Mahatma – Mixed Hybrid Wax : Concentrate Review

Mahatma – Mixed Hybrid Wax : Concentrate Review
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One year for my birthday, a group of my friends pooled money, and most generously purchased me a bottle of scotch. Overjoyed, I took to drinking it immediately. Every night, as a way to greet the impending hours of sleep, I would sip on that fine elixir. In a time that I considered to be much too soon, the liquor was gone, and the fun was over. I like to think of fine cannabis concentrates like I would that fine bottle of scotch. While a good wax will undoubtedly pack a punch, because of their quantity and relative price, the joys of a good cannabis concentrate can be fleeting. For this reason, my exploration into Colorado’s concentrate world is ever-continuing, as I am on the quest to find not only the highest quality waxes and shatters the state has to offer, but also those that will not demolish your bank account.

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I ventured recently to the fine folks over at RiNo Supply Co. in Denver’s River North district, and picked up a $20 gram of their mixed wax, blasted courtesy of Mahatma, they offer their waxes to members for $20 a gram on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Mahatma – Mixed Hybrid Wax :: Appearance | Smell:

At this price, I was skeptical. The wax was produced Rino Supply Co. Denverby Mahatma, a concentrate company local to the Denver metro area, although RiNo has several different concentrate providers. As expected, for $20, I got the “house blend” hybrid wax, which is not necessarily a bad thing, unless you are looking for a strain-specific extraction. The wax was pressed into a firm little paddy, which was a dark-brown, slightly green color. In fact, the wax reminded me a lot of petrified wood in the way it was shaped, and its color. The scent is nice, clean and waxy, with mild earthy and floral notes. Its consistency is a bit thicker than many waxes I have come across, extremely sticky and firm, but still malleable enough to break off pieces, and mold them into easy-to-dab balls.

Mahatma – Mixed Hybrid Wax :: Smoke | Effect

I scraped off a good sized dab of this stuff, and loaded it into my rig. The first time I tried this, perhaps I took too much at one time, because the cloud was uncompromisingly cough-inducing. My second time smoking this stuff, I took a much smaller dab, and, whileRino Supply Co Denver there was coughing, it wasn’t nearly as bad. Many of the nice earthy flavors are brought through the smoke, leaving a pleasant, albeit “I just did dabs” taste in your mouth.

The first time I tried this, the effects were immediate, potent, and spectacular. Let me try to describe the feeling: I was attempting to play my guitar amongst a group of friends, and while it was very difficult to not seem Blitzkreiged by the silly stuff coming out of my mouth, my focus was incredible. One of the biggest differences between smoking flower and concentrates is just this: my high was spacey, and cerebral, but ultimately clear. Time dilation was extremely apparent with this wax. I was brushing my teeth with one of those timing electric toothbrushes. Two minutes felt like an eternity of looking at my dopey, grinning face in the mirror. The body high was not nearly as strong with this strain, but was apparent.

I am shocked by the value of this product. At only $20 for the gram, I am very impressed by the strong and pleasant effects, but also the tasty, thick smoke. For those of you who do more dabs than I do, you might not get the coughing fit that I did from this, but any medical patients who want to avoid excessive coughing might have a difficult time dabbing this product. For the price, however, I am convinced this might be some of the best value wax in Denver.


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