Tea Tree Sugar Wax : Concentrate Review

Tea Tree Sugar Wax : Concentrate Review
Concentrate Review Marijuana Concentrates Wax

tea-tree-sugar-wax-1Sometimes I like to get high. Sometimes I want to enjoy a joint like I would beer, and mellow out on the couch and watch a movie with friends. Sometimes, however, I have the hankering to get really high. These times usually include when I’m doing some menial chore like washing dishes or shoveling horse crap (The weed is a must for the poo shoveling). It is in these hours of need that I pull out the ol’ rig and torch and prepare myself for a dabbing experience. While I usually consider myself a rather antiquated smoker and spend most of my time puffing a pipe, I can’t pass up the chance to really mash-potato my brain for a day every now and then with some concentrates. My newest concentrate encounter was with a golden crumbly little jar of Tea Tree Sugar Wax. Tea Tree Sugar Wax is a magical substance, produced by Denver Dab Co using fresh batches of Tea Tree strain from The Station in Boulder, CO. Tea Tree is a killer top-shelf strain that is the genetic combination of Tangerine Amnesia and Ghost OG. The two parent strains create a hybrid child, meaning that Tea Tree as a strain can swing both ways when it comes to effects. It was very cool to see the refined extraction process of Denver Dab Co mixed with the superior quality Tea Tree cannabis from The Station to create a miraculous amalgam of sticky golden crumbles with a fresh citrusy pine scent that I want to wear for cologne.

If you want to get your hands on some of this amazing Tea Tree Sugar Wax, then head on up to The Station a recreational and medicinal dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. The Station has one of the state’s finest selections of connoisseur grade cannabis products, including flower, edibles, and concentrates. If you’ve been looking for a place that sells some of the most phenomenal cannabis products in the state, then you’ve found it! Check

out their full menu at: www.thestationdispensary.com

Tea Tree Sugar Wax :: Appearance | Smell:

This was the first time I’ve gotten to try a product from Denver Dab Co, and I was really excited to see what their premium extracts had in store for me. The Denver Dab Co child resistant (and adult resistant) container looked a little bit like an overgrown hockey puck. With a considerable amount of force, I was able to open the clamshell lid and reveal the golden pearl inside. I removed the little glass and plastic jar of Tea Tree Sugar was and flipped it over to reveal the golden crumbly tea-tree-sugar-wax-2nuggets inside. Peering through the glass I could see that sugar wax was the perfect classification for the lumpy golden concentrate within. Not only was the neon yellow glow a welcoming color for the concentrate, but after I removed the black plastic lid, I noticed that Tea Tree Sugar Wax is almost entirely translucent. I didn’t let out the visuals only when I unscrewed the lid. A delightfully strong lemony pine scent escaped the jar, along with a little bit of a spicy smelling cannabis bite. I couldn’t help but wonder what terpenes were responsible for this unique smell. It wasn’t until the next day that I noticed that Denver Dab Co had me covered, and in my excitement to extradite my concentrates from the tamper resistant container, I had overlooked the full lab tested potency and terpene contents pasted on the underside of the lid. This is really cool stuff! I could see immediately that the pine scent came from the α-Pinene, and the spicy kick came from the β-Caryophyllene (the terpenoid responsible for the kick in clove and black pepper). This is a very cool addition to see on any concentrate and is a great tool for smokers to learn more about what flavors they desire in their cannabis products.

Tea Tree Sugar Wax :: Smoke | Effect:

Today the menial chore on my agenda was cleaning the dishes, a task that I never relish, especially when starkly sober. It is worth noting that the glass container that Denver Dab Co puts its concentrates in is glass for a reason. If you’re either visiting Colorado and don’t want to waste the money on a rig you can’t bring home or if you’re just desperate to smoke your concentrates right out of the jar, a nectar collector can be used to smoke Tea Tree Sugar Wax right out of the jar. I was in no rush for time and have myself a nice triple percolated rig, so no dabbing from the jar for me. I retrieved my rig and prepared myself for some high time. To assure the best possible flavor I gobbed a rather large chunk of Tea Tree Sugar Wax onto my dab tool and took a couple big breaths (it’s a big rig). I heated up my titanium nail and dropped the little dab onto the top. I watched as the little golden crumble sizzled and writhed as it witheredtea-tree-sugar-wax-3 away into nothing but smoke, leaving no residue on the nail and proving it’s full-melt potential. The smoke was insanely smooth, and surprisingly citrusy considering that Limonene only made up 6.3% of its terpene content. I slowly exhaled and did notice a peculiar tingle in the back of my throat, that I credit entirely to the β-Caryophyllene. Right as I set down my dab tool and turned to the impending dishes, I felt the initial effects from Tea Tree Sugar Wax starting to hit me. As I turned on the water and picked up the scrub brush I was already feeling uproariously baked. As Bub from The Station had warned me, “one hit and you’re already in the stone zone.” Stone zone indeed. I started scrubbing down dishes with a meticulous nature that was completely unnecessary for dishes that were destined for a trip through the dishwasher. I might have finished in fifteen minutes or it might have taken me an hour, I didn’t know and, at the time, frankly I didn’t care. The dishes were clean and I was abnormally giddy, and just a bit hyper. I parlayed my energy into several other household chores before resigning myself to the couch for some video games.

Overall ::

Tea Tree Sugar Wax, is an incredibly powerful concoction with a remarkably light taste. While the Tea Tree strain used to create this sugar wax was hybrid on paper, I would say that its effects on me were undeniably sativa. I will add that I never felt my heart racing and I never felt paranoid during my session. I can safely credit the indica effects for their ability to make sure I was never too high. Regardless of the lineage and the process behind creating Tea Tree Sugar Wax, I can’t deny that it’s one of the best concentrates I’ve ever had the fortune of sampling. If you’re in the market for a dab that is perfect for a quick burst of energy, a creative spark you’ve been missing, or maybe just some kickball outside with your friends, then you’ve got to get your hands on some Tea Tree Sugar Wax.#JessetheGrove



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