick-knacks.G-Pen Gio-3 Even as a child I was a consummate Trekkie. I could hardly contain my excitement and anticipation for new scientific advancements that would come about as I grew up. The promise of convenience in the form of miniaturized cellular phones with touch screen technology was one of the most exciting things that I could conceptualize as a seven-year-old kid. Sure enough, a decade and a half later it was all a reality. When I first started smoking cannabis there were no smartphones. While basic cell phones had become a commonplace item, we were all still equipped with old-school flip phones capable of making calls but not much else. At the time, cannabis technology was about as evolved as it was 10,000 years ago. That sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s pretty much true. If you wanted to smoke some marijuana, you either needed to wrap it up in some paper or loaded into a pipe and combust it the same way it had always been done and the same way I assumed it always would be done. In retrospect, I should have known that it was only a matter of time before things changed and the space-age technology of the future would be utilized on things other than AOL instant messenger. Although there have been devices for vaporizing cannabis for some time, devices such as e-pens still felt like a distant pipe dream (or not pipe dream). It’s only now that we have devices like the G-Pen Gio that I can look back and realize that marijuana technology has advanced millennia in the last four or five years. The average user has gone from using fire to using next-generation devices that get you stoned with a simple inhale, if you’re wanting to find different cannabis vaporizers for you to try out, those that live in a legal area such as Canada, could have a look at online cannabis vendors such as Tale of Two Strains Canada, there are now many different vaporizer products for cannabis users to try. I feel that the contextual framework of being an illustrious millennial has garnered a new appreciation for devices like this. The G-Pen Gio utilizes preloaded cartridges in a proprietary system that is insanely discreet and overall the most pleasing e-pen I’ve ever held. While I have, in the past, reviewed other products that utilize a similar cartridge method, the G-Pen Gio has quickly become one of my favorites. The functionality, convenience, ergonomics, and overall aesthetics of the device are unparalleled in the field of disposable cartridge vape pens. Utilizing freshly extracted cannabis from Evolab makes the G-Pen Gio truly shine. loaded with highly refined CO2-extracted cannabis oil, Evolab crafts a G-Pen Gio cartridge the truly utilizes this device to the best of its abilities. When you take into consideration all the time and work that has gone into creating a device this advanced it sort of forces you to disregard the apocryphal tale of the lazy stoner. This is the cutting edge of cannabis technology; it is the future, dare I say. The G-Pen Gio paired with Evolab’s oil represents a monumental change in the way we can consume cannabis. And boy howdy does it get you high.

The device

As I had mentioned earlier I have utilized similar devicesG-Pen Gio-2 with disposable cartridges and proprietary attachment methods in the past. That being said, I’ve never seen one as an elegantly designed as a G-Pen Gio. The attention to details on this device is unparalleled by any other I’ve seen on the market. While there are other designs out there that are just as sleek as the G-Pen Gio, they lack finesse in overall design and the materials have sometimes felt lacking in the competition. As soon as I removed my G-Pen Gio from its box and handled it for the first time I was in love before even trying the Evolab OG Funk Cartridge. For starters, the dense aluminum frame of the G-Pen Gio is a little bit more robust than some of the other vape pens on the market (this is not to say that the device is heavy in any way shape or form). This extra weight gives the pen a more formidable feel, which goes well with the formidable effects of the Evolab Cartridge. The smooth ergonomic lines along the edge of the device provide amazing gripping points and make it pretty much impossible for you to not run your fingers back and forth along the indented ridges that run along the flanks of the G-Pen Gio. Other e-pens have focused on adding gimmicky features to supplement the basic functionality of their devices. The G Pen Gio forgoes bells and whistles for functionality and ergonomic design. I was somewhat skeptical when I found out that the G-Pen Gio does not have a means to adjust the temperature since all the oils are not created equal. I would later determine that this was an entirely unwarranted concern as the proprietary cartridges seem to burn smoothly and evenly regardless of internal temperature. Unrivaled in design and beauty the G Pen Gio simply smacks of quality. It is exceedingly difficult to find negative attributes about the G-Pen Gio. In essence, this is the Star Trek technology I was waiting for from my youth (everyone knows Spock had a real penchant for getting out-of-his-Vulcan-mind stoned after an away mission).

Evolab OG Funk Cartridge

Equally as sci-fi in its appearance as the G-Pen Gio, G-Pen Gio-1was the Evolab OG Funk Cartridge. After liberating the cartridge from its container, I had to admire the tubes, channels, and reservoirs of the tiny intricate cartridge. The bottom of the cartridge was designed in a way that it blends seamlessly into the frame of the device. The top was equipped with an elegantly slanted black mouthpiece designed to contour to the design of the G-Pen Gio’s body. The Evolab CO2-extracted oil inside was truly a thing of beauty. I held up the Evolab cartridge to the light to obs