Quest Concentrates Aeroinhaler

Quest Concentrates Aeroinhaler
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Outside of medical use, only a decade ago we were still in the age of Aeroinhaler-1finding dime bags from the guy on the corner and maybe once in a blue moon making some pot butter to infuse some of our own homemade (and usually horrible) edibles. It’s been a very short amount of time considering how fast the industry has revolutionized its products base from basement grown schwag to hydroponic marvels of technology. As soon as recreational use legalized in Colorado companies with ingenuity started producing a bounty of new cannabis-infused products. As more and more product hit the market every time I think I’ve seen it all, something comes out of nowhere and revolutionizes the tried-and-true methodology of packing some nuggets in a bowl. Perhaps one of the most ambitious (and undeniably unique) applications for marijuana is something that I just recently encountered. The Quest Concentrates Aeroinhaler is an entirely new concept altogether. The Aeroinhaler it’s exactly what it sounds like. It is a THC-enriched, pressurized canister designed to be utilized in a standard albuterol-style inhaler base. This far out concept started some good conversations and sparked a fair amount of debate between me and several of my friends. While I myself did have some mixed feelings towards this specific style of consumption there’s a mixed bag of boons and shortcomings to Quest Concentrates Aeroinhaler. In the attempt to make your life easier, I’m going to recount to you some of the things that make this Aeroinhaler so great and some of the things that make it not so great. In general, after comparing notes with several different people I can promise you that you’re either going to love or hate this product, it seems there’s very little room for anything in between.

If you’re intrigued by a brand-new way to consume cannabis and want to try a Quest Concentrates Aeroinhaler for yourself, then make your way to Emerald Fields in Glendale or Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs. Both Emerald Fields locations specialize in a large variety of the different cannabis styles and varieties. The Quest Concentrates Aeroinhaler is just another logical step on the path to carrying every style of cannabis you can imagine. If you hurry into Emerald Fields in Glendale, you can even get a discount on the Aeroinhaler now, through the rest of the month.

Quest Concentrates Aeroinhaler

When I first went in to pick up my Aeroinhaler from Emerald fields in Glendale, Colorado, there was already quite a bit of debate going around as to the effectiveness and general enjoyability of the Quest Concentrates Aeroinhaler.Aeroinhaler-3 Several people mentioned not feeling effects from the Aeroinhaler some reported increasing strength near the end of the cartridge, some appreciated the discrete nature, and some thought it was just harsh is unpleasant tasting. With so many varying opinions to reconcile, I decided I would need to bring a couple friends in to try this one. Thanks to the advice I heard from several employees at Emerald Fields I spent several minutes just shaking the living bejesus out of the cartridge. I assembled my guinea pig – I mean friends for a trial run. I went in for the first puff. Having not consumed any cannabis for a couple days, I assumed that I would be a good control for the study. My other friends, having both consumed cannabis much more recently, would be able to get me an idea of the effects of the Aeroinhaler after you are a little high already. After inserting the canister into the mouthpiece, I gave it one more good shake. I personally have only use inhalers a few times in my life, but I felt confident I would be able to puff properly from the Aeroinhaler I was ready for to see what was in store for me.

Aeroinhaler :: Flavor | Smoke:

