Mahatma Concentrates at Smokin Gun

Mahatma Concentrates at Smokin Gun
Marijuana Concentrates Smokin Gun Dispensary

If you’re having trouble concentrating, Smokin' Gunjust leave it to the professionals. I’m not talking the type of concentrate you use when you’re making a go of the New York Time’s crossword puzzle, but the kind that Mahatma Concentrates is serving up at Smokin Gun in Glendale, Colorado. While I know some of us need a hearty portion of shatter or wax to even look at something as mundane as a crossword puzzle, there’s a good chance that Mahatma has something on the shelf at Smokin Gun that would make paint drying on the wall an exhibition experience. The time has come; “Smokin Gun and Mahatma Concentrates have partnered to provide their clientele with the highest quality wax, shatter and The Clear concentrates,” so go buy that paint and watch it dry! If you haven’t been in to Smokin Gun yet to check out their top notch products, then you’re doing yourself a grave injustice. In particular, one of the in-store highlights is the selection of superior marijuana extracts like The Clear, provided by Mahatma. Mahatma is no stranger to the cannabis industry, having served up some of the best quality extractions since well before recreational legalization. Founded in 2010, Mahatma Concentrates has a perfect paradigm to convey, “[their] core beliefs as a company are simple, ‘produce the best.’” With that in mind, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing of the better part of the last decade now. So now the burning (ahem) question on all your minds, what does Smokin Gun have on the shelf from Mahatma, and how much will it cost me?

Mahatma : The Clear Dab Oil

Why not start with Mahatma’s flagship concentrate, The Clear. Let’s take a look at what makes The Clear the clear choice in marijuana extracts. For starters, The Clear is produced in-house by Mahatma to ensure the absolute best buds and trim go into your product from the start to ensure a perfect finish. The Clear is put through a meticulous refinement process unique to Mahatma. This process is so precise that when The Clear is tested for residual solvents, it yields an astonishing 0 PPM (parts per million). If you’ve been concerned in the past that you may not be smoking the absolute cleanest concentrates in town, then it’s time to check out The Clear.

A gram of this next-level extract will run you $75 at Smokin Gun. Remember, there is a reason you pay more for premium gasoline at a gas station; The Clear is the premium gas to fuel your dab rig.

Mahatma : The Clear Cartridge 500mg

If you’re not in the possession of a dab rig, or maybe just visiting Colorado to experience a little slice of green (or in this case golden) Rock Mountain bliss, check out Mahatma’s Clear cartridges. Not only are these 500 milligram cartridges loaded with the same quality extract as The Clear dab oil, but they are also low profile and very discreet. Hand down, The Clear cartridges are the easiest way to get a taste of masterfully grown and blasted cannabis without a full dabbing setup. Best of all, thanks to Mahatma’s steam distillation process, all the tasty terpanoids from the plants are kept fully intact and extra delicious all for your smoking pleasure.

If you want a fast and easy way to try one of the best extracts in town, then swing by Smokin Gun to snag one of these cartridges. One cartridge will run $60, and depending on how often you smoke it, can last for a very long time.

Mahatma Shatter

You can’t go wrong with golden, delicious shatter,mahatma (5 of 1) especially when it’s blasted for you by Mahatma. Mahatma uses insanely high quality 99.8% pure N-Butane gas to produce their award winning concentrates. As a testament to what high quality machines can make when you put in
high quality products, the end result is always pure, crystal-clear shatter that any concentrate aficionado would be proud to grace the end of his dab wand with. Mahatma’s standard shatter, like The Clear, is produced using Mahatma’s grows to ensure a high quality in-house product that is sure to please even the most discerning connoisseurs.

If you’re in the market for some of Mahatma’s premium shatter, Smokin Gun carries grams for $59.96. I have no doubt that you will be extremely impressed at just how gorgeous and translucent this top shelf shatter is.

Mahatma Shatter and Wax Black

Still looking for concentrates but need to pinch a few pennies? Smokin Gun also carries a selection of Mahatma Black. Mahatma Black shatter and wax are both a good option for someone who wants quality extracts for a price that won’t break the bank. The only thing that makes Mahatma’s Black line differentmahatma (4 of 1) is the source of the trim. Mahatma Black uses top quality trim from partnered growers and dispensaries to create an end product that’s just as clean as any other, but can sell for less since Mahatma didn’t need to manage the entire growing operation as well. Both the Mahatma Black shatter and wax test extremely low in PPM of contaminants and still contain all the tasty terpanoid goodness as their premium extracts.

Swing by Smokin Gun and you can get these extremely high quality concentrates for a price that’s practically a steal, with shatter running $44.95 a gram, and wax running $47.20 a gram.

Mahatma Wax Platinum

If only the best wax will do for you, then make sure to check out Mahatma’s Platinum line-up. The thing in my mind that really sets Mahatma’s Platinum line apart from the other is the fact that they use their own bud to produce these extracts, and I do mean bud. While most extracts use shake or trim, Mahatma’s Platinum concentrates use whole buds, which makes for some of the tastiest and best smelling products around. Mahatma is looking out for the environment as well while they are producing their high quality products. “[Mahatma is] currently running the most advanced closed loop hydrocarbon extraction system” around, which is there to ensure that any ozone damaging gasses stay where they belong– out of the atmosphere and out of your concentrates. So while all these amazing concentrates may look aesthetically yellow, they are very green at heart (works on multiple levels eh?)

If you’re looking to buy a gram of Mahatma Concentrate’s Platinum Wax, you can pick one up for only $50 at Smokin Gun. For a nug-run process this is a very good price, and I would highly recommend checking some of this wax out for yourself.

While it may all seem like a bunch of mahatma (2 of 1)delicious tasting extra-high-causing fun and games, both Mahatma and Smokin Gun know that concentrates are very powerful in the ol’ THC department and should be enjoyed with respect. Just like edibles, it’s very easy to consume more later, but impossible to consume less (unless you have a time machine, in which case go back to the first day of legalization and give me a heads up). The folks over at Mahatma want you to have the very best; “we are a multiple cup winning organization, with attention to detail and are looking forward to our continued partnership with Smokin Gun.” If you’re not excited by now about the awesome Mahatma products available at Smokin Gun, then I’d say you must be high, or maybe that’s the other way around? Regardless, if you’re looking for a dab or two to break the monotony, you’ll find what you seek from Mahatma Concentrates sitting on the shelves at Smokin Gun, Colorado’s best late night dispensary.#JessetheGrove



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