Mighty Kong Wax : Concentrate Review

Mighty Kong Wax : Concentrate Review
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A piercing scream breaks the city skyline as a massive gorilla scales its way Mighty Kong Waxup a building distressed damsel in hand. As planes circle the beast pecking away at its thick hide in vain, you nonchalantly gaze up, knowing exactly what to do. You, after all, have Might Kong’s weakness in hand, a dab pick and a torch. As you calmly heat up your dab nail, the beast makes its final stand atop the empire state building. With an attuned prod of your dab tool, Mighty Kong is defeated and his terpene-loaded waxy essence falls on your nail dissolving into an alluring cloud of THC-loaded smoke. You’ve just defeated Might Kong Wax. No easy feat considering it’s robust terpene content, massively powerful THC attributes, and unrivaled clarity. Produced by Denver Dab Co using fresh plant matter from The Station in Boulder, Colorado this Mighty Kong Wax is a remarkable specimen that most certainly bears further research. This wax is the kind of concentrate you’ll always want to have in your collection. With a high that skirts on the best attributes of both sativa and indica, Mighty Kong Wax is a good daytime, evening time, or anytime in between kind of concentrate. Join me now, on an adventure through the unexplored mist of skulk island on our quest to understand why they made another king kong movie- I mean to understand what makes Mighty Kong Wax tick.

If you want to unleash your inner Kong with some of this Mighty Kong Wax, you’re only going to find it at The Station, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. The Station is Boulder’s premiere stop for cannabis smokers, where massive selection and classy aesthetics meet superior quality and value.

Check out their full menu at: www.thestationdispensary.com

Mighty Kong Wax :: Appearance | Smell:

I started my adventure as I do with any Denver Dab Co review,Mighty Kong Wax-2 by getting into their clamshell-style container. Once I deciphered the code, I popped the top to reveal a little glass container that was practically glowing from the bright neon orange Mighty Kong wax within it. One of my favorite attributes about concentrates from Denver Dab Co is the full list of lab tested terpenes that they always have printed on the top of their containers. In this case, I noted that there was a very high content (32% of the 10% terpene content) of β-caryophyllene, the terpenoid responsible for giving cloves their unique aroma and flavor. Already knowing ahead of time to expect a little bite from the smell, I unscrewed the little jar to see what Mighty Kong had in store for me. The wax itself looked incredibly smooth and had several sugary bits which weren’t too surprising for a concentrate that was so high in THC and terpenes. The wax was very bright colored and showcased a very noteworthy orange-yellow hue. I went in for a smell and was rewarded with a quite potent aroma that wasn’t quite what I would call spicy, but definitely had a little bite to it (what else would you expect from Mighty Kong?) one thing that made the odor unique was the fact that I could really still smell that this used to be a marijuana plant. Before you say, “duh Jesse” let me explain myself. The extraction process in concert with the unique set of terpenes in Mighty Kong made for a concentrate that smells remarkably like fresh buds. I digress, it smelled simply awesome.

Mighty Kong Wax :: Smoke | Effect:

Might Kong needed to be smoked from a might bong, so I pulled out my large dab rig and started heating up its titanium nail (while I’m usually a fan of ceramic nails, I’ve never noticed a flavor change between titanium and ceramic). I grabbed a fair size chunk of Mighty Kong Wax and prepared to go in for a dab. The wax evaporated exceptionally fast and left absolutely no residual as it melted onto the nail. I took in a big lung-full and was hit right between the eyes by Mighty Kong Wax. I took in all the flavor I could get and before a couple compulsory coughs detected a rich spicy flavor mixed with a tart and almost lime-like finish to the smoke. I definitely coughed a couple times post hit, Mighty Kong Wax certainly isn’t the gentlest smoke I’ve experienced, then again, smoking it out of a giant dab rig isn’t going to make it any smoother. The pleasant flavor lingered in my mouth for a few minutes and seemed to mellow into a cooling sort of mint flavor. This made sense, considering the Myrcene, another terpene prominent in the wax is also one of the constituent components in menthol. As I settled for one dab to start, it took no time at all for Mighty Kong to ascend through my lungs and find its way to the top of my head. The initial high from the wax was entirely cerebral save for a slight numbness in my extremities. Beyond being cerebral, it also was fairly invigorating as well.Mighty Kong Wax-3 I could feel the excitement building up in me, and I chose to parlay that into doing some laundry and other sundry chores I’d been neglecting. As I toiled away on the mundane, the high from Mighty Mong Wax seemed to shift its attention from my head to my body. The remainder of my Might Kong Wax high was all body sensations. Settling down from my chores I was also afflicted by a pretty intense case of the munchies. I never can quite tell what strains are going to do it to me, but Mighty Kong certainly gave me a massive gorilla-size appetite.

Overall ::

Mighty Kong Wax is a really versatile concentrate. It’s high is robust and relatively long lasting. It starts out energetic and sativa-esque and then slowly lulls you into an indica-type munchy-driven end. The wax itself shares a similar dichotomy. What starts out as biting inhale with notes of spicy clove, quickly mellows into a soothing menthol tingle. Now that you know a little more about Mighty Kong Wax, it’s time load up your biplane arm your dab tool and go in for an attack run. Just remember, this is some Mighty Kong, so don’t bite off more than you can chew (or in this case dab).#JessetheGrove