I depressed the canister and took one large inhale. There’s an immediate sensation exactly like taking a puff of an inhaler. But that was not all that was conveyed with that initial inhale. An undeniably potent cannabis flavor tagged along for the ride along with a slight flavor of the accelerant used to pressurize the canister. I will not lie, it was quite harsh. As soon as I exhaled I started coughing up a storm. As I was coughing I already felt the rapid onset of a sativa high. After a few more coughs, it felt like I had taken a fat bong rip. I handed off the Aeroinhaler to the first of my friends who was then somewhat reticent to try it.Aeroinhaler-4 I told him it was in the name of science (a worthy cause if ever I’ve heard one). After a couple more light shakes he took a puff and, in much cooler fashion than I, slowly exhaled without a cough. His suave and cool composure only lasted a minute as I could see his eyes start to swell up and he released several coughs. My second friend, who always went by the smoker’s paradigm “if you don’t cough you don’t get off,” was practically ecstatic to try it out. He gleefully grabbed the inhaler and took two big inhales. His face immediately wrinkled up in disgust and he exhaled slowly chewing on a flavor that I could tell was quite appalling to him. He seemed relatively unfazed by the harshness of the Aeroinhaler and instead was just simply appalled by its flavor. I was feeling quite high now and my first test subject also reported feeling quite loopy. Even after several minutes, my second friend said he was feeling hardly any of the intended effects. Despite his hatred of the flavor and apprehension to try more, I encouraged him to try a couple more puffs to see if he would feel the same sensations that my other friend and I were. A couple more inhales and he was still not reporting any real cannabis high from the Aeroinhaler. He did mention a slight grogginess and a sensation that reminded him vaguely of old-school schwag weed, but nothing more. A few minutes in, and I was still feeling a very heady tingle along with my first friend who said they were really quite high. Still, no effects for my second friend. My first friend reported liking everything about the inhaler except the flavor and gladly went back in for seconds (and thirds, and fourth, and so on). I decided for me it was better to bide my time and see how long the initial high would last.

Aeroinhaler :: Effects:

It’s hard to put into words the exact Sensations that were instilled in my brain by the Quest Concentrates Aeroinhaler. I would certainly describe the sensation as being sativa and exuberant, but it didn’t feel quite the same as smoking a bowl. The closest analogous effects I would say would be the times that I’ve smoked flower out of a vaporizer. The high seemed incredibly clean and lacked a lot of the stoney sensations that I’m used to when enjoying a bowl. Another thing worth noting about the Aeroinhaler is that the high it instills is very short lived. After about a half hour I was already starting to feel relatively sober. My second friend had been casually partaking in a few additional uses seemed to genuinely enjoy the high from the Aeroinhaler. My second friend had long given up on feeling anything from the Aeroinhaler and had instead resorted to doing some dabs. It was opinion time and the opinions were very mixed. My first friend genuinely loved the inhaler. He found the mix flavor of the propellant with the cannabis taste to be quite appealing (a sentiment I did not share). My second friend was appalled by every aspect of the Aeroinhaler. He hated the flavor and reported very minimal effects despite having tried several puffs. I found myself loving some aspects of it and hating others. What I did really like about the Aeroinhaler was the fun cerebral sort of high that I experience when puffing on it. The high itself was exceptionally clean feeling and it didn’t leave me dragging my boots around. Add that in with the combination of a somewhat short-lived high and the discreet nature of the device and I can see this as being an excellent tool to get high on the fly.Aeroinhaler-2 What I did not like about the Aeroinhaler was the flavor and the sensation of inhaling itself. While some of the flavors were very analogous to vaping flower, the additional flavors of the propellant made it a rather unpleasant experience for me.


All in all, there are some good aspects and some bad aspects of the Quest Concentrates Aeroinhaler. Due to the quirky nature of this device, it is hard to determine whether you will love or hate it. When asking myself whether I would buy this product it would genuinely depend on the situation and application in which I wanted to use it in. If you want to purchase an arrow inhaler as an everyday smoking device I would recommend looking somewhere else; however, if you’re looking for a device that can be used anywhere and very discreetly, then this might be a good choice. It is worth noting that unlike even vape pens that give off an odor when you exhale, the Aeroinhaler has pretty much no second-hand odor whatsoever and now visual smoke when it’s being used. The short-lived high would also make it a good break-time go to. While there are still a lot of mixed opinions about this product I’ve got to hand it to Quest Concentrates for taking a risk by trying something that’s never been attempted before (to my knowledge) and succeeding on a whole lot of levels. Will you love the Aeroinhaler? That I can’t tell you. I can tell you though, that in the right situation, this Aeroinhaler might be exactly what you were looking for to get high quickly and discreetly.#JessetheGrove

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