The Green Solution Dab Kits

The Green Solution Dab Kits
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Welcome, cannabis enthusiasts, smokers, and patients, to the next generation of consuming cannabis. If you’ve been using cannabis recreationally or medicinally for any amount of time in the last decade, then there is a good chance you’ve at least heard of dabbing, even if you’ve never tried it for yourself. To give you the short version, the act of dabbing involves vaporizing concentrated cannabis using a hot element called a nail. Some real advantages to dabbing include: minimal tar (since the tgs-dab-kit-finals-1majority of actual plant matter is removed from the extract), no butane inhalation (since you’re not inhaling directly from a lighter), extreme concentrations (a little goes a long way), and powerful effects even to people who have formed a tolerance to flower. There are additions you can make to your dab kit too so even if you’ve done it before, you might be able to make your experience better by adding carb caps to your kit. If you don’t know what these are, you can find out more about carb caps here. If you’ve only heard about dabbing, and are interested in getting your toes wet, or are a dabbing pro that always has an e-nail rolling, The Green Solution ® has an assortment of Dab Kits, that are perfect for you. The Green Solution ® Dab Kits are also perfect for Colorado cannabis tourists, or cannabis extract smokers that are looking for another tool in their arsenal.

Dab Rig

The glass rig was undeniably the centerpiece tgs-dab-kit-finals-2of my Dab Kit and the highlight of any dabbing session. My dab rig from The Green Solution ® is a legit small-sized tabletop rig, which included a glass nail and a glass dome. The sides of the rig are stylishly marked with little bees clustered around honeycombs. This is the perfect theming to set the mood for my Nectar Bee™ Blue Dream Wax. The neck of the rig felt pretty hardy and was also marked with little honeycombs. Overall, the rig was pretty robust without feeling like a heavy hunk of glass. Looks are only so much, and I know the real question on your minds is how does it smoke? To answer your question succinctly, it dabs like a champ. While the glass nail that it came with isn’t large enough to do massive dabs, it’s definitely the perfect size for small and medium size dabs. The best part about the smaller size nails is that they heat quickly. Whenever I bust out my large rig with a titanium nail, it always feels like I need some absurd oxy-propane setup to get it hot enough in a reasonable time frame. This is really a versatile little rig. It’s very easy to use for beginners as well. If it’s your first time dabbing all you will need is a pick or some other metal tool to grab a dollop of wax. Next, you will need to remove the small glass dome (the clear glass bulb) and set it aside while you use the torch to heat the small glass nail that sits in the stem of the rig. As soon as the glass nail emits a very light glow, carefully replace the dome and drop your dab onto the hot nail and smoke like you would any old bong. The Green Solution ® did a killer job picking out the perfect little rigs for their kits, you won’t be disappointed.

Scorch Torch® & Power 5X Butane

While the torch and butane may seem like thetgs-dab-kit-finals-5 least exciting components of the kit It’s all part of the whole, and without each component, you’d be left dab-less. In the past, I’ve used Vector torches with varying levels of success (mostly they are just not user-friendly). I was particularly impressed at how easy the Scorch Torch® was to use. I pulled it out of the box and immediately could see exactly how it operated. After depressing the red button on the back all I had to do was pull the trigger and it produced a perfect flame for dabbing right out of the box. To lock the flame, it was as simple as pressin