Super Lemon Haze Platinum Budder Wax : Concentrate Review

Super Lemon Haze Platinum Budder Wax : Concentrate Review
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Super Lemon Haze Platinum Budder Wax-1Super Lemon Haze is a strain that I wasn’t exposed to until I got actively involved in the marijuana industry. At least, not knowingly. There was that long period of time in my life when I didn’t know what I was smoking because neither did the guy I was buying it from, but I digress.

A cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, Super Lemon Haze is known for its uplifting sativa properties and potent head high. Unlike many strains of this type, Super Lemon Haze seems to carry over all the sweet, citrus notes in its smell and convert it directly into flavor. The concentrate I’m dabbing is a budder hash from XG Platinum Concentrates.

This budder was extracted using PHO and BHO, so the price point should be affordable, as this isn’t meant to be a high-end wax. It’s testing at a respectable 74% total THC, so I’m expecting a strong high, but I’m really curious about the flavor and how much of those citrus terpenes have made it into the concentrate.

If you want to get your hands on some of this golden delicious Super Lemon Haze Platinum Budder Wax make your way to Boulder. The Station, a recreational and medicinal dispensary in Boulder Colorado, has this Super Lemon Haze Platinum Budder Wax along with a slew of other concentrates from XG Platinum Concentrates. This amazing extract is custom crafted by XG Platinum using marijuana from The Station. This assures that only the highest quality components go into production, so it’s no huge surprise that the end result is so phenomenal.

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Super Lemon Haze Platinum Budder Wax :: Appearance | Smell:

I absolutely love the aroma that comes out of this little puck-shaped container. Stick your nose into a gram of this Super Lemon Haze wax from XG Platinum Concentrates and you’ll be overloaded with sweet citrus terpenes that only show up in high quality concentrates. I love that there is a noticeable floral aroma in the concentrate without much of any plant matter left behind.Super Lemon Haze Platinum Budder Wax-2

Although this wax doesn’t necessarily have that bright blonde color that most people imagine when they think about good hash, there isn’t much reason outside of that to believe that this stuff wasn’t processed carefully. The color takes on a bit more of a peanut butter-like shade of orange, but has a nice little terpy glaze. Some concentrates that have this shiny appearance almost look sweaty and wet, this is a much more stable appearance that doesn’t leave much behind in the way of residue/reclaim either.

Sometimes the color of a concentrate like this can be decided long before any of the extraction and processing even begins. If the flower or trim was left in a room a little too bright or a little too warm, that can give the final version of the concentrate a darker color but it won’t necessarily bring down the quality of the end product. There’s certainly no compromise in flavor, as the taste of this Super Lemon Haze strain comes through with a nice, terpene-rich dab.

Super Lemon Haze Platinum Budder Wax :: Smoke | Effect:

The buzz you’ll get from this stuff is very clear yet potent in the head but also very racy in the body. These are typically the traits you’re looking for when you’re dabbing a sativa. It’s ideal for the morning coffee and an excellent way to get a little high before doing something more active. In my case, I went for a hike in Boulder’s Flat Irons. Usually, I’m much more of an indoor cat, but this is one of my girlfriend’s favorite places to see some nature without driving more than an hour from home, so I agreed as long as I was allowed to get stoned.

Luckily, she’s the kind of girl that insists that we get stoned before we do these kinds of things, so we took a couple adult-sized dabs before getting on the trail. The high was a playful and giggly one that made me want to jump around on rocks and balance across downed logs. I was hopping around like a kid at an audition for Glee. Is that show still running? Is this reference still relevant? Is this what getting old feels like?Super Lemon Haze Platinum Budder Wax-3

For someone that is normally wheezing and whining throughout the duration of any outdoor excursion, this was a welcome boost in morale to both me and my partner on the trail. Another good sign of a well-made cannabis concentrate is how long the high actually lasts. I’m happy to report back that I was catching this energetic buzz for just about the entirety of the two-hour hike. My spirits were high the entire time.

With the racy nature of the high, I wondered if this Super Lemon Haze budder wouldn’t be too much for more mundane tasks. I tried to get a bit of reading and writing done the next day after taking a few puffs of this stuff on my pen. I found myself to be easily distracted and having a few too many of those “wait… what did I just read?” moments when I got to the end of a page. For focused tasks like this, the Super Lemon Haze proved to be a little too high energy and spacy.

However, I found that this budder from XG Platinum Concentrates was ideal for tasks that allowed you to put your brain on auto-pilot. After a dab of this budder I was doing dishes and wiping down counters in no time. My kitchen was nearly spotless unless you count the dab-goo I accidentally left on the countertop from my tool. This is a classic sign of a good sativa, in my eyes. I was energized without being paranoid or frantic, and I was given that extra bit of patience that you really need for the more boring activities of our day.


If you’re trying to find something you can dab in the morning without feeling like you’re going to have a big nasty crash in the middle of the day, this budder from XG Platinum concentrates might be exactly what you’re looking for. The buzz lasts more than a couple hours and I never felt like I came down too hard, I just eased out of my state of giddiness. I don’t know if I would necessarily recommend this concentrate to those of us that are susceptible to distraction and turning into an overall space cadet. This stuff doesn’t seem to let you focus all that well.

But this is an ideal wax for people that like a nice bit of flavor with their dab but don’t want to shell out the serious amount of dollars it takes to get a gram of live resin or distillate. Super Lemon Haze dabs are an excellent way to start the day if you want to make your mood brighter than a Colorado morning.adam-wheeler

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