Life Flower CO2 Oil : Concentrate Review

Life Flower CO2 Oil : Concentrate Review
Life Flower Dispensary Marijuana Concentrates

When I first moved to Colorado, to say I was a cannabis aficionado would have been a bit of an understatement. Life Flower THC Oil-3I was fascinated and entranced by the world I was coming into. After years of clandestine smoking, picking up in parking lots, and Sunday nights of resin bowls, it was like coming home.

Back east, and traveling in California, I thought I’d seen it all – different strains, varieties and types of flower, a myriad of edibles, and even some different kinds of hash oil. I wasn’t prepared for the world of dabs I was coming into though. It was like having shrimp once and thinking that not only could I run the fishing boats, but the kitchen as well. Even now, two years into being in the cannabis industry, I’m constantly seeing, tasting and learning about new kinds of concentrates. Bubble hash, full melt, BHO, PHO, shatter, budder, wax, live resin… honestly, after making that list, I know where my unbidden shrimp analogy comes from (thanks a lot Forrest Gump).

This sample was provided by Life Flower Dispensary (formerly Medicine Man Market) in Glendale, Colorado one of the few shops in town open till midnight as made by Colorado Cannabis Company, the production side of Pure Medical Dispensary. If you want to get this specific syringe produced with this specific blend of cannabis, you’re only going to find it at Life Flower Dispensary.

Life Flower CO2 Oil :: Appearance:

One of the least common types of concentrates you’ll find around town is CO2 syringes, and frankly, it’s very surprising. In most ways, I’d regard CO2 as my favorite hash oil. Boasting a clean extraction method, high THC content, but most importantly a more full profile of other cannabinoids. This serves to provide a more well-rounded high, closer to flower than traditional extracts. Frankly, that right there is enough of a selling point for me. While dabs are great, too often you get that big Life Flower THC Oil-1THC high spike, and then come down a few hours later. With syringes of CO2, it’s the closest you can get to dabbing flower, short of rosin, and usually with a lower price point.

Beyond that, the other applications of CO2 syringes are fantastic. Some, if activated beforehand are edible, and all of them (due to their low activation temperature) are able to be used as bowl toppers, or as I use them, to line joint papers. A small smear on each side of the paper not only stabilizes your joint, but also provides a sort of bonding agent to increase it’s durability. Even before tasting anything, I was impressed. The light color of the oil implied a flavorful dab to say the least, but I had some plans beyond that.

Life Flower CO2 Oil :: Smoke | Effect:

Loading up my dabber, I did notice the ever present critique of syringes – that they’re hard to get the perfect amount from, but that’s just the nature of the beast. As I plunged the lump of oil into my nail, I tasted terps. Seconds later I was laying back into my couch, feeling the effects of the over 70% THC and smattering of other cannabanoids.

The high was pleasant and not nearly as intense as other dabs that have come through my nail. Flavorful, powerful and smooth, this is to a degree the ideal of what dabs were created for. Simultaneously euphoric and relaxing, I was intrigued and wanted to see what else this product was really about.

Using my aforementioned (and favorite) method of utilizing CO2 concentrates, I ground up some flower. Then, pressing ever so gently, I smeared it the hash oil across the paper I had laid out. Then a little more on the other side. Then a little more down the middle. Finally, I poured in my flower, and as I rolled the soon-to-be joint between my fingers, forming it into shape. The flower began to stick to the papers. Another roll and my cannabis was now well formed. After finishing the deed, I lit it and inhaled deeply.

The first thing I noticed was the flavor, complimenting the flower, not overpowering it. Then the slight sizzle as the viscous material burned and oozed further into things. Thankfully I was sharing this with my roommate because what I estimated to be a seven-minute joint just kept burning and burning for over 15 minutes. Eventually, bleary eyed, I tried to write some notes on the experience. At the end of that note taking session, I noticed I hadn’t written any notes, but rather an order for Chinese food. Not being one to deny a good idea, I made the phone call.

Overall ::

Sitting here a few hours later, my bloodstream surging with THC and MSG, I can say I’m succinctly satisfied with my experience. I’ve tried a few different CO2 syringes on the market and Colorado Cannabis Company’s work was wonderful. Whenever this thing runs out, I’ll more than likely heading back to the crew at Life Flower Dispensary. Thankfully, I won’t have to rush to make it with their late night hours, and I don’t see myself getting off this couch anytime soon.

Phil Maccarone

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