Harmony Extracts Live Nectar 4G Jars

Harmony Extracts Live Nectar 4G Jars
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If you’ve spent any time recently inside your local cannabis dispensary then you know the number of products available is mind-numbing, to say the least. The number of extraction products alone can have your head spinning. To complicate matters further many extraction companies have started to utilize proprietary titles for their types of extractions. For the most part, you can expect shatter to always be shatter and wax to always be wax but when you start verging into more obscure realms like honey, distillate, and pie crust things can get a little bit more confusing. Today I’m going to have a little chat with you about live sugar and live nectar. To be more specific Harmony Extracts Live Nectar and Live Sugar. Harmony Extracts is a company that certainly knows its way around the blasting process. While their shatters and butters may be phenomenal, I’m here to specifically discuss their live concentrates. In this case, I’m going to talk about Phantom Flo live sugar and Mars OG live nectar. For starters, you can find Harmony Extract Live Sugar in massive four-gram jars. That’s a lot of tasty concentrates! Knowing that you can get massive four-gram jars is one thing, but I think it’s important to first know what the title “live” means inside a concentrate. If a cannabis extraction has the title live in its name, that means that the product has been manufactured with either fresh or flash-frozen buds. You may be asking yourself “well Jesse aren’t all cannabis extract made from Cannabis flowers?” The difference in this process lies in timing. Most standard extracts like wax and shatters are produced using fully cured cannabis that is then blasted to form a concentrate. This means that the raw plants have gone through the trimming and curing process. In the case of Harmony’s Phantom Flo live sugar and Mars OG live nectar fresh uncured plants have been utilized to make the product. Crafting with plants that have been uncured ensures that the terpenoid content will be through the roof. Terpenes are the natural formed components responsible for the aromas and flavors of every plant on the planet. As the body of knowledge regarding cannabis consumption increases, it is proven more day by day that terpenes play a quintessential role in the effect of any strain or concentrate. While terpenes may have a scientific role in affecting sensations in your body, they also play a very important role in making an extract taste delicious.

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Harmony Extracts Phantom Flo 4G:

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I’ll start by talking a little bit about Harmony’s Phantom Flo Live Sugar. Live sugar is a fairly straightforward extract. Utilizing fresh or frozen buds that have been uncured the product is blasted in a manner that propagates the formation of massive THC crystals. The glistening result takes on or sugary like appearance (go figure). In the case of a live sugar, it’s not out of the ordinary to find it floating in a small pool of terpenes. In the case of Harmonies Phantom Flo live sugar, many have described it as looking as, “beautiful crystals soaked in sauce weighing in at a whopping 4 grams! It smells as strong as it is eye-catching.” What’s even more impressive is the sheer quantity that you can purchase this product in. Four grams is a whole lot of extract! As someone who only occasionally dabbles with dabbing, I can’t imagine how long it would take me to work my way through four grams of live sugar from Harmony. The effects have been described as, “a focused and dream-like state, ending on a heavy body high that will make you feel so relaxed. Many guests have compared the high to taking a nice warm bath and just sinking into the tub.” I’m not going to lie, that sounds delightful. If you’re an aficionado of live sugars then you won’t be disappointed by what Harmony brings to the table with their Phantom Flo live sugar.

Harmony Extracts Mars OG Live Nectar:

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Harmony Mars OG live nectar is a little bit different animal than their live sugar. While it still utilizes fresh or frozen product that has been uncured Harmony uses a proprietary method to synthetically separate the THC crystals and the terpenes. What this means is that they can maintain all of the original traits of the strain by utilizing live products to balance out terpene content. This also opens the door to the potential of mixing and matching terpenoid contents between varietals. In the case of Harmony’s Mars OG live nectar, the parent strain’s terpenes have been reintroduced to the THC crystals. Mars OG has been described as having, “a pungent smell of gasoline and feels like a perfect match for any cold or rainy day.” The result of the live nectar process creates a more viscous texture than live sugar. While it might be a little bit harder to wrangle on the end of a dab tool the preservation of additional terpenes makes the flavors of Harmony’s nectar out of this world. And if you think it tastes and smells good just wait for the effects. “Upon experiencing the high you’ll notice a heavy body buzz,” which is precisely what I would hope for from a concentrate derived from an OG strain.


If you’ve found that purchasing puny little one-gram jars of concentrates just isn’t cutting it for you, then it might be time to upgrade to Harmony Extract’s four-gram batches. Not only are these products sure to give you the outstanding effects that we all desire, but the flavors imparted by live extracts are simply out of this world. Do yourself a favor next time you’re looking to get some concentrates or extract and look into the live products from Harmony Extracts. As more studies start to come out about marijuana and its effects on the body’s natural endocannabinoid system the emphasis of terpenes in this process is being highlighted for the role they play. Don’t sell yourself short by missing out on the effects of terpenes. You may find very quickly that THC content plays second fiddle compared to the specific terpenes found in your favorite strains.