Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps : Concentrate Review

Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps : Concentrate Review
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Take a moment today to thank your sense of smell and taste. While it’s true that if humans didn’t have taste buds I’d probably be munching on some celery right now as opposed to popcorn, but I still can’t help but be grateful for all the marvelous flavors and smells that I get to experience every day. While the main purpose of eating is obvious, I feel like there is no reason one shouldn’t enjoy the process. Just like when dabbing, smoking, or consuming cannabis, the desired effect is clear; again, why not GTH Fresh Terps-1enjoy the experience and the process? This was the exact same train of thought that Evolab had when they started producing their line of strain-specific FreshTerps. Evolab using their state of the art extraction system has found a way to coax out every last drop of precious terpenes from various different strains of marijuana to produce small vials of pure smell, flavor, and high. In the same way that a perfume artist may extract the terpenes from a flower to produce the finest fragrances, FreshTerps is created by extracting the very proteins responsible for smell and flavor in the marijuana plant. Evolab has done this with their Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps and produced a little flask of magic that could easily pass for perfume (that gets you high). What makes Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps so unique, is the fact that Evolab produces all of their products from bud, as opposed to using terpenes from other plant sources. To break this down succinctly, some strains may have large amounts of the terpenoid α-Pinene. α-Pinene is present in almost every pine tree on the face of the earth. If Evolab was only doing a half-assed job, they would be extracting some of this α-Pinene from pine tree sources in order to save money; however, this wouldn’t be the true α-Pinene from the original strain and that could potentially adulterate the flavor and the effects of the resulting concentrate as well. That is why it is so remarkable, and downright cool that Evolab gets every last drop of their terpenes right from the marijuana plant itself.

I picked up my batch of Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps from the Concentration Station at Smokin Gun GTH Fresh Terps-4Apothecary, a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Glendale, Colorado. If you’re visiting from out of town or simply looking for a unique marijuana retail experience ever, then you need to check out Smokin Gun. Not only is Smokin Gun a perfect spot to pick up a large variety of different strain-specific FreshTerps, but their Concentration Station is loaded with a massive variety of different extracts and concentrates. If you’re looking for Live Resin, Shatter, or Oil, Smokin Gun has you covered. The Concentration Station also has everything you need to keep your vape pen running as well. Take it from Smokin Gun’s resident concentrate connoisseur, Mackenzie, “the key is variety! My favorite concentrate is the live resins, they’re full of flavor and terpenes and they’re potent, testing in the high 70s [for THC content].” What makes Smokin Gun even more unique is their store hours. Smokin Gun Apothecary is open until midnight every night to meet the needs of late night marijuana smokers. Don’t delay, get on track, and chug your ghost train through the haze down to Smokin Gun Apothecary’s Concentration Station; Next stop high town!

Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps :: Appearance | Smell:

I prepared myself for a full exploration of Evolab Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps, by popping some popcorn and picking a good sci-fi novel to crack into. My batch of Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps came in a tiny little vile just slightly larger than an earbud. The gorgeous neon-yellow nectar inside was extremely pungent and was already letting off some amazing smells even before I opened it. I carefully removed the minute lid and took a big whiff of the terpene-heavy aromas. I had to pull my nose back for a second to avoid the unicorns and rainbows that were pouring out of the little vial of FreshTerps, but after the initial olfactory stampede, I was able to really dig in and get a whiff of light pine, fresh lemon, crisp cedar, just a little bit of familiar marijuana dankness. There was also a very nostalgic scent I couldn’t put my finger on at first. GTH Fresh Terps-2Words do no justice for an aroma this potent and this blissful. I’ve smelled a lot of weed and a lot of concentrates and none of them even come close to comparing to the other-worldly odor produced by Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps. I had an almost uncontrollable urge to just drink the little dollop of liquid there on the spot, simply based off of how amazing it smelled. I knew that I would need to wait and use it for its intended purpose and either dip a dab, top a bowl, or drizzle a joint. It was just about then that it hit me. I know what my Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps reminded me of; spirit gum. Spirit gum has been used by actors since the late 1800’s to affix fake facial hair and wigs and is a very good smelling substance that I’m familiar with from many past performances. This makes perfect sense since two of spirit gum’s primary four ingredients are the terpene loaded components copal (a tree resin from the copal tree, the word copal meaning incense in the Nahuatl language) and rosin (or Greek pitch, a tree sap harvest from pine trees). Taken back by this revelation, I decided it was time to get some of this amazing smelling nostalgic extract onto my taste buds.

Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps :: Smoke | Effect:

Although there are many options as to how you imbibe your FreshTerps, I decided I would start out simple, by putting a drop or two onto a bowl. I packed a medium size bowl of Space Jam, and then every so carefully tipped out a tiny drop right into the center. With a little help from my friend hemp wick, I blasted off into the pine forest that was Ghost Train Haze FreshTerps. I had to sit back after the initial flavor hit me. This was the strongest cannabis flavor I’ve ever experienced in my life. The pine notes along with the light acidity from the citrus odors seemed to coat my tongue, and the original flavor of the Space Jam yielded entirely to the newly added FreshTerps. I was able to smell the very smoke I exhaled and it was like I had brought a Christmas tree into the house in September. Wow – just wow! The Ghost Train had arrived at its first stop, and I was left staring at the book and popcorn on the table in front of me, which may as well have been miles away. FreshTerps hit me extremely hard for a concentrate that containsGTH Fresh Terps-3 only 18.63% total cannabinoids. I don’t know if it was the unique combination of terpenes or what, but I was very, very high. Too high to eat popcorn, and too high to read a book, I decided to go for a walk and enjoy a little breath of early fall air.

Overall ::

I want everyone who smokes cannabis to try this product. I can rant and rave about it with as many absurd metaphors as possible and it will do absolutely no justice to the remarkable flavors produced by Evolab and their Fresh Terps. I would dare someone not to smile after imbibing a little drop of Ghost Train Haze Fresh Terps. If you’ve been looking for a connoisseurial experience that will top all others, then you know what to look for. Remember that Fresh Terps are very versatile as well, and dribbling them on a bowl is by no means the limit to their versatility. Sprinkle a little on a joint, dip a dab in it before smoking, add a splash in with the oil in your vape pen, or even trace a trickle along the side of your favorite cigar. Evolab, I take my hat off to you for making what I would already consider a great experience even better. Now my only conundrum is which strain-specific Fresh Terps should I try next?

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