Lemon Skunk Live Resin : Concentrate Review

Lemon Skunk Live Resin : Concentrate Review
Chronic Therapy Concentrate Review Live Resin Marijuana Concentrates

It’s come as no surprise to myself that concentrates are taking over the cannabis world. Ever since the first time I tried cannabis concentrates while I was helping a friend move I knew in an instant the world of getting stoned was never going to be the same. While the ability to get uproariously high from a little dollop of waxy weed extract hasn’t changed since then the quality sure has. The first time I ever took a dab it was a pasty brown amalgam of marijuana goo. homemade and of low enough caliber that many sophisticated dabbers nowadays wouldn’t even accept smoking it. In the last five years, marijuana concentrates have undergone an entire revolution. What was once considered a niche of the marijuana smoking world has now become mainstream and the companies producing these concentrates have been refining their process for years. Not only has the process been refined, but new methods and new adaptations of the original forms of marijuana concentrates have been created. It’s at the point now where when you go into any standard dispensary you can expect to be overwhelmed by their different varieties of concentrates. This increase of knowledge and increase of technology has also yielded a surprising benefit for the marijuana consumer, the knowledge of terpenes. Not only are terpenes a quintessential component for the smells and flavors that you experience when smoking a marijuana strain but they also play a key role in the effects of that strain.Lemon Skunk Live Resin-2 Going hand in hand with this new realization concentrate companies have now been attempting to capture the essence of these terpenes when they make an extract. One such method of crafting a concentrate high in terpenes is by creating a live resin. In a standard process of creating marijuana concentrate, you start with either shake, trim, buds, stems, or sweet leaf. After processing all the components, they are put through either a pressure based or chemical based process to remove the extra proteins from the THC resulting in concentrates that are sure to make you incredibly high. The downfall of this process is many of the natural proteins that are found in the form of terpenes are destroyed during the process of extraction. Live resins attempt to negate this terpene loss. This is done by instead of using processed and cured cannabis using fresh or frozen cannabis instead. In the creation of a live resin, the plants are simply cut and processed directly afterward instead of being cured for weeks or even months. Processing cannabis like this preserves the delicate terpenes creating a full of flavor and better effects from the end concentrate. One company that dabbles in live resin production is Chronic Creations. Chronic Creations has been at it awhile now in their live resin process has become an art form. Their Lemon Skunk Live Resin was no different and is an absolutely Immaculate yellow cake of terpene-loaded high-causing Bliss. It is absolute proof positive that we’ve come a long way from sticky jars of brown crummy concentrates.

If you want to try some of this amazing next level Lemon Skunk Live Resin then you better make your way to Chronic Therapy recreational dispensary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Not only is Chronic Therapy loaded with some of the best products in town but they are also the production point for Chronic Creations extracts so if you’re looking for the best concentrates in town look no further

Lemon Skunk Live Resin :: Appearance | Smell:

I’ll start off by coming clean, I’m always excited to see what Chronic Creations whipping up. Some of the most delicious concentrates I’ve ever tried have come from them and I had no doubts that this Lemon Skunk Live Resin would rank among the best as soon as I popped its lid open. Inside the little silicon jar sat an immaculate little cube of potent, yellow live resin. The surface of the batter practically shimmered it was so smooth and perfectly packaged. Lemon Skunk Live Resin-4Lemon Skunk Live Resin let out more than just aesthetics when I popped the lid. Just like the thunder after a lightning bolt, an incredibly potent aroma hit my nose. A sweet and citrusy yet dank skunky aroma wafted out of the jar. This is why I love Live Resin. In a standard extraction process using cured plant matter the aromas and flavors that come off the concentrates are sub-par at best. While you made be able to get some aromas off of a standard extraction process these smells are just nothing compared to a live resin where the aromas fly out of the jar in a manner just like the buds displayed before they were processed. That was precisely the case here. I delved my nose in just a little bit deeper to see what aromas I could detect. The skunk aroma was a highlight but it also bore the remarkable characteristics of another component in its name, lemon. While I couldn’t pinpoint the smell as being lemon precisely It definitely was citrusy and bright. It was also surprisingly sweet smelling as well. As I poked and prodded the puck of live resin more and more of its luscious aroma escaped. When breaking off small chunks there was a characteristic sugary consistency to the Lemon Skunk Live Resin. If I’ve learned one thing from my cats it’s that it is unethical to play around with your prey, so I set my tool down and went to retrieve the dab rig that would be the eventual undoing of this live resin and the means of my transcendence to the realm of being stoned.

