Harle-Big Bud Shatter : Concentrate Review

Harle-Big Bud Shatter : Concentrate Review
Concentrate Review Dabs Marijuana Concentrates Shatter

If you have an affinity for dabbing marijuana concentrates, then you know that the quest for the perfect dab is never ending. As dabbing becomes a more popular way to consume cannabis, the overall quality of extractions has gone up, but that doesn’t mean that all extracts are created equally pure. While all recreational batches of concentrate are required to have at least a sample scrutinized by a testing company for purity, that doesn’t mean that they will smell, taste, or even look good. When you find that batch of shatter that smells like the result of a pine tree, skunk, and a lemon having a party, and is as clear as the queen’s wine glass, you don’t need to look any further for quality. That’s exactly what I was presented with when I popped the top on Harle-Big Budmy jar of Harle-Big Bud shatter. The genetics in the parent strains of this shatter have joined forces to create a truly unique hybrid concentrate that packs a powerful THC punch, which is curbed quite gracefully by a high concentration of CBD. Looking back at the genetics, the big players in the breeding are the strains ACDC, which adds the CBD kick into HarleSin, and the classic Afghani, which was the spawning indica used in almost all genetic variations of Big Bud. A lot has come together from around the world to make this concentrate happen. Harlequin (Which along with ACDC makes HarleSin) has genetics from a landrace sativa from Thailand, an unnamed Swiss sativa, a Nepalese indica, and the classic Columbian Gold. Add in a touch of the classic Big Bud, an American growing staple, and you can see just how diverse HarleSin X Big Bud shatter really is. This diversity works very nicely and creates a hybrid strain that’s touches on pretty much every effect that marijuana can have. After a blast through Chronic Creation’s state-of-the-art butane extraction process, you’re left with a two-to-one ration of THC to CDB that will get you high, leave you mellow, and probably have you ordering pizza.

Hightail your way up to Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge, Colorado as soon as you can, so you can get a taste of these next level concentrates. Chronic Creations brand new concentrates are not only some of the tastiest in town, but also some of the purest around. Whether it’s just a result of brand new equipment or a group of blasters who know exactly what they’re doing, the concentrates I’ve sampled from Chronic Creations have some of the best terpanoid characteristics I’ve ever experienced. Along with tasting and smelling absolutely phenomenal, they are also among the purest looking I’ve ever seen, from smooth buttery wax, to shimmering translucent shatter created from Harle-Big Bud.

Harle-Big Bud Shatter :: Appearance | Smell:

One look at Harle-Big Bug shatter and you can see that this is some top shelf extract. Crystal clear air-bubble-free sheets of golden yellow crystalline majesty are what is in store for you when you take your first peek. Consistency is spot on, so be warned, when you’re trying to break off a piece to dab with, it’s going to shatter. Lucky for me, Harle-Big Bud shatter is far from the stickiest I’ve dealt Harle-Big Budwith, and even at room temperature, a fallen fleck can be easily recovered without permanently becoming one with your fingers. Moving on from the visual inspection, I took a nose dive (literally) into the jar. If you’re new to the world of concentrates, I’ll tell you now that in most cases shatter has very little smell to it. This is due to the majority of the terpanoids (the compounds responsible for flavor and smell) are too fragile to survive the rather extreme conditions during the blasting process. This was not the case with the Harle-Big Bud shatter, which smelled simply amazing. The first scent to hit me was a delightful pine note, which worked perfectly with the hint of skunky-ness that followed. When I really dug my nose in deep there was an undeniable hint of citrus, which added a little bit of a tang to the overall odor. As far as shatter goes I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered one with this much odor still intact.

Harle-Big Bud Shatter :: Smoke | Effect:

I fired up the torch and whipped out my small glass rig for sampling. Just to start, I took a rather small pin-head sized dab and let the fire do the talking. What a delightful smoke! Not only was it smooth and crisp, it was also extremely flavor packed. The smell was a good indicator for the taste, and the first thing I noticed was a strong pine flavor mixed in with a hint of limey-citrusy goodness. If I were to trademark the taste, I would call it “alpine skiing with a mojito.” As dabs usually do, I was hit very fast by the effects. I was quite high, but unlike some concentrates, I wasn’tHarle-Big Bud completely ruined by how high it made me. I attribute this to the high CBD content, which is very unique in concentrate form. While normally high CBD strains make me feel relaxed and just a little stupid, Harle-Big Bud shatter gave me the wonderful body high sans feeling like an idiot. I can’t put my finger on why it came off as a more cognitive high, but I won’t complain about it. The effects were very pleasant and I felt like I was pretty much capable of doing anything from cleaning dishes to watching TV. I would equate the high as a sort of auto-pilot, where I wasn’t 100% there, but it made things that were usually mundane seem much more thrilling that they really ought to have been. As I had predicted, the high CBD content did have its effect, but unlike most high CBD strains, which make me feel stupid, it instead forced some rather wicked munchies upon me. Lock your fridge with this one, or at least make sure you run by the Trader Joes to pick up a bunch of snack foods; you’re going to need them.

Overall ::

Harle-Big Bud shatter, simply put, is one of the finest concentrates I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking. The high isn’t as strong as many extracts I’ve had before, but for many out there like myself, that’s just what I’m looking for. Due to the superb balance of indica and sativa as well as CBD and THC, this is the perfect functional shatter if you’re looking to alleviate pain, induce appetite, watch a movie marathon, or maybe just go outside and play some disc golf. The smell, appearance, and flavor alone were enough to have me sold, add in the perfect hybrid effects and you’ve got Harle-Big Bud shatter, a concentrate that is as diverse as it is remarkable.#JessetheGrove

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