OG Party Hash : Concentrate Review

OG Party Hash : Concentrate Review
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Everybody loves a party, especially when it’s an OG party! What kind of OG party you may be asking? OG Party-1The kind where Alien OG, Darth Maul OG, LeeRoy OG and Goji OG are all invited of course, in the form of glorious golden Ice water hash. When this extra dank crew is at your OG party you know it’s going to be an extra cool and extra mellow experience. This OG Party Hash is unique for more than just its combo of strains, but it also started out from an entirely organic, vegan, non-GMO crop of marijuana from Healing House, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Denver Colorado. Since this is ice water hash, that means that no harsh chemicals were used in the process of creating this amazing OG Party Hash and you can look forward to a bowl-topper that is devoid of any foreign contaminants. Trust me when I say the joy of this marijuana concentrate does not end at purity. OG Party Hash is golden delicious and provides a beautifully balanced high that isn’t nearly as racy as some concentrates can be.

If you’re looking to score yourself a little jar of OG Party Hash, then it’s time to pay a visit to Healing House in Denver Colorado. Healing House is not only loaded with some of the dopest budtenders in all the land, but it’s also your premier destination if you’re in search of truly organic marijuana. If you want to get in on this amber OG perfection, now is the time to top your next bowl with affordable organic awesome.

OG Party Hash :: Appearance | Smell:

You would think after my umpteenth review on marijuana products, I would have formed quite the tolerance, but you would be wrong. Whenever I go in for a concentrate review, I need to plan for getting higher than I probably intended. I started my OG Party Hash investigation by popping the top on its childproof jar to reveal the golden yummies inside. OG Party is some of the finest looking hash that I’ve ever seen. Crystalline little dark yellow nodules of sticky ice water hash are the perfect way to start a weekend I mused to myself. I could already smell the dankness emanating from the little glass jar before I even unscrewed its lid. Not one to pass up a good marijuana connoisseur smelling session, I busted off that lid and firmly planted my nose right into the center of the OG Party. Oh, what a party it is. The deep earth notes indicative of OGs was the first prominent smell at the party. As I dug my nose deeper the smells only got more alluring. The initial dankness transformed into a sweet tangy aroma which almost seemed to coat the nose.OG Party-2 I sifted through a few layers and stirred up some skunkiness in the process which seemed to balance out the sweetness in a very synergetic way. Despite arriving fashionably late to the party, the kick of skunk was still a welcome addition. Smells and looks are one thing, but there was only one way I was going truly decipher the secrets of OG Party, I was going to need to shamelessly immolate a massive pile over a bowl of fresh greens.

OG Party Hash :: Smoke | Effect:

Pipe in hand and ground NYCD in the bowl, I loaded an irresponsibly large scoop of hash on top (after all, I wanted to experience the full effects of OG Party Hash in my first puff). After coaxing a few of the stickier globs back in place on top of my bowl, I was ready to party. Hemp wick at the ready, I went in for a test puff. The initial flavors hit me hard with a one-two lime and earthy combo. As I capped my bowl, I slowly exhaled and experienced the true power of the dank side. The OG flavors formed from this amalgam of minty mastery were second to none and rounded off my first hit with a flavor that I couldn’t get enough of. When you make a marijuana concentrate organically and all naturally from start to finish, you’re left with a product that practically sings as you smoke it. Not to adulterate my OG Party with too much of the NYCD slumbering beneath it, I left things at two superficial burns off the top of my bowl. OG Party Hash crept up on me over the next few minutes with a very potent yet balanced indica-leaning high. I can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable with concentrates, but that was not the case here. The mellowness of the strains incorporated into OG Party Hash makes for a much more laid back experience that won’t have your heart racing but also won’t crash you on the couch either. Without a doubt, leaning on the indica side of things, there was still a nice cerebral effect to be enjoyed with OG Party Hash as well. I found myself very giggly, very mellow, and very hungry after a few minutes. OG Party-3While I know there are many physiological things that could have affected my hunger at the time, I’m going to go out on a limb and blame the dozens of pizza bites I devoured on the OG Party Hash. Besides, even if it wasn’t the hash that made me get the munchies, it was still a good excuse to eat a bunch of junk! The body effects of OG Party Hash are potent as well, and there is definitely some jellification of the extremities involved, another welcome effect to at the party. After roughly an hour most of the effects were already waning, making OG Party a relatively short-lived high, but an undeniably great one.

Overall ::

If I were to classify what kind of Party OG Party is, I would say it’s my favorite kind of party. Unlike a sativa shatter party which would be all loud music and dance, OG Party is laid back, groovy, and all about the hors d’oeuvres. The fact that OG Party is mellow yet doesn’t crash me on the couch makes it an excellent bowl topper to use anytime day or night. If you want an all-natural concentrate that goes down smooth, tastes great, and won’t have your heart racing, then it’s time to get in on the party. Just be careful who you invite to the OG Party and make sure to keep those chips and dip on lockdown or they will surely not last the night.#JessetheGrove