Kief Coin by DRJ Labs

Kief Coin by DRJ Labs
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If you were to ask me right now what my favorite kind of cannabis product is I won’t have a very simple answer for you.Kief Coin-1 I like things that are 100% natural and delicious. While, of course, this doesn’t preclude me from dabbling with the occasional butane-extracted concentrate, my favorite forms of cannabis are au naturale. Throw some rosin or some kief my way and I’ll certainly be a happy camper. I recently had the fortune of sampling a brand new kief product from DRJ Labs. The aptly named Kief Coins are a new creation and an exciting one at that. Production of these golden pucks starts at Healing House with the growing of 100% organic non-GMO cannabis. Kief from their standard marijuana grow is gathered together and compressed into shimmering little disks weighing in at one gram. While the compression isn’t enough to turn it into a true hash, glistening little Kief Coins are a smooth and easy to handle concentrate that makes for a perfect bowl topper. I was told that these remarkable little kiefy pogs don’t even need to be on top of flower and can be smoked directly out of a pipe without any fear of clogging it up with oils and resins. For a giant brick of kief, this was an assessment I was going to have to test for myself. Skepticism aside, I about to enjoy an extra-stony evening all thanks to the flip a coin.

If you’ve ever dipped your toes in the industry, you’ll find out quickly that most Marijuana Infused Products (MIP) kitchens and many wholesale marijuana grows are actually owned by dispensaries. In the case of DRJ Labs (previously Dr. J’s), the owner of the MIP is actually Healing House a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colorado. Since Kief Coins are now produced with organic cannabis from Healing House you can rest assured that only natural, vegan ingredients went into the cultivation and production of this kief.

Kief Coin :: Appearance | Smell:

The Kief Coin that I had ready to enjoy in front of me was a hybrid product. Kief Coin-2That means it was produced with trichomes from all of Healing House’s hybrid strains and amalgamated together into a delicious flip-able treasure. I started my adventure by getting into the bag (depending on the product this can sometimes be a real chore). With DRJ Lab’s Kief Coins, It was relatively easy. I pinched open the plastic zipper container to reveal a jar holding a hybrid Kief Coin and a little tool for breaking it apart with. Not being one to tarry when cannabis is involved, I popped open the lid and let the rock-hard puck of kief fall into the palm of my hand. The smell was remarkable (seeing as I was holding a brick of THC goodness) and the compressed disk itself was immaculate. As I really observed it more and took a couple deeper whiffs, I realize that I’d smoked a product very similar to this before legalization. At the time, my dealer had a small cylindrical kief press. He would devoutly gather all the kief from the cannabis he was selling and compress it into these little bricks which he would call “hash” and then sell to us at an exorbitant rate. Regardless of my past adventures, This Kief Coin was certainly a step above anything I had sampled in the past. I ran my finger one more time across the smooth surface of the coin, impressed at how it managed to hold its form without being overly sticky. It was time to crumble off a chunk and see if the smoke matched the looks.

Kief Coin:: Smoke | Effect:

I started using the precious little pick that was provided with the coin to do some exploratory surgery. As I remove the little chunk of from the side of the puck I noticed that the amazing odors coming off were bumped up to the nth degree. The consistency is a little hard to describe and the only fair analogy I came up with was comparing it to overcooked pie crust. Regardless of my inability to determine an analogous substance, the provided mini tool broke apart the DRJ Lab’s Kief Coin perfectly. Heeding the promise that can be smoked directly and not on top of a bowl I broke off a decent sized chunk to stick inside my favorite titanium one-hitter. Since the sticky factor was at a bare minimum, it was a little bit of a challenge to get my chunk of kief to stay inside the end of a spotless one-hitter. Since many of you out there aren’t going to be smoking out a clean resin-less pipe, it shouldn’t be much of a problem to get your Kief Coin chunks to stay where you want them. I fired up the old hemp wick and was ready to go in for a sample. The first thing I took notice of is that it takes a decent amount of heat to really get the stuff to combust properly. Therefore, I highly recommend using hemp wick or match If you’re going to enjoy straight chunks of DRJ Lab’s Kief Coin. If I were using a butane lighter directly into the one-hitter, I know that I would have been inhaling a whole bunch of butane before I got the chunk of kief to combust. Regardless, a few seconds of flame off my hemp wick and it was rolling. As I anticipated the initial smoke was relatively harsh but extremely sweet and flavorful. Kief Coin-3On the other side of the spectrum, it is equally as hard to extinguish a chunk of Kief Coin as it is to get it started. Many of you out there may be going “duh” but it’s worth noting for people who are inexperienced with kief products. After I managed to squelch the flame, I noticed almost immediately that the high from the Kief Coin was already starting to set in. The initial sensations were very balanced but had an emphasis on the cerebral high. This was an extremely potent cerebral high as well, but I’m glad to say it never got out of hand and never verged into the realm of paranoia. The most intense part of the high was rather short-lived and quickly mellowed out into a more balanced body high. The title of “hybrid” was very well deserved on this Kief Coin. Within an hour, my two large one-hitter puffs of Kief Coin were starting to wear off and I figured that it was best that I take another puff or two just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything the first time.


No matter which way you flip it, no matter if it’s heads or tails (not that there’s any differentiation between the two in this case) Kief Coins are always a win. I was astounded that they did not clog my one-hitter and were able to maintain their integrity even under the oppressive heat of my lighter. Perhaps the coolest factor of all is how much bang you get for your Buck out of one of these Keith Coins. At the price of only $16 a gram, you can smoke on one of these bad boys for days on end and still get intensely high off every hit. It’s worth mentioning that there’s no harm in throwing chunks of a DRJ Labs Kief Coin onto a bowl of weed. Simply because they are designed to be smoked without a bowl underneath them doesn’t mean that they’re not suited to be the perfect bowl-topper to your favorite strain. Go ahead, chip off an irresponsibly large block of a Kief Coin and load it straight in a bowl, I won’t tell anyone (with how high you’ll be after you smoke it you probably won’t be able to tell anyone either).