Live Resin Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax : Concentrate Review

Live Resin Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax : Concentrate Review
Concentrate Review Marijuana Concentrates Wax

The biggest concern on everyone’s mind nowadays seems to be, where should you not be high. While there are some obvious answers like when you’re driving, when you’re using a circular saw, or when you’re at grandma’s house, people don’t spend enough time talking about when you should be inebriated. I know I have a very real answer for when you should be high. Have you ever cleaned out a chicken coop? Well if you haven’t before, let me tell you that you need to be stoned when you’re doing it, and I don’t mean just a little stoned. I recently was presented with a brand-new tool to fight the litany of the monthly coop clean-out. Chronic Creations’ Live Resin: Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax is an amazing extract that provides a potent high that is sure to help you pushblackberry-kush-sugar-wax-1 through even the most monotonous tasks. While Blackberry Kush is hypothetically an indica leaning hybrid, I can attest that when you put it into concentrate form, the effects are very invigorating. Not only is the high that is instilled by Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax amazing, but so is the flavor and smell. This is due in part to the fact that it’s a live resin. Live resins are extracted in the same process that regular wax is produced, but with a slightly different starting point. Most extracts are produced from shake, flower, or sweet leaf. These components can make for amazing wax, but they are all sourced from marijuana plants that have been cut, cured, and dried. This means that you lose out on many of the unique terpenes that are present in the plant before the curing process. Live resins use either fresh or frozen raw weed plants as a starting point for extraction. The result is a wax that is packed with terpenes, and represents the truest flavor and smells that can be attained from a concentrate. In other words, Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax has all the flavors it should have, without compromising potency.

If you want to get your hands on some of this amazing Live Resin: Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax, the only place you’ll find it is at Chronic Therapy, a recreational dispensary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Not only is this some of the tastiest concentrate in town but it’s also some of the cleanest. The most recent batch to be tested showed 0% residuals. If you know a thing or two about extracts, then you know that this is almost unheard of in the industry. If you’re going to smoke concentrates, why not smoke the absolute cleanest in the state? You can pick up a gram of this Platinum Reserve Extract for $60, so get on over to Chronic Therapy and help do your part in the fight against monotonous chores!

Live Resin: Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax :: Appearance | Smell:

To start, I’d like to add that I’ve never been disappointed by any of the extracts I’ve sampled from Chronic Creations, and I knew at first glance that Live Resin: Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax wouldn’t let me down. Even sealed behind a tamper-resistant lid, and a little silicon shield inside, I could immediately detect a strong marijuana odor coming from my little jar of Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax. Why not let the beast out? I popped the top and was practically accosted by the strongest smelling concentrate I’ve ever encountered (and I’ve encountered a lot). This was a unique smell, that you blackberry-kush-sugar-wax-2only can get from live resins. Instead of simply smelling like sweet extract, Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax smells like fresh Blackberry Kush buds. The distinctive Kush dankness was a real highlight, but the namesake aroma of blackberries also added a sweet alluring addition to the mix. I kid you not, if you had me do a blindfolded smell test, I would never guess that I was smelling an extract and would peg it as fresh buds right off the bat. Aesthetically Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax had everything going for it as well. True to its title of “sugar wax” the little crumbly chunks of golden yellow live resin, glistened in the sunlight and had a globular structure that made it look like a facial scrub. While I wouldn’t recommend smearing Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax over your face, I can imagine that if you did you would befriend a lot of marijuana smokers just by how amazing you smelled.

Live Resin: Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax :: Smoke | Effect:

I readied my small rig and prepared myself for the first sampling of Live Resin: Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax. It took a little bit of heating my dab tool and a little coaxing to get a few of the sugary globs to stick where I wanted them to, but I eventually managed. The power of all the elements came together for my dab. With water from the rig, fire from my torch, wind from my lungs, earth from my marijuana sugar wax, and joy from my heart, I took a dab that captain planet would have been proud of. Holy cow, what an amazing extract! The first flavors that hit me oddly enough were very tart and citrusy. The intense citrus notes quickly mellowed out into a well-rounded fruitiness that I had hoped for from the Blackberry. The follow-up flavor was incredibly light and floral and complimented the smoothness of the smoke. Although I didn’t take a massive dab there was still not a cough to be heard, and I couldn’t help but admire just blackberry-kush-sugar-wax-3how smooth Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax is. In the tried and true fashion in which concentrates hit me, I was stoned before I even heated the nail. Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax, testing at 71.37% THCA, is no push-over when it comes to potency. While there are other extracts out there with higher concentrations, I can tell you that I didn’t need to be any higher than Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax made me. I usually am good about preordaining activities to occupy myself when I’m inebriated, but I had failed to do so before my session this time. I got a bur in my saddle and decided that the best course of action was surrounding myself with chicken shit for some reason. Not altogether a bad idea. After a good hour of scouring every chicken-filled nook and cranny, my high was wearing off and it seemed like no time had passed at all. I went inside victorious and ready for a shower, knowing full well that another dab could be in my future for board game night with my friends later that evening.

Overall ::

Live Resin: Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax taught me a valuable lesson about when I should be high. While it was no secret that getting stoned has always helped me power through my chores I can’t say I’ve ever found a wax that makes time fly in such a manner. While I utilized the high from Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax for an extremely lame chore, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t enjoyed it since for much more entertaining activities, like game night. Still, I stand by my assessment that it’s an amazing accouterment for chore time. So, next time you’re confronted with a pile of dishes that peek over the edge of the sink, a toilet that needs scrubbing, or, heaven forbid, a crap filled chicken coop, reach for the Blackberry Kush Sugar Wax; it will be your salvation.#JessetheGrove



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