Flo Live Resin : Concentrate Review

Flo Live Resin : Concentrate Review
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Up until now, most of my experience with Chronic Creations has been with their lower-end hash, usually wax or sugar wax. I had made the mistake of categorizing them as that cheap hash company that I usually load into my vape pen. Not that this is a bad category to be in, I need something to put in that pen when I go to concerts, and Chronic Creations has reliably filled that need for me. It wasn’t until I tried this Flo Live Resin that I found out Chronic Creations knows how to handle the high-end stuff, too.

If you want to get your hands on some of this amazing Live Resin: Flo, the only place you’ll find it is at Chronic Therapy, a recreational dispensary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Not only are this some of the tastiest concentrate in town but it’s also some of the cleanest. The most recent batch to be tested showed 0% residuals. If you know a thing or two about extracts, then you know that this is almost unheard of in the industry. If you’re going to smoke concentrates, why not smoke the absolute cleanest in the state?

Flo Live Resin :: Appearance | Smell:

Flo Live Resin-1This concentrate has a fantastic look to it. A beautiful golden blonde in color, this is the shade every lab is going for in their extraction process. Although the color is just about perfect, the texture and consistency of this concentrate. It’s quite a bit more dry and flakey than I’m used to for a live resin, as most of my live resin dabs have been of the gooey variety. I really enjoy the full spectrum extracts that come out of Cannabis Maximus, and so I was expecting something a bit more like a soupy and less like a flakey wax. It’s a small negative for what is otherwise an excellent live resin.

Even for a live resin, which usually have a stronger scent than your run-of-the-mill wax or shatter, this Flo live resin is pungent. One of my go-to ways of measuring the quality of a concentrate is how much it smells like the flower it’s made from. If the smell of the bud is maintained after that entire process, it seems like a clear sign that all those delicious terpenes are intact. This Flo live resin from Chronic Creations very much holds onto the sweet, floral aroma of Flo. You can smell it the moment you open the container, and you can taste it in your dab.

Flo Live Resin :: Smoke | Effect:

Have no worries, the hits are smooth… so smooth. With the aforementioned dried out appearance of this Flo live resin concentrate, I was worried that it would be a harsh dab. But the flavor was as intoxicating as the… well… intoxication that comes with dabbing high-end cannabis concentrates.

I tried it using my quartz straw and my small (but adorable) dab rig. A friend of mine once told me the difference between using a straw and a rig in comparison to the way people drink good whiskey. Dabbing out of the straw is whiskey straight, using the rig is more akin to sipping whiskey on the rocks. In both cases, this live resin was a satisfying smoke.
Thanks to Flo’s genetics as a true 50/50 hybrid, the live resin provides a relaxing body high that doesn’t tire you out and a head buzz that won’t make you too racy or anxious. Flo is not my favorite strain in the world, but this is the first time I’ve dabbed such a high-quality concentrate from it, so I wanted to try it out in a few different situations to really get a feel for what this hash does for me.

Flo Live Resin-2First, I dabbed it in the morning, shortly after waking up. I had a day off and I spent it playing games on my computer and drinking too much coffee. The Flo was a nice addition to the morning with a nice euphoric head high that went nicely with the morning caffeine buzz. I didn’t notice much in the way of anxiety or overly racy thoughts, although I did feel like I was spacing out more than I was expecting. Despite my inability to focus on that well, I really didn’t feel tired out. Even after all that coffee wore off, I never felt sluggish as a result of my dabs.

It was only a slightly different story when I did a couple sneaky car dabs before heading into dinner and watching a hockey game a few nights later. Compared to my solitary, quiet experience of hanging out in my home office and being a nerd, this was a drastically different environment. The Colorado Avalanche were playing my Minnesota Wild, so I wasn’t sure what it would be like to hand out high-fives to my friends while hanging in “enemy territory.” I put that phrase in quotes because sports rivalries are taken entirely too seriously, and the people of Colorado are just too damn friendly to actually consider them enemies.

Luckily, the Flo made the night a little more relaxed than I had anticipated. It helps that the Avs are having a terrible season so Coloradans aren’t exactly in the smack-talking mood, but I found the light-headed euphoria from the Flo really kept my mood light and made for a great night of being a little too talkative and a not quite aware enough of the volume of my voice.

And the hunger… oh my, the hunger. I felt like a werewolf that had just transformed back into being a human. We ordered a basket of fries “for the table,” and I definitely recall the basket ending up right in front of me after just a few minutes. And I also remember being the slob picking at the crusty breading and grains of salt. Combine that with my insistence to stop and grab some street tacos on the way home, and I would say that Chronic Creations Flo live resin brought the obnoxiously hungry teenager out of me.Flo Live Resin-3

For my final test of the Flo live resin from Chronic Creations, I dabbed it just before opening my book in bed at night. I just started reading a new Kurt Vonnegut novel, which is a pretty ideal author to read while stoned. Relatively short books, a few outrageous and memorable characters, a few jokes about poop. It’s everything a stoner’s looking for in wind-down entertainment. Despite turning me into a total space case a few days prior, I was able to scrounge up just enough focus to stay on track with the story. And, of course, I slept like a drunk baby.

Overall ::

This concentrate just seems to hold all the best attributes of everyone’s favorite hybrids. It’s a versatile live resin that seems to fit nicely into every situation. Although I can’t say that this is going to retroactively change my lukewarm impressions of the cannabis strain itself, this live resin from Chronic Creations is something I’ll be keeping my eye out for in the future. I was impressed with everything except for the somewhat lackluster consistency. I would recommend this live resin to just about anyone that likes a little extra flavor in their dabs, and isn’t looking for any one extreme feeling as far as indica and sativa is concerned. Dab this Flo live resin with confidence, you’ve treated yourself right.