Extreme Diesel Wax : Concentrate Review

Extreme Diesel Wax : Concentrate Review
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That’s extreme! Extreme is a label thrown around a lot in prettyExtreme Diesel Wax-2 much every type of industry you can think of. If you use ‘extreme’ before a household cleaner, you can probably buy it at the ‘as seen on tv’ section of the store. If you use ‘extreme’ to refer to a fast food product it’s probably going to wage war on your colon. If you tack on ‘extreme’ before marijuana products, it’s going to get you high! This was most certainly the case with my sample of extreme diesel wax crafted by Chronic Creations. With a smell, flavor, and kick that are best labeled as extreme, this sativa leaning diesel wax is the fuel of champion dabbers. Sink your dab tool into a velvety blob of this extreme diesel wax and prepare to have yourself an extreme smoking session!


If you want to know for yourself just how extreme this Extreme Diesel Wax is, you’re going to need to make your way to Chronic Therapy, a recreational marijuana dispensary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Chronic Therapy is the creator of Chronic Creations, and these concentrates are some of the absolute cleanest in town. So clean, in fact, that I’ve seen batches of extract from Chronic Creations test at 0% particulates, which is simply out of this world (dare I say extreme)!

Extreme Diesel Wax :: Appearance | Smell:

Not being a consummate dabber, I always set aside an Extreme Diesel Wax-1afternoon when I’m going to sample extracts, so I know I won’t have to do anything that requires brain power. I opened up the little Chronic Creations jar and revealed an absolutely immaculate little patty of golden brown concentrate. It looked mostly analogous to a large round dollop of fancy mustard, but the smell was unmistakably marijuana. I’m serious when I say this little gem was just about as smooth and perfect looking as any concentrated I’d ever seen before. I played around with it utilizing my dab tool for a minute and it’s consistency was simply perfect. This Extreme Diesel Wax carved away from its whole like perfectly moistened clay, and stuck to my dab tool like a champ. Although, my plan was to use a nectar collector, I can tell you with assurance, that this isn’t one of those flakey persnickety extracts that refuses to stay on your tool for dabbing. The first scent that hit me was the unmistakable odor of α-Pinene, the terpenoid responsible for the pine smell in pine trees. This intense pine essence makes Extreme Diesel Wax smells a little bit like the Rockies after a brisk rainstorm. When you take a deep whiff with your sniffer, the scent opens up a little bit to yield a slight citrus hint along with an unmistakable Chem aroma derived from the diesel in its genetic heritage. Extreme Diesel Wax has a very straightforward smell that decrees that it is marijuana extract, it’s extreme, and it needs to be dabbed! Not one to argue with a jar of extracts that wants to be smoked so badly, I readied my nectar collector and torch.

Extreme Diesel Wax :: Smoke | Effect:

With an afternoon of games and lounging ahead of me, I fired up the torch and went in for an attack run on the immaculate patty of Extreme Diesel Wax before me. The initial puff, just as I had expected, treated me to a very pine-laden taste, mixed in with a very smooth but still somewhat heavy feeling smoke. I wasn’t sure if I’d pick up the diesel flavor since the diesel smell was so timid, but in Extreme Diesel Wax the diesel will not sit down and take the back burner, at least not in the flavor department. Not only was the diesel flavor strong, but it seemed to stick around for a long time after my hit. The citrus notes I had smelled from Extreme Diesel Wax didn’t make it to the show when it was tasting time, but the overall flavor was so sweet and zesty already, that they weren’t missed at the party anyway. It’s worth noting that Extreme Diesel Wax is not a creeping strain when it comes to effects. Extreme Diesel Wax-3In fact, it doesn’t mess around at all. Within a few minutes of my first puff, I was three sheets to the wind and even ill-prepared to play a baseball video game. Not going to lie, got my ass handed to me thanks to my girlfriend hitting a grand slam with DJ Lemahieu in the 5th inning. The high instilled by Extreme Diesel Wax is not only very potent, but it was also loaded with energy. I’m never sure what to expect when I take a dab, but I’m always pleased when I can enjoy a session that has me laughing and hopping about. Overall though the effects were shockingly sativa, but you won’t hear me complaining!


There is a whole lot of magic happening in this Extreme Diesel Wax and if you ask me, Chronic Creations really nailed it out of the ballpark (just like Lemahieu) with this one. Not only does Extreme Diesel Wax have an angelic flavor I’d put on par with some of the top extracts I’ve ever had, but it’s high is very long lasting and didn’t seem to have any effects like paranoia or munchies on me at least. If you’re ready to take a walk on the extreme side of Diesel, prepare your rig and prepare yourself for Chronic Creations’ Extreme Diesel Wax.#JessetheGrove

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