KAVIAR | Colorado Cannabis Concentrates

KAVIAR | Colorado Cannabis Concentrates
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Caviar and moon rocks are an inescapableKaviar-7 trend that is storming the cannabis industry. I would be genuinely surprised at this point if you hadn’t heard of either. Not only are these little concentrate-loaded nuggets filling up dispensary shelves but as demand increases Marijuana Infused Products (MIP) kitchens are starting to fill up their orders for these delectable little nuggets. One MIP realized this a while back and saw just how much of an impact marijuana caviar and moon rocks were going to have on the market and has planned their production accordingly. Kaviar, located out of Henderson, Colorado is a MIP created with the production of superior caviar and moon rocks in mind (among other products). I was fortunate enough to be invited into their MIP to check out the process of making these superior marijuana treats. Moreover, I was excited to see what amazing products are coming out of Kaviar and hitting the shelves of dispensaries around the state.

Kaviar MIP

It was a rather mild day when I made my way up to Henderson, Colorado. The first hint of fall was in the air and the snow still hadn’t hit yet. After a rather infuriating stint waiting in line while a train seemed to play chicken with itself, the crossguards lifted and I was able to make it just in time to meet up with Moe from Kaviar who was there to give me the grand tour. After signing in, Moe wasted no time taking me backstage to where all the magic happens. As Moe started to guide me back into the warehouse he explained that Kaviar has been around now for roughly a year and a half and has been blasting a variety of different extracts and frequently uses a CO2 process to get their concentrates.Kaviar-3 The first room we walked by was the Research and Development room which, understandably, was the only room we wouldn’t be visiting during the tour. I’d like to imagine a team of gloved and masked marijuana scientists working behind that screen on the next big product to hit the shelves.

The next stop was in the main hallway of the warehouse floor where multiple purge ovens were busy at work producing clear bubble-less shatter. The oven that caught my eye was busy at work finishing up some Big Blueberry Shatter. The air was coincidentally filled with the smell of fresh blueberries, but it wasn’t from the shatter. In the next room, we met up with Nick who was the man responsible for all the amazing fruity smells that were permeating the warehouse. Nick was hard at work putting the finishing touches on Caviar’s brand-new line of Kaviar gummies that is set to launch soon. There is a lot of science that has gone into these new gummies. As Moe explained utilizing a scientific process that is literally on the verge of my comprehension, they have increased the water-solubility of the chief cannabinoid THC by utilizing THC nano-particles in a process of microemulsion. While that might just sound like a bunch of gibberish, to sum it up concisely, these new gummies will kick in significantly faster than other marijuana-infused products on the market and have the potential to last longer. Not only will this solubility decrease absorption time, but they also come with the added benefit of causing a high that’s incredibly clean and very low on cannabis flavor.

Kaviar Moon Rocks

Moving on we took a stop by their caviar and moonKaviar-2 rock crafting station where Chris was unloading the largest pile of moon rocks I’d ever seen in my life onto a table. These were some good-looking moon rocks too. As Moe explained they source the majority of their products from their own grow. While they are able, will, and do blast products for other companies, the control they get from using their own grow ensures that the products with their label are up to snuff with Kaviar quality. As is very true with many facets of life you get out what you put in and if you put in crappy flower you’ll get crappy concentrates. As Moe put it, “Why would I want to smoke something that’s not good?” Currently, Kaviar has ten products on the shelf including caviar, moon rocks, shatter, wax, live resin, caviar joints, and cartridges. Their rigorous credentials for what goes into their products is what makes the end result so phenomenal.

Kaviar Live Resins

To finish our tour, we took a trip off the main floor to check out the packaging room up top. As we entered the smell went from a strong fruity gummy aroma to the clear and undeniable odor of fresh marijuana extracts. Dylan was kind enough to grab me a few of their amazing concentrates to photograph and drool over (I said over, not in, don’t worry). I was incredibly impressed at the clarity and text-book representation of shatter that was their Super Sour Tommy, but not half as impressed as I was with their live resins. The Durban Poison Live Resin was immaculate and the process was performed so aptly that the terpene content was out of this world delicious. The fresh aromas from the original plant were all still intact and it pretty much was like smelling a sweet Durban Poison perfume. Showing off one more of their amazing Live Resins, Dylan grabbed me a little jar of SFV OG to observe. The appearance alone of these glistening golden clumps of live resin would be enough to melt the heart of any dabber or vaper. The smell pushed the limits of terpene content, and the fresh dankness inherent to OG blends was simply oozing out of the jar. Kaviar-5There is simply no denying the quality of products being crafted by Kaviar. Although I’ve sampled Kaviar’s moon rocks in the past, I had to double check that their products were as amazing as they looked and smelled. That would involve a little smoking session with a caviar joint.

Kaviar Caviar Joint

I’ll start by saying, I’ve smoked caviar joints in the past, but I didn’t know what was in store for me when I lit this bad boy up with a few friends after this year’s Great American Beer Festival. It started like any other joint starts. This usually entails an obligatory puff, puff pass for the first few rounds and then usually tapers off into a puff it a few times and pass it mentality. In the case of this caviar joint, I don’t think I can honestly say I’ve ever had a joint burn for a longer amount of time. As the minutes kept passing, we kept losing people in the group to its raw power, and by the two-thirds point, it was just down to my friend Justin and I. The rest had abandoned us for the Rock Band awaiting them inside the house. Now I can’t entirely credit the Kaviar joint for this, but I’d like to think it helped spawn the deep existential conversations that we had for the next half hour. Re