Mob Boss Rosin : Concentrate Review

Mob Boss Rosin : Concentrate Review
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I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse; Have you ever wanted a remarkably pure extract created with a solvent-less process with organically grown cannabis that will leave you astonishingly high yet surprisingly functional? Well that’s just what I found in the latest batch of Mob Boss Rosin that I was fortunate enough to sample. Rosin is created using a solvent-less process which guarantees that there will never be any residual butane, propane, or hexane going into your lungs. As with any extraction process, you can only get out something as good as what you put in, and in the case of Mob Boss, you’re putting in a really wonderful strain. The sativa-dominant hybrid Mob Boss is commonly known to be the combination of Chemdawg and Tang Tang, and while there are other genetic combinations out there that have been coined “Mob Boss,” this amalgam is considered to be the original. If you’ve somehow avoided knowledge of Chemdawg over the years, I’ll do a brief introduction. Chemdawg is a modern-ageMob Boss Rosin staple strain that seems to work a touch of its genetics into a large number of the strains on the proverbial shelf. It is known genetically as being just about as close to pure unadulterated indica as you can get, and is widely recognized for its namesake flavor that is considered to be akin to an unknown ambiguous chemical. While Chemdawg’s genetic heritage is spotty at best, at least Tang Tang has a nice traceable lineage – not! The internet is usually a miraculous fountain of information when it comes to doing genetic research on different strains, but in the case of Tang Tang, the internet apparently couldn’t be bothered. What is known is that Tang Tang is a relatively new strain that in most cases is derived from the strain Blockhead from Grindhouse Medical Seeds’ Sonja line. While Blockhead itself is an indica-dominant strain, the resulting self-crossing that created Tang Tang turned out a very potent sativa-dominant. When Chemdawg and Tang Tang get together, it’s a thing of beauty, and their 1920’s themed progeny Mob Boss is ready to be a sockdolager right in your kisser. Yep, sockdolager. Look it up.

If you want Mob Boss Rosin that is as clean, organic, and as delicious as I described it, then there is only one place that you can find it: Healing House in Denver, Colorado. Healing House Denver produces its own concentrates, and this rosin is simply remarkable. This in-house process ensures that only the highest quality cannabis is going into your extracts right from Healing House’s completely organic and vegan marijuana harvests. With all of the care put into creating extracts like their Mob Boss Rosin, I would go out on a limb and bet that this is hands-down some of the cleanest concentrates you can find anywhere in Colorado. This is the kind of pure cannabis goodness that needs to be shared, so don’t just take my word for it; get out there and try some of Healing House’s phenomenal extracts for yourself.

Mob Boss Rosin :: Appearance | Smell:

Next on my agenda was digging in for a closer look. I opened up my little parchment paper to reveal a golden amber blob of Mob Boss Rosin. Right off the bat I noticed the consistency mirrored batches of shatter that I’ve had in the past. While the sheet wasn’t completely translucent, along the edges where the rosin was thinner it was practically like glass. I took a couple prods at it with my dabbing tool and just like its appearance would allude to, it behaved just like shatter; that is to say it was prone to shattering when cold, and was ludicrously sticky when at room temperature. I proceeded to take a big whiff. Surprisingly enough, Mob Boss Rosin has a very pungent smell despite the fact that the extraction process usually takes a heavy toll on the terpanoids of any strain. The smell, while still quite odiferous, was extremely light and floral. There was a wonderful sweetness to the aroma that mixed perfectly with a little touch of a minty bite. To me it made perfect sense that I didn’t pick up on any of the chem scents from the Chemdawg side of its parentage, considering Mob Boss tends to draw on its effects and flavors more from the Tang Tang side of its genetics. It’s really a delightfully floral smelling rosin, with very minimal bubbling and a consistency that’s just right.

Mob Boss Rosin :: Smoke | Effect:

The time had come for the moment of truth. To prove to the Mob Boss that I’m not one to be trifled with, I pulled out the heavy guns. In this case that involved bringing out my full size dab rig. After scooping up a large dollop of Mob Boss Rosin and preheating my nail, I was ready for take-off. Right off the bat the sweetness in the strain hit me like a foot-long pixie stick. I also expected the familiar “took-a-dab” harshness to set in almost as soon as the initial flavor, but was shocked when all I experienced was more sweet smooth smoke. On my exhale I still didn’t pick up any flavors from the Chemdawg, and instead only tasted a tangy mintyness that seemed to be very reminiscent to what I had observed before from its smell. I was left stunned at how pure and Mob Boss Rosinclean a smoke it was considering how massive the dab and the smoking device were. There really is something to be said about the solvent-less extraction methods. Mob Boss Rosin doesn’t play around with its effects either. Within a minute I was already feeling a massive high. While I would describe the initial high as exhilarating, it was only a few minutes until it mellowed out into an extremely exuberant and uplifting sensation. In true sativa form, all I wanted to do was be up and about and doing something after my first rip. The best part about the high I received from Mob Boss Rosin was the fact that I didn’t feel too high, I didn’t feel anxious, and I didn’t really feel all that disoriented. I also didn’t feel like a complete idiot like I do with some – many – most dabs. I would go out on a limb and say that this was one of the best highs I’ve ever experienced from a concentrate; it was long lasting, balanced, giggly, exhilarating, and best of all didn’t melt away my cognitive capacities.

Overall ::

If you’ve been in the market for a perfect daytime sativa-dominant hybrid concentrate that will leave you high but not debilitated, then Mob Boss Rosin should be right up your alley. Aside from its amazing attributes, the lack of any chemicals in the growing and extraction process makes this rosin the cleanest and purist organic concentrate around. I will willingly admit to being a little bit smitten with this alluring cannabis product. Mob Boss Rosin, with its exceptional flavors and harmoniously balanced high, is a sativa-dominant hybrid extract that will put the juice in your jalopy, rather than have you sleeping with the fishes.#JessetheGrove