Evolab OG Funk Cartridge : G-Pen Gio

Evolab OG Funk Cartridge : G-Pen Gio
Evolab G-Pen Gio Marijuana Concentrates Marijuana Smoking Devices OG Funk Cartridge Vape Pen Review

I love technology and technological doodads and knick-knacks.G-Pen Gio-3 Even as a child I was a consummate Trekkie. I could hardly contain my excitement and anticipation for new scientific advancements that would come about as I grew up. The promise of convenience in the form of miniaturized cellular phones with touch screen technology was one of the most exciting things that I could conceptualize as a seven-year-old kid. Sure enough, a decade and a half later it was all a reality. When I first started smoking cannabis there were no smartphones. While basic cell phones had become a commonplace item, we were all still equipped with old-school flip phones capable of making calls but not much else. At the time, cannabis technology was about as evolved as it was 10,000 years ago. That sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s pretty much true. If you wanted to smoke some marijuana, you either needed to wrap it up in some paper or loaded into a pipe and combust it the same way it had always been done and the same way I assumed it always would be done. In retrospect, I should have known that it was only a matter of time before things changed and the space-age technology of the future would be utilized on things other than AOL instant messenger. Although there have been devices for vaporizing cannabis for some time, devices such as e-pens still felt like a distant pipe dream (or not pipe dream). It’s only now that we have devices like the G-Pen Gio that I can look back and realize that marijuana technology has advanced millennia in the last four or five years. The average user has gone from using fire to using next-generation devices that get you stoned with a simple inhale, if you’re wanting to find different cannabis vaporizers for you to try out, those that live in a legal area such as Canada, could have a look at online cannabis vendors such as Tale of Two Strains Canada, there are now many different vaporizer products for cannabis users to try. I feel that the contextual framework of being an illustrious millennial has garnered a new appreciation for devices like this. The G-Pen Gio utilizes preloaded cartridges in a proprietary system that is insanely discreet and overall the most pleasing e-pen I’ve ever held. While I have, in the past, reviewed other products that utilize a similar cartridge method, the G-Pen Gio has quickly become one of my favorites. The functionality, convenience, ergonomics, and overall aesthetics of the device are unparalleled in the field of disposable cartridge vape pens. Utilizing freshly extracted cannabis from Evolab makes the G-Pen Gio truly shine. loaded with highly refined CO2-extracted cannabis oil, Evolab crafts a G-Pen Gio cartridge the truly utilizes this device to the best of its abilities. When you take into consideration all the time and work that has gone into creating a device this advanced it sort of forces you to disregard the apocryphal tale of the lazy stoner. This is the cutting edge of cannabis technology; it is the future, dare I say. The G-Pen Gio paired with Evolab’s oil represents a monumental change in the way we can consume cannabis. And boy howdy does it get you high.

The device

As I had mentioned earlier I have utilized similar devicesG-Pen Gio-2 with disposable cartridges and proprietary attachment methods in the past. That being said, I’ve never seen one as an elegantly designed as a G-Pen Gio. The attention to details on this device is unparalleled by any other I’ve seen on the market. While there are other designs out there that are just as sleek as the G-Pen Gio, they lack finesse in overall design and the materials have sometimes felt lacking in the competition. As soon as I removed my G-Pen Gio from its box and handled it for the first time I was in love before even trying the Evolab OG Funk Cartridge. For starters, the dense aluminum frame of the G-Pen Gio is a little bit more robust than some of the other vape pens on the market (this is not to say that the device is heavy in any way shape or form). This extra weight gives the pen a more formidable feel, which goes well with the formidable effects of the Evolab Cartridge. The smooth ergonomic lines along the edge of the device provide amazing gripping points and make it pretty much impossible for you to not run your fingers back and forth along the indented ridges that run along the flanks of the G-Pen Gio. Other e-pens have focused on adding gimmicky features to supplement the basic functionality of their devices. The G Pen Gio forgoes bells and whistles for functionality and ergonomic design. I was somewhat skeptical when I found out that the G-Pen Gio does not have a means to adjust the temperature since all the oils are not created equal. I would later determine that this was an entirely unwarranted concern as the proprietary cartridges seem to burn smoothly and evenly regardless of internal temperature. Unrivaled in design and beauty the G Pen Gio simply smacks of quality. It is exceedingly difficult to find negative attributes about the G-Pen Gio. In essence, this is the Star Trek technology I was waiting for from my youth (everyone knows Spock had a real penchant for getting out-of-his-Vulcan-mind stoned after an away mission).

Evolab OG Funk Cartridge

Equally as sci-fi in its appearance as the G-Pen Gio, G-Pen Gio-1was the Evolab OG Funk Cartridge. After liberating the cartridge from its container, I had to admire the tubes, channels, and reservoirs of the tiny intricate cartridge. The bottom of the cartridge was designed in a way that it blends seamlessly into the frame of the device. The top was equipped with an elegantly slanted black mouthpiece designed to contour to the design of the G-Pen Gio’s body. The Evolab CO2-extracted oil inside was truly a thing of beauty. I held up the Evolab cartridge to the light to observe the entirely translucent yellow oil inside. What could make this gorgeous oil even better you might ask? How about the fact that it is strain specific? My G-Pen Gio cartridge was loaded with cannabis oil extracted directly from OG Funk plants and processed into a strain-specific liquid that represents all the best parts of the plant in its original form. This level of refinement does not come easy. I have no doubts in my mind that it took Evolab considerable effort to properly blend and formulate this oil to maintain a proper viscosity and flavor profile while still maintaining a high THC count. Regardless of the methodology utilized to craft such a space-age cartridge. Satisfied with my cursory glances at the device and the cartridge it was time to get the two together for a little play date. An exciting prospect indeed.

