The Root of it All Unwind

The Root of it All Unwind
Emerald Fields Marijuana Concentrates Tincture

The medicinal and recreational use of cannabis is inexorably linked. Some people buy CBD oil (CBD Öl kaufen) to help them relieve pain, others smoke marijuana to help with stress, and a lot of people use edibles just because it’s a fun thing to do. The Root Of It All-1 What originally spawned the ability for states to legalize recreational cannabis was accepted medical use around our country. This monumental paradigm shift on how we conceptualize the use of cannabis-based products has revolutionized the way that Americans heal in the 21st century. As the crisis revolving around opiate-based pain relievers increases, cannabis has the potential of being the salvation from potent addiction and habit-forming drugs that are currently used to relieve ailments. Other than the proven treatments marijuana provides, including pain relief, there’s a myriad of other potential health benefits ranging from cannabis’ anti-inflammatory and potentially anti-carcinogenic properties. There’s even the reported potential for cannabis to have neurodegenerative properties, a concept that was deemed impossible a few decades back. While still unproven, this has the potential to revolutionize medical procedures. What’s this inevitable marriage of recreational and medical marijuana means is that recreational users are beginning to discover the true medicinal benefits of cannabis. Likewise, I’m sure there are a few medicinal users out there who have discovered that, recreationally, cannabis can be quite fun. In my opinion, the pinnacle medicinal cannabis products usually come in tincture, pill, or some form of an ingestible product. Tinctures have become very popular in the last year or two; you can purchase marijuana tinctures online now. One relative newcomer to the realm of tinctures is The Root of it All. The Root of it All produces multiple varieties of cannabis-infused essential oils intended for sublingual use (AKA under the tongue). Not only are these amazing tinctures available recreationally, but their perfectly balanced potency makes them ideal for recreational or medicinal use. Even better yet, the ingredient list is minimal on these drops, meaning they can work for people even with dietary concerns. While I may not have sampled every Root of it All product, I can personally vouch for their Unwind cannabis-infused essential oil and its superior effects,

If you want to pick up a bottle full of The Root of it All Unwind, or any of their other tinctures, you’ll find the entire line available at Emerald fields a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Glendale Colorado and Manitou Springs Colorado. If you hurry into Emerald Fields Glendale you can even look forward to getting a small discount off all of The Root of it All products for the rest of the week. But don’t end your CBD deal-hunting just there – The CBD Insider could help you find plenty more product and provide information on different deals.

The Root of it All Unwind :: Appearance | Smell:

I’m always relatively hesitant when I go into sampling a tincture.The Root Of It All-2 This rings especially true when it is intended to be used sublingually. In the past, I’ve had experiences with some less-than-desirable flavors in sublingual tinctures. I’m not opposed to the taste of cannabis, it just seems that when you concentrate it and shove it under your tongue, it ends up tasting like a bunch of ground-up plants (go figure). The Root of it All promises a different experience from other sublingual tinctures. For starters, their products are produced using essential oils and they don’t use added alcohol to infuse the cannabis into its activated form. This use of essential oils promises a greater flavor profile, and the potential for natural plant terpenes to enhance the high that you receive. In the case of my Root of it All Unwind tincture the ayurvedic oils utilized are turmeric, black pepper, and clove. A delightful sounding combination indeed, but how would it smell? To put it plainly, it smells awesome! I would best sum up the overall odor as being the entire holiday season crammed into a little vial. The slight kick from the black pepper adds a hint of spice to the alluring sweetness of clove. Throw in the earthy exotic aroma of turmeric and you have a unique blend of smells that are sure to inspire a smile. Knowing full well how delicious it smelled all I had left to do was see how it tasted and how potent the effects were of The Root of it All’s Unwind.

The Root of it All Unwind :: Taste | Effect:

The doses on The Root of it All Unwind are relatively modest.The Root Of It All-4 The Unwind formula contains a higher concentration of CBD than THC. To be specific, the ratio was 45 mg of THC to 135 mg of CBD, with each dropper size milliliter dose weighing in at 1.5 mg of active THC. As far as edible products go this is a very small dosage. I am a lightweight when it comes to cannabis Edibles and Infused products, but the chances of me feeling a 1.5 mg dose are rather minimal. I decided to shoot for around 3 full droppers for an intended dose of around 5 mg THC in 15 mg CBD. From the rather potent nature of The Root of it All Unwind, I was a little hesitant to squirt three droppers full under my tongue and let it sit there. As a consummate professional though, I just had to try it. After a quick shake, I open my mouth and squirted three droppers full under my tongue. With a relatively high concentration of essential oils, I wasn’t sure if there was going to be any burning or stinging sensation; there was absolutely none. As for the potency, I had been concerned that it might be too strong; that was not the case either. The delightful clove flavor led the way with the spicy hint of black pepper and the exotic richness of the turmeric following suit. The overall taste profile was delightful. It was undeniably pallet busting but I wasn’t planning on sampling any fine wines in the next few minutes anyway. After letting the liquid sit under my tongue for a few seconds, I simply swallowed the rest down. This is where sublingual use really shines. I started feeling the CBD effects from The Root of it All Unwind within minutes. Usually, when I’m consuming a cannabis product I expect to wait up to an hour for effects, but that was not the case here. The CBD was the real highlight of this tincture, and as I sat back on the couch and close my eyes I couldn’t help but think how aptly-named Unwind was. Even though I tried a somewhat larger dose the THC effects were minimal. I did feel a little bit of a tingle behind my eyes, and a slight high instilled from Unwind, but overall the sensations going through my head where that of a relaxed CBD sensation.The Root Of It All-5 I let the couch take me for about a half hour, after feeling the effects slightly wane, I got up and went about the rest of my chores for the day, feeling a little bit more relaxed than I would on a normal day.


The Root of it All Unwind is a sensational sublingual tincture that is delightful for recreational use. I can see this as being a go-to after a long day’s work. Since it’s a tincture that also makes it a viable option for people with dietary concerns or health reasons that would limit them from eating standard cannabis edibles or smoking. CBD has so man benefits, as shown by CBDWiki, but if CBD hits you the same way it hits me, this might be a wonderful sleep aid as well. Also, with a higher concentration of CBD, the medical uses for this tincture are practically limitless. Unwind is a phenomenal utility tincture, with both medicinal and recreational potentials. The Root of it All also has high THC tinctures and higher CBD tinctures to meet whatever your cannabis needs may be. Overall, with flavors and effects this gratifying, I can see The Root of it All becoming a grounded staple at dispensaries across the state.#JessetheGrove

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