Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin : Concentrate Review

Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin : Concentrate Review
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Behold the power of live resin. Live resin is more than just a marijuana concentrate. It’s the encapsulation of everything that makes a strain great. It is everything about a strain percolated down into a perfect conglomeration of every terpene, protein, and cannabinoid that makes that strain so great. A good live resin should not only possess a respectable THC count but should also encapsulate the terpenes of the original strain. This means whenever I’m getting a live resin I want to have some liquid in there that represents the original terpene content of the strain. When I come across a company new or old that is able to capture the true essence of cannabis I’m always happy. That is precisely what I got when I sampled a gram of Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin. Kush Masters are a relatively new Marijuana Infused Products (MIP) company to the cannabis scene. Based out of Boulder, Colorado they’re blasting some of the best new live resins in town. Adding to the relatively robust repertoire of concentrates at The Station, Kush Masters are bringing some of the best live resin in town into the mix. This is the live resin you’ve been looking for if you’re in the market for a delightful terpene soup. Get ready, the flavors are going to be unreal. If you know a little bit about terpenes and how important they are to the effects of cannabis, then you know just how amazingly potent a terpene-loaded extract can be.

If you want to sample the next-level terpene profile of Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin, check out the selection at The Station a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. Kush Masters has a selection of multiple products available for purchase at The Station, so make sure to ask you budtender about all the options on the shelf.

Check out their full menu at: www.thestationdispensary.com

Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin :: Appearance | Smell:

I’m always ecstatic to try out a new concentrate company. Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin-1While I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself concentrate connoisseur I know my way around the extraction block (if that’s even a real term). Kush Masters was off to a good start by picking a purple container (my favorite color) to hold their live resin. I popped the top open and dropped out a glass container loaded with a gorgeous crystalline soup of terpenes. In many ways, it was reminiscent of the large jars I’ve seen inside MIP tours before the final extraction process. Buried beneath the slick pool of terpenes was a conglomeration of crystalline yellow chunks of THC and other cannabinoids. This was live resin at its finest, concentrated into a small jar that seems to mimic exactly the state live resin possesses on the shelf before it’s packaged. Now let’s talk about smells. Live resins will always possess the best smells due to their high terpene content. That was certainly the case with this Chocolope. The initial smells coming out of the jar were unbelievably sweet. I’ve certainly smelled my share of sweet concentrates and extracts but there was something uniquely different about this Kush Master’s Chocolope. The smell seemed fresher and I could tell that the odor was coming from a concentrate that preserved all the original proteins of the plant. Live resin, since it is extracted directly from fresh or frozen cannabis plants, is very proficient at preserving the original smells. Kush Masters apparently have done a good job and mastering kush (pun intended). There just is no way for me to adequately describe how much like the original plant this concentrate smells like. While for a long time it seemed that the intention of concentrates was to diminish the plant flavor and leave you with a pure THC extract, people are starting to realize now that pure THC is only as powerful as the other cannabinoids and terpenes that are quintessential entourage members to it. I could literally drone on for hours about the amazing looks and smells of this Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin, but I feel a more fitting evaluation would require me to smoke a little bit of it. Hard job I know but somebody’s got to do it.

Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin :: Smoke | Effect:

I cleaned and prepped my nail and dab rig.Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin-3 I decided that it would be more fitting to use my smaller rig than to use the full-size titanium nailed monstrosity I whip out when friends are over. Not only would this give me a little more control over the temperature, but it would also concentrate vape flavors into a little bit smaller package and also not blow my lungs out with coughing. As someone new to the realm of low-temperature dabbing I’ve been playing around for quite a while with nail temperature. If this is something you’ve ever wanted a toy around with but hasn’t had the willpower to go out and purchase yourself an e-nail there is another affordable option for gauging the temperature of your nail. Infrared heat thermometers are relatively affordable nowadays and serve multiple purposes. I originally got my thermometer to determine the temperature of my coop when I was raising chickens from chicks. It has since then served multiple functions in household maintenance and even in cooking. In other words, these infrared thermometers are handy to have around even if it’s not just for rating the temperature of your nail. Regardless I fired up in the mid-range to around for 500 degrees Fahrenheit and procured a rather large dollop of Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin on the end of my favorite dab tool. I was ready to see just how well the amazing smells translated into flavors. I delicately laid down the slab of live resin on to the nail and begin to inhale. The initial flavor was sweet and extremely potent. This isn’t a lightweight type of live resin. The addition of extra terpenes made in a little bit harsher than a normal concentrate smoke would be, but it was worth every bit of the coughing I experienced for the out-of-this-world flavor of Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin. The thing about live resins that sets them apart from standard extract is not only the holistic extraction process but the flavors that are imparted. I have smoked Chocolope as a plain cannabis strain on many occasions and the way that Kush Masters encapsulated the flavor of the plant is uncanny. The presence of all the original proteins, terpenes, and cannabinoids rounds out the entire experience making this live resin a flavor to go down in the books. The effects were unsurprisingly analogous to the strain, taken to the nth degree of course. I was immediately treated to a mild cerebral high that seemed to trickle from the back of my eyes and down to my spine. In juxtaposition to the cerebral high, I also started to experience a very potent body high which crept to my extremities from the center of my body. This seemed to sort of mellow out everything. I’m all too familiar and very used to concentrates that get me way too high but in the case of this Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin, the sensations I was starting to feel were very much like smoking flower as opposed to a concentrate. I will offer this word of warning though. Roughly 30 minutes after I had taken my initial hit I started to get very, very hungry.Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin-2 Some munchies are a side effect of this concentrate. The initial high from the Chocolope lasted for about 45 minutes and then sort of tapered off into a mellow body sensation that seemed to last for hours. While this was a relaxing strain, I wouldn’t say that it made me sleepy. Overall the unique balance of effects makes this a perfect afternoon or evening time smoke for someone who’s looking to relax but not necessarily crash on their couch. Make sure you have some pizza bites or something in the fridge though, you’ll need them.


I enjoy a concentrate that has harmonious and all-encompassing effects like this Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin. I appreciate them, even more, when they’re in live resin form and encapsulate all the amazing flavors and sensations of smoking the original flower. Since I am traditionally a flower smoker, live resins are a great way to expand my smoking habits into the realm of concentrates. If you’ve never sampled a live resin before or are looking for a top-of-the-line live resin that has muted indica-like effects while still providing an aware sativa-esque high, then you really should consider Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin. While Kush Masters may be a relatively nascent company, I see great things in the future for them. If they’re able to keep producing delicious terpene-loaded concentrates like this Chocolope I’m sure they’ll have a whole lot of success in the live resin world. Enjoy those terpenes, my friends, when you’re dealing with the concentrate like Kush Masters Chocolope Live Resin there’s going to be plenty to go around.#JessetheGrove

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