G-Pen Gio Evolab OG Funk Cartridge :: Smoke | Effect:

G-Pen Gio-4
There was very little instruction provided with the G-Pen Gio and the cartridge. Then again, little instruction is needed. The G-Pen Gio utilizes a standard micro-USB charging port located on the bottom of the device. If for some reason you don’t already have a million of these laying around your house, the device comes with an additional cord which can be used with any standard size USB port or charger. I started my experience by giving the G-Pen Gio a full charge. Lucky for me, this did not take long due to an initial charge in the device. With cartridge and device in hand, I perused the orifice at the top to see if there were any secrets to inserting the cartridge. I noticed along the side of the cartridge a slightly raised ridge which correspondent to a valley along the inside edge of the device’s port for accepting the cartridge. After lining things up the cartridge easily slid into the top of the device fusing beautifully and creating a perfect line from top to bottom. As soon as the cartridge was fully inserted, the “G” on the front momentarily lit up affirming that I did everything correctly (I’m not going to lie it would be hard to screw this one up). I was ready to smoke some Evolab OG Funk from my G-Pen Gio for the first time. When I had initially picked up the device and cartridge, I received a short cautionary tale of how much it can kick like a mule if you take a full inhale. A wise word of wisdom that I foolishly did not heed. Assuming that G-Pen Gio along with the Evolab OG Funk Cartridge would perform in a similar manner to other vape pens that I smoked in the past, I put my mouth on the end and took a rather large inhale. G-Pen Gio-6The initial sensation was phenomenal! It was an extremely robust feel that gave me the sensation of smoking directly out of the pipe. A sharp contrast from many other e-pens that don’t necessarily feel like smoking cannabis. Not heeding the warning, as I exhaled I realized that I had taken a very, very massive hit. A torrent of thick smoke came out from my exhale, followed by several obligatory coughs that are required after taking too big of a hit. Despite having taken too big a hit, the flavor of the CO2-extracted OG Funk still came through. The light, sweet flavor of OG Funk was conveyed perfectly into oil form, while still conveying that inherent dankness of the OG family. My fears of not having a temperature adjustment setting were immediately assuaged by the fact the device seems to be set to the perfect temperature to vaporize this oil. There was no burning flavor, just fresh delectable terpenes. To experience the flavor better (sans coughing fit), I went in for another puff. This time I used the design of the mouthpiece to my advantage. At first, I wasn’t entirely certain why the top of the mouthpiece was designed with a slope, but I quickly realized this innovative style can be utilized to control air flow. By placing the slope of the mouthpiece along my lip I was able to directly control how open the orifice in the top of the device was. I went in for a second long draw, this time utilizing a little more common sense and taking into account the warnings that I’d been given earlier. I enjoyed a much smoother (but still thick) smoking experience on my second round. I also realize this unique design on the mouthpiece entirely negated the need for additional convoluted methods of controlling air flow when you simply can control the air flow with the placement of the device on your lips. My second hit opened an entirely new level of flavor from the Evolab OG Funk Cartridge. G-Pen Gio-5The overall flavor of cannabis oil was accentuated by the sweet floral flavors from OG Funk. Not only that, but a relatively rich earthy taste was present during my second puff. This added to the sensation of the insanely voluminous smoke, making it even more analogous to a real hit of flower. This time I did not cough, but I did notice by the time I was exhaling the second puff that the initial overly-large hit had set in and I was ludicrously high. I’ll be blunt, I’m not used to a vape pen kicking me in the ass as much as this one did. I was uproariously high. It felt about like I had smoked a whole bowl to myself. The initial sensation of the high started in the back of my head it’s slowly crept its way down my spine and into my extremities. Despite the genetic background of the cartridges parent strain, the cognitive values of this high were inherently sativa-leaning. There were certainly some body sensations that I would put on par with more of an indica high, but the cerebral attributes outweighed these effects in my book. I took a plop down in my favorite chair and simply held the device again admiring at ergonomics (now that I was high my appreciation was even greater). I pulled the Evolab OG Funk Cartridge out of the device so once again I could ponder its marvelously intricate design. It is worth noting that I did have to use a little bit of force to get the cartridge out of the device. Glaring at the immaculate Evolab OG Funk Oil inside the cartridge I couldn’t help but sit back and marvel at the industrious work that has gone into making this device a possibility. For me, the G-Pen Gio is a one-and-done sort of smoking session. Although the THC content is on par with other cartridges on the market, something about the design and the Evolab oil got me very baked in no time at all.


It’s hard for me to get over how delightful this device with this oil is. G-Pen Gio-7Everything from it intuitive functionality to the way it feels in the palm of your hand makes the G-Pen Gio the premiere vaping solution on the market. Evolab’s masterfully crafted OG Funk oil compliments the craftsmanship and design of such a sophisticated device very elegantly. Even though the G-Pen Gio can kick like a mule if you take a large puff, it is exceedingly easy to control the volume you’re smoking and custom-tailor a high that suits your needs. One thing I did notice when smoking the G-Pen Gio with a group of friends is that if you don’t properly allow the device to rest between puffs it does have the potential to run a little hot and give a slight burning flavor. In general, I feel the G-Pen Gio is best utilized as a private smoking device, shared with maybe one other friend at a time (let’s be honest, discreet vape pens aren’t designed to be passed around the group anyway). A bunch of industrious folks have worked overtime to make this futuristic device a reality for consumers. No one can really predict the next stage of the evolution of cannabis consumption, but I know I personally am exceedingly stoked to carry around a little metal stick that makes me high on command. It really was about time that we evolved beyond our primitive methods of combusting dried out weed. With a beautifully formulated oil from Evolab paired with a next-generation device like the G-Pen Gio, we truly have evolved cannabis technology thousands of years in the matter of a half a decade.#JessetheGrove

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