Lemon Skunk Live Resin :: Smoke | Effect:

As someone who isn’t a daily dabber whenever I do decide to smoke Some marijuana concentrates, I usually make an afternoon of it. On this evening’s agenda, I had a friend from the Netherlands staying with us and we had a fun filled afternoon of video games planned for us. As we all fired up our respective computers I fired up a torch and prepared my dab rig for a reckoning. I scooped up a rather ambitious glob of Lemon Skunk Live Resin and took a couple deep breaths. Lemon Skunk Live Resin-1I waited till the glow from my nail was just right and struck. The waxy dab evaporated into smoke before my eyes and all those natural terpenes leftover from the live resin process vaporized into an amazing smell that started to fill the room. The initial flavor was delightful and the smoke was remarkably smooth. I calmly exhaled as a very bold citrus flavor hit the back of my tongue. This flavor was masterfully balanced by the sweet dankness that seemed to come forth from the live resin. With a few sizzles, the remainder of the concentrate on my dab tool had vanished into nothingness. The smoke from Lemon Skunk Live Resin was so smooth that it didn’t even elicit a cough or so much as the throat clear after my exhale. I calmly and coolly walked over to my computer seat and sat down preparing myself for the high video games I was about to experience. As is the case with most concentrates the high kicked in exceptionally fast. Within a couple minutes, I was already feeling darn good. The initial effects from the high seem to be entirely sativa with a slight racing sensation. Over the years I have acclimated to this exciting racing sensation be warned that if you are new to the world of cannabis it can be uncomfortable. If you’re a seasoned veteran you’ll know that this sensation is the perfect thing to parlay into moving around, going outside, and getting things done around the house. The plan for this session, however, was video games and nothing short of that would suffice. I’m sure I wasn’t physically bouncing up and down in my seat I metaphorically felt like I was bouncing off the walls as I sat and in absolutely no time at all my overzealous attitude caused by the concentrate had got me and all of my friends killed in our video game. It was hilarious for me at least. After about a half hour to 45 minutes, my initial high from the Lemon Skunk Live Resin had mellowed out a little bit and I found myself quite content and just a little bit stony still sitting around enjoying our video game. By the time another half hour had passed I was starting to feel pretty much back down to Earth, and just in time for us to start a new round of our game and for my friends to load a massive bong to start passing around

Overall ::

If you like to get high, and I do mean really high, then you really oughtLemon Skunk Live Resin-3 to look into Lemon Skunk Live Resin from Chronic Creations. Not only does this premium concentrate have an amazing smell, aesthetic, and flavor but it is some damn potent stuff to boot. While I may have used my high for a couch-sitting session of video games, I can assure you that is not with this train is best utilized for. Lemon skunk live resin is a high-octane, hard-hitting concentrate that blends together the best aspects of a full terpene profile with the heavy-hitting THC content of a concentrate. This is an extract that everyone should want to have on their shelf for those special days when you just have got to move around and do stuff but still wanna be high. The next time I intend to enjoy some of this live resin I plan on playing badminton, volleyball, soccer, bocce ball or some other activity that will properly harness the energy that was given to me when I smoked this concentrate. If you got the gumption to get going with some ganja then you should get going with Lemon Skunk Live Resin from Chronic Creations. It’s a killer concentrate that proves to everyone that we’ve left the dark ages of brown yucky paste in the bottom of the jar. If you’re interested in more, check out the herb collective OC.#JessetheGrove

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