ONE:ELEVEN Rosin Stick

ONE:ELEVEN Rosin Stick
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It seems like nowadays there’s a solution for Rosin Stick-1every single type of smoker out there. Many of us out there want to unwind with a mellow strain after a hard day’s work. Some people just want a trace amount of THC or CBD in their system to help them go to bed at night. Others take cannabis for an entirely different reason; the list of medical issues that cannabis can aid with grows every day. Sometimes, however, you just want to get really, really high and forget about all your woes and cares. It’s times like this when you need to reach for cannabis solutions that packs a little bit more oomph than your standard bowl of flower. To many, this just means time to do a fat dab. What if you’re not in the mood to get your torch out or heat up that e-nail? What if you’re on the run and simply don’t have the time to pull out a bunch of equipment or maybe don’t even have the right gear on hand? Of course, I know there are some people who love to have the enail oil coil right by their side when they’ve come in from a hard day at work. Preparing the THC or CBD is just as therapeutic as the high, for some. There are others who just want to light up and get high right away. It turns out, thanks to a little cannabis ingenuity from the San Luis Valley, there is a solution for getting super high and only fire is required. Rosin Sticks from 1:11 may be the precise cannabis solution you’ve been searching for. These Rosin Sticks are concentrate loaded joints packed with an insane amount of potency in a small consolidated package. There’s a little bit more than meets the eye with these Rosin Sticks and to truly understand why they are so potent, it takes a breakdown of their primary ingredients and an understanding of what makes rosin so wonderful. Get a friend for this one I wouldn’t dare rationalize what would happen to an individual smoking one of these on their own. I’ll simply say it would be an undertaking far beyond me.

If you want to try one of these amazing 1:11 Rosin Sticks for yourself they are available at The Station, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary located in Boulder, Colorado. The station specializes in high-quality cannabis produced from their own grows. You’ll also find a bounty of third-party items brought in from across the state like 1:11 Rosin Sticks. Check out The Station’s full menu close to see what all is in store for you to find on your next visit.

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Rosin Stick :: Appearance | Smell:

I’ll start this review of Rosin Sticks withRosin Stick-4 the fundamental evaluation of packaging. Most of the time when you go to purchase a pre-roll you can expect to find it in a dram container (the narrow child resistant tubes design specifically to hold joints). As suspected, when I picked up my 1:11 Rosin Sticks it was in a familiar dram container. There was more to it than that, as I open the top I revealed a dainty corked glass tube containing a beautiful Rosin Stick inside. Like a little Russian nesting doll, I took out the second layer of protection on the Rosin Stick, popped the cork, and slowly pulled out sticky rosin and kief-coated joint. It was all ready to spark up and wreak havoc on my synapses. Other than the slight tang of freshly extracted rosin, the odor of the pre-roll was entirely that of fresh kief (a layer of which coated the entire outside of the joint). Unfamiliar with rosin? Allow me to enlighten you on this wonderful stuff. rosin is produced in a way that is different from typical shatters or wax that you find on the shelf. Where most shatters and waxes are produced using either butane, propane, or hexane as an extraction medium, rosin is created with an entirely solventless process. In essence, rosin begins its life as ice water hash which is then treated with a high-pressure process to create a sticky shatter-like concentrate that packs a ton of THC into a clean crafted concentrate. Add this in with a hearty portioning of freshly grown cannabis and a sticky coating of fine kief, and you have yourself a pre-roll much more potent than anything else you could ever hope to craft at home. The smell was of sweet kief with just a hint of tart marijuana concentrate. This finely crafted 1:11 Rosin Stick simply looked like way too much for me to handle on my own. I was going to need help with this one. I found a couple of worthy friends and decided the perfect timing to spark up my Rosin Stick would be after a long day of hanging drywall. A task that cannot be over fast enough.

Rosin Stick :: Smoke | Effect:

New light fixtures up, new drywall hung, Rosin Stick-3and hours of taping and mudding still ahead, I showered off the remaining particles of nonsense popcorn ceiling on my head and sat down with my two worthy participants. I’ll start with the word of caution. Make sure you get the end of your Rosin Stick lit evenly. I was forewarned before even picking up the product that there is a chance for some of the bubbling hot rosin to ooze down the sides of the joint mid smoking session. This was all the more reason to get it lit right the first time. After a couple cursory puffs and a little bit of fancy flame work, we were good to go. I took the inaugural puff, puff before the pass. The first thing I noticed when I took a big inhale of 1:11 Rosin Stick was just how smooth it was. This was something I did not expect. When loading concentrate into joints, I’ve typically found that the harshness level goes up significantly. I assume since rosin was utilized in the concentrate role that this sensation would be exacerbated. Since rosin is a solventless extraction process there are more natural proteins and plant components still present in the concentrate in its final form. This usually leads to a harsher smoke. That simply was not the case with this Rosin Stick. We took our turns passing around the Rosin Stick. The resounding sentiment between the three of us was just how smooth and sweet the flavor was. As we continue to pass around the rosin stick it is noteworthy that how prolific a burner it is. As we gleefully whittled away at the end of the Rosin Stick, it did start to pick up some harshness near the end (as is to be expected with almost any joint). One thing that we hadn’t noticed was that we weren’t getting as insanely high as we had assumed we would. We discarded the butt of the Rosin Stick and almost simultaneously noticed that we had all been stricken with an extremely potent creeping high. While we were smoking the Rosin Stick we all only felt marginally high, but as soon as we finished, the THC really set in and we were all feeling most good. Time for some dice games! Feeling exceptionally tired from a long day of bending down and cutting drywall I simply melted into the couch as we played our game. Words do not do justice for just how high this Rosin Stick made me. The only comparable sensation I would say would be smoking a bowl, doing a dab, and then smoking another bowl that was only kief. Yeah, that about sums it up. Truly, this is not the joint for the faint of heart. The uproariously potent high lasted on us for a long while, and by the end of the evening of dice games we were all devastatingly tired and called it an early night.


What more can I say about 1:11 Rosin Stick? Rosin Stick-2Not only is this elegantly packaged Rosin Stick a THC kick in the ass, but a thoroughly enjoyable smoke all around. The high that it instills is not only fun and giggly but is also very exuberant and colorful. My Friends and I did not feel any paranoia from smoking this Rosin Stick, but if you have a low tolerance, be careful. I can see someone with a low tolerance getting very paranoid from smoking one of these joints. I for one know I would have been way too high if I hadn’t shared with friends. That being said, the potency of these Rosin Sticks makes them an ideal item to share with friends who are amenable to being confused by their own hands for the next hour or so. Also, as I mentioned before, be very careful when you spark up your Rosin Stick. Properly lighting the tip before taking big inhales is quintessential to getting an even burn throughout the joint. With a couple mid-smoke rotations, we never had any problem with uneven burning. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I would say this Rosin Stick was one of the better burning joints I’ve ever enjoyed. Whether it was a testament to our joint smoking skills or simply a layer of rosin that kept the thing burning evenly, it was all around a delightful smoke. The flavors imparted by this Rosin Stick along with its exceptionally potent effects make it one of my new favorite go-tos when I am in the mood to get absolutely destroyed. Truly, there is something out there for everyone. And if you happen to be one of the “everyone’s” who can appreciate getting face-melting high occasionally, then 1:11 Rosin Sticks are for you. I for one know that I would certainly look forward to another one of these Rosin Sticks in another week after a day of taping and teaching my buddies how to use mud. Although my friends may not know how to properly use joint compound I can certainly say that one eleven knows precisely how to use an entirely different type of joint compound and oh boy did they get it right.#JessetheGrove

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